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ALISON: Fundamentals of Biology

Comments about Biology - The characteristics of living things

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- Module: Biology
- Topic: The characteristics of living things
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Latest Comments

  • Augusta O Ugbo Canada what are the characteristic of living thing?
    2015-03-12 18:03:23

  • Augusta O Ugbo Canada Biology is a great subject, I can' to start to know more about it
    2015-03-12 18:03:06

  • Grace Johnson United Kingdom Excited to learn about biology
    2015-02-12 18:02:56

  • Camile Vernal United States of America Biology is a very interesting topic, and it can be fun. Looking forward to learning all the basics.
    2015-02-11 17:02:26

  • Wilson Andika Kenya I take microbiology and biotechnology at the University of Nairobi... Looking foward to learn a lot about microbes and their characteristics
    2015-01-28 21:01:30

  • Joseph Locke United States of America im really looking forward, to learning a lot from this class
    2015-01-22 16:01:28

  • obakpolo omosede Nigeria I like it.too short. I can simply define biology with MR NIGER D.
    2015-01-15 12:01:19

  • asiyyah banks United States of America i liked it,though i assume that it would be longer.
    2015-01-13 18:01:57

  • Abu Bakar Tariq Pakistan Yes there are the features of living things like movment,grow,reproduction etc
    2014-12-23 15:12:55

  • Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan Justify growth is a characteristics of living things?
    2014-09-29 11:09:10

  • raza bugti Pakistan what will be the reason that when Micro organism enter a living body ,there reproduction system begins rather then not.
    2014-09-21 07:09:43

    • Muzafar Iqbal Pakistan These microbes are host specific.
      2014-09-29 11:09:12
  • omar M.hammady Egypt how are living things use these characteristics?
    2014-08-09 21:08:56

  • Mary Mittmann United States of America How many characteristics of living things are there?
    2014-08-05 22:08:39

    • Brandon Loobie Trinidad and Tobago To my knowledge, there are seven (7) characteristics of living things ie. GRIMNER Growth Respiration Irritability Movement Nutrition Excretion Reproduction
      2014-08-18 16:08:25
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