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Comments about Implementation phase case study 2 - The implementation phase of the SDLC case study

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- Module: Implementation phase case study 2
- Topic: The implementation phase of the SDLC case study

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  • Momoh S. Kamara Sierra Leone The successful of implementation lies on the way the project is well plan. How can a project manager aimed for a successful implementation?
    2014-12-09 17:12:04

  • Tamilselvi S India Implementation tells us that successful completion of planning and analysis which leads to implementation phase. Before going in to this manpower should be trained thoroughly on the project concepts. one should aware of the subject matter hence it is all very facile to continue with the process
    2014-12-06 08:12:00

  • Yonas Hailu Ethiopia During this phase, the emphasis during this phase is to ensure that sponsor needs continue to be met and that the system continues to perform according to specifications. Routine hardware and software maintenance and upgrades are performed to ensure effective system operations. User training continues during this phase, as needed, to acquaint new users to the system or to introduce new features to current users. Additional user support is provided, as an ongoing activity, to help resolve reported problems.
    2014-12-05 12:12:05

  • Adebambo Adewale United Arab Emirates To the best of my knowledge, this online course is real value for money. It is lengthy and worthy of investing time and energy. It helps to increase one's horizon and gives leading edge in academic pursuit.
    2014-12-03 16:12:16

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia Implementation Phase of SDLC The final phase in the SDLC is the implementation phase, during which the system is actual built (or purchased, in the case of a package software design). This is the phase that usually gets the most attention, because for most systems it is longest and most expensive single part of the development phase. This phase has three steps: System construction is the first step. The system is built and tested to ensure it performs as designed. Since the cost of bugs can be immense, testing is one of the most critical steps in implementation. Most organizations spend more time and attention on testing than on writing the programs in the first place. The system is installed. Installation is the process by which the old system is turned off and the new one is turned on. It may include a direct cutover approach (in which the new system immediately replaces the old system), a parallel conversion approach (in which both the old and new systems are operated for a month or two until it is clear that there are no bugs in the new system), or a phased conversion strategy (in which the new system is installed in one part of organization as an initial trial and then gradually installed in others). One of the most important aspects of conversion is the development of a training plan to teach users how to use the new system and help manage the changes caused by the new system. The analyst team establishes a support plan for the system. This plan usually includes a formal or informal post-implementation review, as well as a systematic way for identifying major and minor changes needed for the system. —————- Source: Systems Analysis and Design. With UML 2.0. An Object-Oriented Approach, Second Edition. Dennis, Wixom, and Tegarden, Wiley 2005.
    2014-12-01 13:12:55

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya So far, this course is perfect to improve one's knowledge in project management. Even if is more about information system, it helps to have good ideas about project management as a whole.
    2014-11-19 13:11:39

  • Crosby Govera Zimbabwe Project implementation raise the eye brows of all concerned parties as they will be eager to view their expectations and will be waiting anxiously.
    2014-11-13 22:11:38

  • Janvier Nyandamu Rwanda What should come before between acquiring hardwares and physical facilities?
    2014-11-13 17:11:08

  • George Ugim Nigeria How can a team madly achieve a particular organisational goal?
    2014-11-07 10:11:17

  • Elice Oreste Haiti So far, this course is perfect to improve one's knowledge in project management. Even if is more about information system, it helps to have good ideas about project management as a whole.
    2014-11-05 20:11:58

  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom At this phase, ideas become reality. Outlined objectives have to be met at this stage.
    2014-11-05 01:11:33

  • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana Mira and team have been working madly to finalise the details for the proposed new information system - the music portal and customer database. They are well and truly into the Implementation Phase of the project. It's a busy time and there is much to be considered and executed
    2014-10-26 15:10:08

  • George Fragos Greece is it acceptable additional training except initial?case by case?
    2014-10-08 08:10:26

    • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana yes it is acceptable
      2014-10-26 15:10:38
  • Segedin Dragan United Arab Emirates Training was not mentioned from beginning .. is it too late? (just example of the list of potential tasks whose should be considered before)
    2014-09-28 10:09:40

  • Yasser Ezz El Din Egypt what is the phase after design phase?
    2014-08-10 05:08:04

    • REAGAN IKIE Zaire The Implementation . During this phase you create the documentation and tools the customer uses to make informed decisions about how to deploy your software securely.
      2014-10-03 09:10:49
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Implementation phase.
      2014-08-27 18:08:06
  • Daniel Chol Koknyin South Sudan What is the definition of the Implementation Phase?
    2014-07-06 19:07:49

    • Tendani Matumba South Africa The application of all measures and strategies made concluded in the design phase. in this phase new tasks may be allocated to the existing employees with a possibility of hiring more or less work force.
      2014-09-14 22:09:42
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Is the stage in which output is delivered to the targeted groups.
      2014-08-27 18:08:14
  • Harry Felix Nigeria what are the procedures necessary to accomplish this stage
    2014-06-27 22:06:53

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Ensuring that all resources and skills and equipments to do the work are all available and functioning well.
      2014-08-27 18:08:05
  • Reza Abbasi Iran Whether Mira has been worked alone?
    2014-06-20 19:06:40

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan I don't get your question well.
      2014-08-27 18:08:55
    • Harry Felix Nigeria no in a group or team brainstorming
      2014-06-27 22:06:12
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