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Comments about Project management documentation - Documentation revision

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Latest Comments

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia it is easy t maintain
    2015-01-26 18:01:35

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia it is fast
    2015-01-26 18:01:54

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia electronic media is more accurate
    2015-01-26 18:01:42

  • Srikant Parasar India Electronic media is better than paper media.
    2015-01-26 13:01:55

  • Onyebuchi Poliycap Boniface Abazie Qatar paper base, electronic, and media recording documentation are importance for further reffence
    2015-01-15 16:01:57

  • olukan olusola Nigeria As a project manager you have to plan to time and to the effect of project or production.
    2015-01-13 15:01:10

  • Henock Asmelash Ethiopia Project management is the process of planning, organizing a particular job so that it is being monitored till it gets to the end of the job.
    2015-01-13 14:01:46

  • Veronica Brown Australia Project documentation is required for successful project completion. Product documentation is used to: Define the project scope and ensure agreement by all project stakeholders and project team members. Thus everybody involved in the project shares the same expectations on what to expect, what to do, when to do it, etc. Reference toward the resolution of disputes between various stakeholders should such situations arise. As historical reference which provides detailed information about the project and can be used to ensure the success of future projects.
    2015-01-11 05:01:18

  • luthando siyeni United Kingdom Nice activity
    2015-01-09 10:01:53

  • Ray Haskins United States of America These or good Q&A's
    2015-01-06 00:01:41

  • Bonolo Tlale Botswana documentation is very important for project management .
    2014-12-30 11:12:54

  • Franklin King Liberia project documentation is very important, i serves as a living prove to inform donors of past activities
    2014-12-30 11:12:10

  • Mohammed Hersi Hassan Somalia i was interested it
    2014-12-28 17:12:37

  • Mohammed Hersi Hassan Somalia it was exciting revision
    2014-12-28 17:12:11

  • Kenneth Christmas Ghana am loving it
    2014-12-21 19:12:27

  • Kwamena Phandoh Ghana Great revision
    2014-12-20 09:12:15

  • MOHAMMED MEDDY DAMBA Uganda Documentation is a must do to a PM
    2014-12-18 09:12:58

  • Ravindra Nath Yadav India Documentation is key part . It can be used anytime by anyone.
    2014-12-18 04:12:46

  • Oyewole Shobande Nigeria documentation is a key tool in project management.
    2014-12-16 18:12:20

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria good test on the previous lectures,encouraging
    2014-12-15 11:12:32

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