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Comments about Project Management Assessment - Project Management Assessment

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Latest Comments

  • Mario Rebello India Thanks for the course very valuable knowledge gained
    2015-02-01 13:02:28

  • Nicholas Wendo Uganda Hi Thank you for enabling the world, am sorry i didn't pass the assessments and i wanted to retake the course but now it can't open what can i do?
    2015-02-01 07:02:09

  • Srikant Parasar India good.
    2015-01-31 09:01:03

  • Ayodele Oshin United Kingdom jjjj
    2015-01-31 05:01:17

  • Ayodele Oshin United Kingdom Projects have a nasty habit of expanding as they go along, making it impossible to hit deadlines. To control this “scope creep,” it's essential to define the scope at the very start of your project based on the Business Requirements Analysis, and then manage it closely against this signed-off definition
    2015-01-31 05:01:23

  • Joab Ogallo Kenya a beneficiary here. thanks to alison
    2015-01-27 08:01:13

    • Hajir Abdi Hussein Somalia i gained meaningful and useful knowledge which will help me in future thanks to alison for this golden opportunity you offered for me.
      2015-01-28 22:01:06
  • RANAJIT MONDAL India The course is good it's meeting my needs,thanks Alison.
    2015-01-26 15:01:16

    • olukan olusola Nigeria Yes
      2015-01-29 22:01:07
  • Jacob Tenai Kenya The course is good it's meeting my needs,thanks Alison.
    2015-01-23 08:01:52

  • Sheikh Shalauddin Bangladesh Thanks
    2015-01-21 13:01:58

  • Abdelrehem Deghedy Egypt thanks ALISON
    2015-01-20 11:01:27

  • Odong Francis Uganda I can't do my Project Management Assessment simply because am not having Adobe flash player in my PC. Any other option please?
    2015-01-19 13:01:08

  • Thato Mohlamme South Africa Project Management Assessment. These information and resources are useful in Project Management and designing.
    2015-01-19 10:01:03

  • Peter Katontoka Zambia this is an interesting course
    2015-01-18 15:01:00

  • Rodney Theophilus Williams Sierra Leone These information and resources are useful in Project Management and designing.
    2015-01-16 14:01:45

  • Ogunbowale Akin Malaysia thanks to this great information but i also cannot access the tools.
    2015-01-14 18:01:30

  • Afaf Atta Ibraheem Egypt Thank to all about these great informations
    2015-01-14 10:01:35

  • Myo Zaw Tun Myanmar Thank you very much permission in this course. I am very interesting and I will using in my work at Planning and Project Appraisal Department in my country.
    2015-01-12 09:01:53

  • Ongera Sam Kenya Brief to the point and summative
    2015-01-12 07:01:56

  • Ravindra Nath Yadav India Really like this course and evaluation system. I passed with 90% Thank you Alison.
    2015-01-07 13:01:32

    • Rostand Sorel Simo Cameroon Please how van I do for do examen test un Alison? Thanks
      2015-01-19 10:01:02
    • Marine Mirzabekyan Armenia I would like to know what gives us the score we get from the assessment. Does it have any value or we pass it for ourselves..?
      2015-01-12 12:01:29
  • Jonathan Bukenya Uganda I passed this course assessment in October 2014.But now it indicates that i need to repeat it again,Why?
    2015-01-07 10:01:13

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