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Comments about Implementation phase case study 1 - The implementation phase of the SDLC case study

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- Module: Implementation phase case study 1
- Topic: The implementation phase of the SDLC case study
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  • Samuel Kofi Odoi Ghana After having the user acceptance of the new system developed, the implementation phase begins. Implementation is the stage of a project during which theory is turned into practice. The major steps involved in this phase are: Acquisition and Installation of Hardware and Software Conversion User Training Documentation The hardware and the relevant software required for running the system must be made fully operational before implementation. The conversion is also one of the most critical and expensive activities in the system development life cycle. The data from the old system needs to be converted to operate in the new format of the new system. The database needs to be setup with security and recovery procedures fully defined. During this phase, all the programs of the system are loaded onto the user’s computer. After loading the system, training of the user starts. Main topics of such type of training are: How to execute the package? How to enter the data? How to process the data (processing details)? How to take out the reports? After the users are trained about the computerized system, working has to shift from manual to computerized working. The process is called Changeover. The following strategies are followed for changeover of the system. Direct Changeover: This is the complete replacement of the old system by the new system. It is a risky approach and requires comprehensive system testing and training. Parallel run : In parallel run both the systems, i.e., computerized and manual, are executed simultaneously for certain defined period. The same data is processed by both the systems. This strategy is less risky but more expensive because of the following facts:
    2015-03-27 03:03:50

  • Mohamed Salim Kamara Sierra Leone Why I cannot have access to Implementation Case Study 1? Mohamed Salim Kamara
    2015-03-25 18:03:54

  • Mohamed Salim Kamara Sierra Leone I cannot have access to implementation case study 1. Please help !
    2015-03-25 18:03:45

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria interesting
    2015-03-24 10:03:59

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria understood
    2015-03-24 10:03:31

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria interesting course
    2015-03-24 10:03:50

  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone implementation
    2015-03-23 15:03:48

  • Odongo Moses Uganda Project Manager has been considering how the implementation of the new portal and customer database will affect the employees of Green Wood Organization|Uganda. The quality of the planning and analysis completed earlier, will make all the difference during what could potentially be a very trying time
    2015-03-20 12:03:43

  • Stanley Amaechi Nigeria This is where the work starts
    2015-03-18 11:03:24

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom The deploying of the new system in its target environment
    2015-03-05 21:03:07

  • Adegbola Ganiu adeola Nigeria This is another part of SDLCwhile quality control is needed.
    2015-03-01 22:03:41

  • funsho olaifa Nigeria After everything has been put in place, there come the implementation
    2015-02-26 15:02:44

  • Samuel Owino Ainga Kenya I believe that the real work starts here
    2015-02-25 08:02:13

    • Nagesh Kumar Malaysia No the success of the project actually starts in planning stage
      2015-02-26 06:02:08
  • Collins Nzovep India The implementation phase is the phase where the system is built. Having gathered all the input requirements and designed a proper prototype, the project team is now concerned with putting into action the preplanned process. during this phase the process control and quality has to be maintained to ensure proper quality of the output.
    2015-02-18 17:02:22

  • Malkias Taziwa Magosi Zimbabwe The actual work is executed to get results.
    2015-02-18 09:02:22

  • Mohamed Abdirahman Elmi Somalia his is where the execution is implemented. the actual work is done
    2015-02-15 13:02:39

  • Lerato Solomon Motimele South Africa This is where the execution is implemented. the actual work is done.
    2015-02-05 09:02:39

  • Patrick Ofori Ghana quality control makes it easy to assess what has been planned.
    2015-02-02 12:02:37

  • Bola Adebiyi Nigeria This stage determines the quality of planning and analysis earlier put in
    2015-02-01 12:02:43

  • Srikant Parasar India this is ice breaking so control is necessary.
    2015-01-31 09:01:37

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