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ALISON: Fundamentals of Biology

Comments about Biology - All living things are made of cells

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- Module: Biology
- Topic: All living things are made of cells
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Maiara Marques Brazil The organisms are composed of cells having different functions that they help to maintain homeostasis of the organism
    2015-03-14 19:03:57

  • aaa
    Winston Davis United States of America I paid a fee to eliminate ads from my course material, yet they are present. Please get rid of them.
    2015-02-18 04:02:35

  • aaa
    Camile Vernal United States of America It would be great if the cells were labeled. I do believe the top left is an animal cell (because of its shape), the top right is the fungi, bottom left is plant, and bottom right is bacteria.
    2015-02-11 21:02:18

  • aaa
    obakpolo omosede Nigeria explain more about cells in their functional unit
    2015-01-15 10:01:53

  • aaa
    Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Define cell in term of functional unit?
    2014-09-29 12:09:43

    • aaa
      obakpolo omosede Nigeria cell are the most basic building units of life. All living things are composed of cell
      2015-01-15 10:01:20
  • aaa
    Sthandazile Lamula South Africa what are cells?
    2014-07-16 19:07:32

    • aaa
      obakpolo omosede Nigeria the basic structural and functional unit of life
      2015-01-15 10:01:35
    • aaa
      Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of life.
      2014-09-29 12:09:22
    • aaa
      Mary Mittmann United States of America The smallest unit of life.
      2014-08-05 23:08:30
  • aaa
    Madeline Parise Australia How do I stop doing a course if I don't like it?
    2014-06-19 09:06:30

    • aaa
      obakpolo omosede Nigeria you can do it if you read well
      2015-01-15 10:01:49
    • aaa
      Jared Rosser United States of America well you just delete it and start a new one
      2014-09-29 17:09:21
    • aaa
      Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Take interest
      2014-09-29 12:09:11
    • aaa
      Holly Hill United Kingdom Hover you mouse pointer over the "MY ACCOUNT" tab and click "Courses". Then find the course you wish to stop and click the small "enroll me from this course" link which should appear just below it:)
      2014-07-11 21:07:22
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