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Comments about System development life cycle - The implementation phase

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- Module: System development life cycle
- Topic: The implementation phase
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Latest Comments

  • Gabriel Onumah Ghana During the implementation phase, a lot of resources are involved. the phase brings the project into reality
    2015-03-03 10:03:03

  • Kazeem Ayankola Nigeria The implementation phase is important because lessons learned during this phase are incorporated into the evaluation phase
    2015-03-03 09:03:49

  • Lilian Murcia Colombia I think this phase is the most important and really delicate. Although you already have planned, analysed and designed the project, many thing can happen during this phase that can afflict the object of the project. The project manager has to be very aware of every single thing and control it.
    2015-02-23 21:02:20

  • Muhidin Adam Mohamed Somalia Somalia Implementation is where you see what all your hard work can
    2015-02-23 09:02:29

  • Jose Miguel Ripeu Sepa Equatorial Guinea Really implementation is easy why because when you plan, analyze, and design what you have plan and analyze then what you need to do is to implement what you already have on the paper.
    2015-02-21 12:02:20

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom This is the phase where all obtained system data is obtained and integrated into the existing system in order to produce to the final working system.
    2015-02-18 10:02:43

  • Ahmed Hassan Egypt During this phase, the new or enhanced system is installed in the production environment, users are trained, data is converted (as needed), the system is turned over to the sponsor, and business processes are evaluated. This phase includes efforts required to implement, resolve system problems identified during the implementation process, and plan for sustainment.
    2015-02-17 08:02:17

  • Adegbola Ganiu adeola Nigeria The implementation phase is the stage where the specification is going to be transform in accordance.i.e construction excution.
    2015-02-14 00:02:55

  • Nkosinathi Mathews Mashinini South Africa Implementation means putting into practice what has been learnt. like an athlete who trains privately for a marathon
    2015-02-09 07:02:25

  • Faith Edamkue Nigeria Implementation is where you see what all your hard work can do
    2015-02-07 17:02:19

  • Uduak Urua Nigeria the work begins.
    2015-02-04 11:02:42

  • amin khalil Sudan Implementation means apply your project design to assess your work .
    2015-01-31 20:01:42

  • David Fahy Saudi Arabia Implementation is the first fruit of the labour, within the production cycle
    2015-01-29 12:01:28

  • Srikant Parasar India implementation is the most important and careful.
    2015-01-27 12:01:15

  • shady Maher Saudi Arabia The implementation phase is where physical and conceptual resources that are required for the project, what else?
    2015-01-21 07:01:37

  • olukan olusola Nigeria This is the execution period.
    2015-01-14 13:01:39

  • Veronica Brown Australia Implementation is the realization of an application, or execution of a plan, idea, model, design, specification, standard, algorithm, or policy.
    2015-01-11 06:01:51

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria This phase more like the production stage of the system development.
    2015-01-10 03:01:33

  • luthando siyeni United Kingdom The work being done
    2015-01-09 10:01:11

  • Faitha Karim Tanzania must consider the technical use in the implementation also the existing system as to update the one design
    2015-01-08 07:01:16

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