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Comments about Project management documentation - Documentation revision

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- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Documentation revision

Latest Comments

  • MOHAMMED MEDDY DAMBA Uganda Documentation is a must do to a PM
    2014-12-18 09:12:58

  • Ravindra Nath Yadav India Documentation is key part . It can be used anytime by anyone.
    2014-12-18 04:12:46

  • Oyewole Shobande Nigeria documentation is a key tool in project management.
    2014-12-16 18:12:20

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria good test on the previous lectures,encouraging
    2014-12-15 11:12:32

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria documentation must be done in a way that will suit the users level of understanding
    2014-12-15 11:12:19

  • Aggrey Kegome Kenya Is documentation essential to any information system?
    2014-12-09 08:12:50

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria Reasonable evaluation
    2014-12-08 11:12:40

  • Diana Nalugya Kakuuku Uganda Documentation helps users work effectively and efficiently.
    2014-12-07 16:12:38

  • Tamilselvi S India whatever the form of documentation which all gives information of activity/process/procedure. We live in faster world it needs to have information with in a second, while executing the project it goes smoothly as per the design, objective with available facility and resource documentation is not a problem at all in any form
    2014-12-05 09:12:54

  • Larry Covington United States of America Try & revise what you have learned so far.
    2014-12-01 01:12:00

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia program documentation Documentation informs and explains the system. It helps those that interact with the system by providing training or acting as a reference guide. System and Technical Documentation: involves developing and documenting all the processes of system development and includes such things as data dictionaries, data flow diagrams and all other design documentation that produced throughout development. User documentation: involves developing a set of documents that assist the user use the system, software or hardware being implemented. It normally consists of a set of paper-based and online facilities to train or help the user. Paper-based documentation: is the traditional form of user documentation. It consists of manuals and reference guides that are usually available in the computer section of local bookstores or libraries. It includes in-house documents. User manuals are the most common form of paper-based documentation. Online documentation: is usually a help manual in electronic form that takes advantage of hypertext and other multimedia elements. Other forms of documentation include: videos, web sites and multimedia packages that provide the end users with the help they need. Users are normally categorized by their level of knowledge of the operation of the system:Novice , intermediate and Expert . Or by their level of involvement with the system: Expert , specialist , adjunct, incidental
    2014-11-25 05:11:51

  • shady Maher Saudi Arabia series with documentation users didn't follow the actions which happened before .
    2014-11-18 20:11:12

  • ESSOTOLOME BODJO China Try the documentation revision activity to revise what you have learned so far
    2014-11-18 16:11:01

  • ESSOTOLOME BODJO China I agree that documentation is very important, the greatest way out of problems
    2014-11-18 16:11:15

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya Interesting.. It is important to identify the user and their documentation requirements. Users are normally categorised by their level of knowledge of the operation of the system:
    2014-11-16 07:11:46

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya Undetstandable
    2014-11-16 07:11:48

  • Md Shohel Mahmud Bangladesh Overall it appears that the documentation is the proof of an activities throughout the time and it is different in types for different users and levels.
    2014-11-16 04:11:45

  • John-ogboin Emualosi Nigeria It has been so good developing myself with this. I am greatful
    2014-11-11 08:11:05

  • Janvier Nyandamu Rwanda Documentation informs and explains the system
    2014-11-05 11:11:08

  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom Great revision covers in depth on documentation. Love the fact that project management documentation is user focused.
    2014-11-04 23:11:44

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