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Comments about The analysis phase - The Analysis Phase: identification and description of the types of information needed to analyse the system

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- Module: The analysis phase
- Topic: The Analysis Phase: identification and description of the types of information needed to analyse the system
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Latest Comments

  • Faith Edamkue Nigeria There is need to describe the type of information identified from the different sources as will be necessary to the effective functioning of the system
    2015-02-28 09:02:59

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom The analysts has a duty to obtain any information that have identied from all sources.
    2015-02-23 22:02:11

  • Adegbolaganiu adeola Nigeria Yes good information and interested
    2015-02-15 22:02:45

  • David Fahy Saudi Arabia Analyse all of the different sources of information
    2015-01-31 09:01:24

  • Srikant Parasar India information about the small to small is necessary .
    2015-01-28 15:01:40

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria There is need for full verification of information obtained for system development.
    2015-01-23 21:01:33

  • olukan olusola Nigeria The source of imformation should be verify.
    2015-01-16 12:01:48

  • Alexander Seruzi Uganda different stakeholders may be called upon to verify the sources of information
    2015-01-13 11:01:18

  • Veronica Brown Australia Requirement analysis involves capturing requirements and analyzing requirements. Capturing requirements is communicating with stakeholders to agree on what the requirements are. Analyzing requirements is using standard tools to produce a baseline of the requirements.
    2015-01-12 10:01:21

  • Ray Haskins United States of America This section provides a list of solid principles to follow
    2015-01-06 09:01:08

  • Bonolo Tlale Botswana Good
    2014-12-30 13:12:22

  • Franklin King Liberia Having identified the sources of information, the next step the analyst must take is to establish what information can be gained from them. The information which can be gained from the manager will be different from the data entry clerk, which will be different from the customers and so on. The analyst must decide what information should be obtained from each source identified.
    2014-12-30 12:12:45

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon The multiplicity of sources of information requires inextricably the need for such information to be weighted for reliability and suitability to the expected system change.
    2014-12-15 13:12:44

  • ESSOTOLOME BODJO China It is unusual for one user to be the exclusive source of information about the system. Most aspects of the system will have some degree of overlap - it may be that significant detail will come mainly from one source, but there will usually be other users who are also impacted, and information must be collected from them as well.
    2014-12-13 16:12:47

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria Good
    2014-12-12 16:12:04

  • Nathan Idowu Ireland How do you evaluate information provided by users for bias - do you involved the provider more on one on one so as to ascertain if indeed it is biased or not?
    2014-11-28 12:11:52

  • Cliffrichardson Urubusi Qatar To avoid bias the analyst is expected to weigh his source of information based on reliability when such information overlaps ;how will this be done?
    2014-11-27 11:11:17

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia How can analyst identify and evaluate information bias?
    2014-11-25 11:11:05

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia nformation collected must be evaluated for bias and relevance and given the appropriate weighting in the overall analysis of the system. For example, while a manager and a data clerk would both have opinions on the usefulness of the financial reports produced by a particular system, the manager's opinion would have more weighting, but conversely, the data clerk's opinion has more significance in areas relating to the ease of data entry.
    2014-11-25 11:11:07

  • lordford Oteng-Bonsu Ghana understood. In my opinion, I think the analyst should be independent from the manager and data entry clerk and exercise adequate degree of professionalism in his evaluation and weighting in the overall analysis of the system.
    2014-11-24 00:11:54

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