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Project Management Assessment

Questions & Answers about Project Management Assessment - Project Management Assessment

The Question must be about:
- Module: Project Management Assessment
- Topic: Project Management Assessment

Latest Questions

  • Mark Ombaka Kenya whats the need of studying but no assessment at the end
    2014-04-16 07:04:57

  • Otsetswe Boemo Seeletso Botswana how do i access the accessment ?
    2014-04-11 16:04:34

  • Mark Sobey Australia I passed the course twice but no cert/diploma....Why?
    2014-04-10 07:04:20

    • Euclides Itasandro Ferreira Brazil very good!
      2014-04-10 20:04:52
  • Nataliya Chankova Qatar I passed twice already and the system wouldn't save my results. Please advise
    2014-04-09 19:04:31

  • Henry Lunda Zambia Why having a blank Assessment?
    2014-04-07 14:04:25

  • Talita Erasmus South Africa Will all companies recognise the Alison Project management course
    2014-04-06 17:04:51

    • Henry Lunda Zambia I think so, but did you manage to do the assessment?
      2014-04-07 15:04:42
  • Innocent Hapazari Lesotho I passed the assessment again right now (16 00 hr GMT) with a 90% mark but not getting any response on clicking FINISH. Yesterday I passed again & encountered same problem and it was not e saved -no reflection that I had done the assessment. Hence I had to re-do it today, unfortunately I remain stuck. Anyone with idea on way forward?
    2014-04-06 15:04:51

    • Simon Kwasi Adobasom Ghana have you read through all the content? even if a single reading is undone (bullet colour does not change from red to green), your score will not be recognised
      2014-04-10 22:04:24
    • Gerard Scheitler United Kingdom Try a different browser if not already done so.
      2014-04-10 16:04:24
  • bipin c India where are the questions, everyday i fail to get the questions, i need to do this last part of the course??
    2014-04-06 07:04:03

  • Innocent Hapazari Lesotho I have finished the assessment & passed but I'm not getting any response when clicking FINISH as indicated. So what the way forward?
    2014-04-05 15:04:49

  • Johnan Ogwang Uganda I am trying to open the assessment but am failing.....I need your intervention in this area?
    2014-04-04 13:04:36

  • Themba Chisango Zimbabwe I have completed the assessment and passed but there is no respond to the finish button ,what do I do now? Anyone to assist
    2014-04-03 08:04:17

  • Chukwuka Odia Nigeria why is there no one answering these questions.
    2014-04-02 11:04:05

  • brian monchino United States of America I passed the test with a 90% and it did not save. Please advise.
    2014-04-01 22:04:01

  • Martine Grandwell Mtonga Zambia where are the questions, everyday i fail to get the questions, i need to do this last part of the course??
    2014-04-01 18:04:29

  • Power Mupunga Zimbabwe Can't get to the questions on Project Management Assessment, why?
    2014-04-01 15:04:17

  • Vincent Rey Gerodias Philippines Where is the questions?
    2014-04-01 03:04:30

  • Martine Grandwell Mtonga Zambia I have finished my studies, i want to do my assessment but the system is not bringing the questions when i click on start. What should i do?
    2014-03-31 14:03:39

  • Goshen Gileh Liberia How authentic this certificate is? How well is this free online university recognized.
    2014-03-28 16:03:13

  • Stephen Anda Nigeria Can one get work through this certificate?
    2014-03-28 10:03:45

  • Olalekan Sulayman Nigeria What is project management all about
    2014-03-27 20:03:26

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