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Comments about Biology - The characteristics of living things continued

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- Module: Biology
- Topic: The characteristics of living things continued
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  • Camile Vernal United States of America This is an excellent and definitive definition of what make a living thing a living thing. Thus far, it's the most thorough I've seen.
    2015-02-11 20:02:35

  • Erica Olalla Dominican Republic An object must possess all eight characteristics to be considered living
    2015-01-26 18:01:04

  • obakpolo omosede Nigeria is bacteria a living thing
    2015-01-15 12:01:24

  • asiyyah banks United States of America well that makes sense :) .
    2015-01-13 18:01:14

  • Patti Clapp United States of America What if a living thing stops growing? Does it cease to be alive?
    2015-01-10 18:01:46

    • obakpolo omosede Nigeria yes
      2015-01-15 12:01:27
  • Erick Swallows China I am not sure what is meant by move? If it means react then I agree, but react is listed again. If it means that the organism must be mobile then I don't agree. Example: all plants are living but are not mobile. The only stage of a plant that could be considered mobile is in the seed or spore stage. I am hoping for more clarification later in the unit.
    2014-11-28 02:11:26

    • obakpolo omosede Nigeria True talk but also know some plant can also move
      2015-01-15 12:01:45
  • Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Viruses are non living? justify it
    2014-09-29 11:09:30

    • Sofia Vale [[]] They are also not considered living organisms because they are unable to grow or reproduce without a host (they're forcefully parasites).
      2015-02-27 13:02:52
    • obakpolo omosede Nigeria virus is not a living does not have the seven characterstics of life
      2015-01-15 12:01:08
    • Erick Swallows China Biologist consider viruses to be nonliving because viruses are not cells. Viruses do not use energy to grow or to respond to their surroundings.
      2014-11-28 06:11:01
  • Gauthum Srinivas United States of America What about viruses, I thought that they were alive, but they do not fit the criteria.
    2014-08-24 15:08:54

    • asiyyah banks United States of America they do.
      2015-01-13 18:01:43
    • Erick Swallows China Viruses are not living. When I teach viruses to my middle school students they are taught on step prior to living things. So, right before bacteria and protists.
      2014-11-28 02:11:19
    • Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Out side the body, viruses are non living showing the characteristics of formation of crystals.
      2014-09-29 11:09:51
    • Abdulrahman Abdulla Iraq Hi Srinivas. As the viruses are out of the cell they classified as non living , at once they became inside the cell they get the life ,that's what i know if i'm not wrong .
      2014-08-30 10:08:49
  • Wilawan Wattananukit Thailand Virus Prion don't have cellular. yes or no ???
    2014-08-06 17:08:37

    • obakpolo omosede Nigeria no
      2015-01-15 12:01:21
    • Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan No
      2014-09-29 11:09:17
  • Anh Dinh United States of America An object must possess all eight characteristics to be considered living. If an organism possesses seven out of the eight characteristics it is not a living thing. This statement does not seem right to me because plant is also a living thing and it does not move at all. Can somebody explain?
    2014-07-24 00:07:22

    • Brandon Loobie Trinidad and Tobago All characteristics respond to one another. For example, growth brings about movement while movement brings about reproduction. There are several plants that 'MOVE' with respect to what you are referring to; for example- VENUS FLY TRAP.
      2014-08-18 16:08:41
    • Mary Mittmann United States of America plants do move as they grow and as they reproduce. Plus sometimes the wind moves them so in a sense I think they do move
      2014-08-05 22:08:40
    • Johnathan Chisam United States of America For the most part I agree with you, however I do have a great example for you (that I hope helps you understand) I have a plant its a vine of sorts and it sits in a room that receives sunlight all day and (before it had a trellis) as the day progressed one would notice the plant leaning in different directions after further observation i realized the plant was essentially following the sunlight throughout the day.
      2014-07-28 11:07:40
  • Ashley Miller United States of America Why when I move through the topics it doesn't save it as complete unless I stop and go back to the menu and then click on the next topic? It should save my progress as I go through them. I have already completed 10 of them but NONE of them saved and now I've had to start over. I'm doing some for the third time now because of this glitch!
    2014-07-15 04:07:31

  • ERIC RETTERER United States of America What is an example of a non living thing with 7 characteristics?
    2014-06-13 19:06:06

    • Abdulrahman Abdulla Iraq Dear Eric the answer of your question is very easy , just put NON before the seven characteristics of living things , then you will find the answer.
      2014-08-30 10:08:32
    • Mary Mittmann United States of America a cell phone
      2014-08-05 22:08:00
    • Kirsty Banks Ireland a remote
      2014-07-14 12:07:15
    • Presty John India table
      2014-06-20 11:06:41
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