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Comments about Implementation phase case study 2 - The implementation phase of the SDLC case study

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- Module: Implementation phase case study 2
- Topic: The implementation phase of the SDLC case study

Latest Comments

  • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana Mira and team have been working madly to finalise the details for the proposed new information system - the music portal and customer database. They are well and truly into the Implementation Phase of the project. It's a busy time and there is much to be considered and executed
    2014-10-26 15:10:08

  • George Fragos Greece is it acceptable additional training except initial?case by case?
    2014-10-08 08:10:26

    • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana yes it is acceptable
      2014-10-26 15:10:38
  • Segedin Dragan United Arab Emirates Training was not mentioned from beginning .. is it too late? (just example of the list of potential tasks whose should be considered before)
    2014-09-28 10:09:40

  • Yasser Ezz El Din Egypt what is the phase after design phase?
    2014-08-10 05:08:04

    • REAGAN IKIE Zaire The Implementation . During this phase you create the documentation and tools the customer uses to make informed decisions about how to deploy your software securely.
      2014-10-03 09:10:49
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Implementation phase.
      2014-08-27 18:08:06
  • Daniel Chol Koknyin South Sudan What is the definition of the Implementation Phase?
    2014-07-06 19:07:49

    • Tendani Matumba South Africa The application of all measures and strategies made concluded in the design phase. in this phase new tasks may be allocated to the existing employees with a possibility of hiring more or less work force.
      2014-09-14 22:09:42
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Is the stage in which output is delivered to the targeted groups.
      2014-08-27 18:08:14
  • Harry Felix Nigeria what are the procedures necessary to accomplish this stage
    2014-06-27 22:06:53

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Ensuring that all resources and skills and equipments to do the work are all available and functioning well.
      2014-08-27 18:08:05
  • Reza Abbasi Iran Whether Mira has been worked alone?
    2014-06-20 19:06:40

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan I don't get your question well.
      2014-08-27 18:08:55
    • Harry Felix Nigeria no in a group or team brainstorming
      2014-06-27 22:06:12
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