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Comments about Biology - Cilia and flagella

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- Module: Biology
- Topic: Cilia and flagella
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Latest Comments

  • Winston Davis United States of America Where is the flagella video and what is the difference between flagella vs cilia propulsion or locomotion?
    2015-02-20 09:02:07

  • Carol Cooper Canada how big can these organism grow?
    2014-12-18 19:12:05

  • Carol Cooper Canada Cilia and flagella are unicellular organisms. there are many ways in which a unicellular organism can move around and get food. A large amount of unicellular organisms lives in water and they are called aquatic.
    2014-12-18 19:12:21

    • Travis Ireland Canada Cilia and flagella are not unicellular organisms. They are methods of locomotion that unicellular organisms use.
      2015-01-01 11:01:44
  • Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Flagella contains protein?
    2014-09-29 21:09:50

  • Ephata Gervas Tanzania Does cilia have any other function
    2014-09-17 08:09:25

    • Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Used for movement.
      2014-09-29 21:09:23
  • ERIC RETTERER United States of America What are some common cells with Cilia and Flagella?
    2014-06-13 21:06:36

  • Ann Atkinson United States of America how fast are the cilia moving?
    2014-06-13 20:06:01

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