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Comments about The planning phase - The planning phase - creating project proposals

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- Module: The planning phase
- Topic: The planning phase - creating project proposals
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Latest Comments

  • Robert Robert Nigeria If the proposal submitted is approved, but the management ask that it should be reviewed downwards on the cost, but on the actual ground the downward review, and it is well known to both parties that it will lead to failure of the project should one continue in the downward review?
    2015-02-27 10:02:17

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom Once the feasibility study represents the project to the management and gets approved to restart the development, then the process will then move to the analyzing process
    2015-02-22 23:02:59

  • Faith Edamkue Nigeria Management decides whether to proceed with a proposed project based on feasibility studies.
    2015-02-16 17:02:19

    • Robert Robert Nigeria yes, because it assist them to know what and how much to invest
      2015-02-27 10:02:10
  • Adegbola Ganiu adeola Nigeria This is phase stage where the project is coming alive.
    2015-02-15 21:02:11

  • amin khalil Sudan Creating Proposals is condidered important step in project because is limited project successful or not .
    2015-02-03 16:02:05

  • Srikant Parasar India management should not be done as the fesibility study.
    2015-01-28 14:01:13

  • Festus Odim Qatar Management may or may not proceed as the feasibility study
    2015-01-20 14:01:06

  • Bohlale Reginald Lephoto Lesotho Given the outcomes of the feasibility study management can decide.
    2015-01-19 13:01:52

  • olukan olusola Nigeria The management has the final decision.
    2015-01-16 11:01:16

  • Veronica Brown Australia Management of organizations has the final decision for the approval of the project.
    2015-01-12 09:01:47

  • Afaf Atta Ibraheem Egypt Management of organizations has the final decision for the approval of the project
    2015-01-11 10:01:19

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria Hmm.. After Feasibility study comes drafting of proposal for approval of the system development
    2015-01-10 09:01:26

  • Olomu Domero Nigeria interesting
    2015-01-08 14:01:49

  • Ray Haskins United States of America From this point the actual magic starts to take place & the project is now being brought to life
    2015-01-06 09:01:37

  • Bonolo Tlale Botswana Good and it will be very helpful for all PM
    2014-12-30 13:12:22

  • Franklin King Liberia study must be conducted to ensure management decision on the development of a project proposal
    2014-12-18 17:12:39

  • MOHAMMED MEDDY DAMBA Uganda Any PM has to benefit from this.
    2014-12-18 10:12:01

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon Feasibility studies usually end up with the drafting of a project paper which showcases various project proposals which are put at the disposal of the project managers for decision making.
    2014-12-15 11:12:20

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria Good and it will be very helpful for all PM
    2014-12-12 12:12:29

  • Alouis Muguti Zimbabwe On a very serious note guys,isnt it better for us to help each other on problem areas of what we would have read,rather than repeating the reading material as it is on our course comments?
    2014-12-07 21:12:35

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