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Comments about Poetry Writing - Different types of poetry

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- Module: Poetry Writing
- Topic: Different types of poetry
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Latest Comments

  • mukete daniel Cameroon Poem are beautiful writing written with style
    2015-03-12 06:03:17

  • Goodness David Nigeria personification and imagery explains more of the writers mind in a peom
    2015-03-09 12:03:50

  • Jaskiran Singh [[]] I find that similes and metaphors are essential to good poetry, and in order to be a good poet, you have to make the most use of whatever you experienced using visual and sensory imagery.
    2015-02-16 20:02:32

  • Neyoka Ebanks Antigua and Barbuda There are meny different type of poetry some poets may use a specific rhyme scheme, words that sound similar or lines that have the the same number of beast
    2015-01-27 23:01:39

  • Elina Apostolatova United States of America Different types of poetry and different techniques.
    2015-01-24 05:01:20

  • Melissa Jean Pierre Haiti The different types of poetry are:Acrostic,ballad,coat of arms,bouts-rimes,anthem,idyll,epistle,ode,eclogue.
    2015-01-24 01:01:51

  • Mbizo Chirasha Zimbabwe Why did Japanese poets introduced Haiku?
    2015-01-16 17:01:14

  • Mbizo Chirasha Zimbabwe in poetry we have Sonnets , Haiku , epics and others.
    2015-01-16 17:01:47

  • Tahira Tahira Ajmal Pakistan There are many types of poetry ,epic,ballad, names,sonnets and haikus.
    2015-01-06 18:01:28

  • Mohamed Nejjar Morocco Basically, a poem or a poetry writing is based on the skills of the write, though each one has his own way of writing a poem, picking the suitable words in order to let their poem sounds as good as the reader reads it.
    2014-12-03 16:12:14

  • Ismail Baghdadi Algeria ther is many different types of poetry & everyone he has style and techniques
    2014-11-10 16:11:39

  • Justin Jean Mary Francois Haiti is there any strategy to identify each type of poetry at first view?
    2014-11-10 15:11:51

  • Becky Fisher United Kingdom support someone how to desire to make room for his/her passions
    2014-11-03 22:11:51

  • Oliver Messih United Kingdom good
    2014-10-21 15:10:15

  • Ferdinand Wattimena Indonesia How does a writer create a Mood to start write a poem ? and how to write about imagery ?
    2014-10-02 15:10:53

  • Vanita Schhabra India What is alliteration?
    2014-09-22 18:09:14

    • Ferdinand Wattimena Indonesia It is derived from Latin’s “Latira”. It means “letters of alphabet”. It is a stylistic device in which a number of words, having the same first consonant sound, occur close together in a series.
      2014-10-02 15:10:13
  • Farida Andre Seychelles how does a poet identify the preferred writing stylefor his poetry?
    2014-07-03 09:07:15

    • Ferdinand Wattimena Indonesia one of them is Philip Larkin1922–1985.
      2014-10-02 15:10:27
  • Farida Andre Seychelles is there poetry coaching?
    2014-07-03 09:07:35

    • Ferdinand Wattimena Indonesia Yes, that benefit to understand and support someone how to desire to make room for his/her passions and sort out thoughts and feelings to move forward..
      2014-10-02 15:10:49
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