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  • Zulfikar Bhanji Kenya Dear Sir / Madam. I am using Google Chrome as platform to study. I am very sure there is something wrong with assessment questions and answer program as I have given the test over three times. Please make note of this Question The replacement of skilled workers with machines that can do the work more efficiently is called what. Answer Downsizing that's what I answered but when the review came out I had answered deskilled Question What does the documentation consist of choose one Answer Documents all the process of the system development. On review it went to the wrong answer it went to A set of documents that will assist the user using the system,software or hardware being implemented . Question The role of the shareholders and the purpose of the project are important factors that need to be considered when planning the project Answer True review went to the False Question. The compatibility of components and costs are two criteria used to evaluate the alternative systems configurations during which phase of the System Development Life Cycle choose one Answer Implementation review it went to the wrong answer Question Recognize the problem and identify constraints are two of the seven steps in which phase of the System Development Life Cycle choose one Answer Design review Planning And there is a few more which also go to the wrong place I am very sure something is wrong please check the system Please reply this to me as I have finished the course
    2014-10-23 18:10:05

  • Robert Guh Ghana very straight forward and interesting course for everyone to study
    2014-10-23 18:10:47

  • Mikaya Andu South Sudan the questions are too many to a
    2014-10-22 12:10:34

  • Ralph Webster South Africa The manuals must assist the novice user.
    2014-10-20 10:10:41

  • Ralph Webster South Africa The role of shareholders are as investors and stakeholders in the project.
    2014-10-20 10:10:47

  • Ralph Webster South Africa The aim is to achieve the project goals On time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the client.
    2014-10-20 10:10:13

  • Oritsegbemi Sunday Kolo Nigeria can't access this page for more than two weeks.what do i do?
    2014-10-18 10:10:03

  • Gibril Kamara Sierra Leone The page to this section is not accessible.
    2014-10-17 13:10:08

  • Priya Deshmukh Other Assessment page is not opening................
    2014-10-17 07:10:58

  • Adongo Atogumlemya Prosper Ghana the process was explainatory and self learning
    2014-10-14 16:10:17

  • Abubaker Abas Ahmed Salem Yemen very explanatory and understandable process of learning
    2014-10-14 01:10:04

  • Oritsegbemi Sunday Kolo Nigeria difficulty in accessing my assessment
    2014-10-13 14:10:05

  • Oritsegbemi Sunday Kolo Nigeria very explanatory and understandable process of learning
    2014-10-13 14:10:47

  • Zayyad Sidi Ali Ghana I love this course, it is very understandable. thank U so much
    2014-10-09 10:10:08

  • apila dorothy Uganda i finished my assessment but you have never certified me.what could be the problem
    2014-10-06 10:10:28

  • Ossai Ifeakachukwu Nigeria Risk Management is the process of identifying, analyzing and responding to risk factors throughout the life of a project and in the best interests of its objectives. Proper risk management implies control of possible future events and is proactive rather than reactive. First we need to look at the various sources of risks. There are many sources and this list is not meant to be inclusive, but rather, a guide for the initial brainstorming of all risks. By referencing this list, it helps the team determine all possible sources of risk. Various sources of risk include: Project Management Top management not recognizing this activity as a project Too many projects going on at one time Impossible schedule commitments No functional input into the planning phase No one person responsible for the total project Poor control of design changes Problems with team members. Poor control of customer changes Poor understanding of the project manager's job Wrong person assigned as project manager No integrated planning and control Organization's resources are overcommitted Unrealistic planning and scheduling No project cost accounting ability Conflicting project priorities Poorly organized project office External Unpredictable Unforeseen regulatory requirements Natural disasters Vandalism, sabotage or unpredicted side effects Predictable Market or operational risk Social Environmental Inflation Currency rate fluctuations Media Technical Technology changes Risks stemming from design process Legal Violating trade marks and licenses Sued for breach of contract Labour or workplace problem Litigation due to tort law Legislation The Risk Analysis Process The Risk Analysis Process is essentially a quality problem solving process. Quality and assessment tools are used to determine and prioritize risks for assessment and resolution. The risk analysis process is as follows: Identify the Risk This step is brainstorming. Reviewing the lists of possible risk sources as well as the project team's experiences and knowledge, all potential risks are identified. Using an assessment instrument, risks are then categorized and prioritized. The number of risks identified usually exceeds the time capacity of the project team to analyze and develop
    2014-10-06 08:10:39

  • Ossai Ifeakachukwu Nigeria the asssignment is not showing
    2014-10-06 07:10:10

  • nicole Uzodike Nigeria I don't also understand the question/ instruction that says click and drag the description that matches the title it's not very clear
    2014-09-29 18:09:04

  • nicole Uzodike Nigeria I don't understand the previous question of arranging the 6 steps of the planning phase I did it correctly but it still posted incorrect. I don't understand
    2014-09-29 18:09:57

  • Adetunji Adeyanju Nigeria Please has much h has I want to do and finish my exam...... The part that I will drag to meet the right answer is always hanging. What should I do? Thanks
    2014-08-23 23:08:49

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Just do it attentively.
      2014-08-28 07:08:43
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