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Comments about Implementation phase case study 2 - The implementation phase of the SDLC case study

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- Module: Implementation phase case study 2
- Topic: The implementation phase of the SDLC case study
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  • Samuel Kofi Odoi Ghana After the users are trained about the computerized system, working has to shift from manual to computerized working. The process is called Changeover. The following strategies are followed for changeover of the system. Direct Changeover: This is the complete replacement of the old system by the new system. It is a risky approach and requires comprehensive system testing and training. Parallel run : In parallel run both the systems, i.e., computerized and manual, are executed simultaneously for certain defined period. The same data is processed by both the systems. This strategy is less risky but more expensive because of the following facts: Manual results can be compared with the results of the computerized system. The operational work is doubled. Failure of the computerised system at the early stage does not affect the working of the organization, because the manual system continues to work, as it used to do. (iii) Pilot run: In this type of run, the new system is run with the data from one or more of the previous periods for the whole or part of the system. The results are compared with the old system results. It is less expensive and risky than parallel run approach. This strategy builds the confidence and the errors are traced easily without affecting the operations. The documentation of the system is also one of the most important activity in the system development life cycle. This ensures the continuity of the system. Generally following two types of documentations are prepared for any system. User or Operator Documentation System Documentation User Documentation: The user documentation is a complete description of the system from the user’s point of view detailing how to use or operate the system. It also includes the major error messages likely to be encountered by the user. System Documentation: The system documentation contains the details of system design, programs, their coding, system flow, data dictionary, process description, etc. This helps to understand the system and permit changes to be made in the existing system to satisfy new user needs. Maintenance
    2015-03-27 03:03:17

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria enjoyed this course
    2015-03-24 11:03:48

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria ok
    2015-03-24 10:03:45

  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone good !
    2015-03-23 16:03:49

  • Oyetope Oyewunmi Nigeria A typical case study to learn about an implementation stage.
    2015-03-22 21:03:10

  • Odongo Moses Uganda The Implementation Phase of the project.has been a busy time and there is much to be considered such as the resources time money and executed.
    2015-03-20 13:03:40

  • Stanley Amaechi Nigeria Correct
    2015-03-18 11:03:18

  • Smith Oberto Bapthelus United States of America Good!
    2015-03-16 16:03:53

  • Anil Tripathi United Arab Emirates these are helpful
    2015-03-10 04:03:35

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom Input effort in implementation phase is required, excution of training, data entry and system nonitoring.
    2015-03-05 22:03:29

  • Adegbola Ganiu adeola Nigeria This is stage of working towast time specification.
    2015-03-01 22:03:03

  • Mohamed Abdirahman Elmi Somalia hard at work
    2015-02-15 13:02:42

  • Lerato Solomon Motimele South Africa hard at work
    2015-02-05 09:02:10

  • Srikant Parasar India do it.
    2015-01-31 09:01:24

  • Semab Altaf United Kingdom syntax error line
    2015-01-30 14:01:32

  • Larry Covington United States of America Let's do it
    2015-01-28 14:01:17

  • Larry Covington United States of America Home, festivals, buy online, etc., are basic portals, training and updating staff on utilizing programs will be biggest problems
    2015-01-28 14:01:20

  • Larry Covington United States of America Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/lib/db.php on line 408 Please trouble shoot this error?
    2015-01-21 15:01:44

  • Larry Covington United States of America syntax error line 408?
    2015-01-21 15:01:52

  • Alexander Seruzi Uganda good patience
    2015-01-20 16:01:10

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