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Comments about Project management documentation - Electronic documentation

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- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Electronic documentation
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Latest Comments

  • Uba Oguchi Christian Nigeria Electronic documentation has become a popular and easy way to give employees and/or end users the assistance they require to complete tasks. due to simple nature of it over the bulk nature of paper documentation. in other hand it have its own disadvantages. it is venerable to virus attack.
    2015-03-24 11:03:42

    • Andulile Mwaisaka Tanzania What could be its disadvantage apart from being hacked Uba Oguchi Christian?
      2015-03-25 08:03:46
  • Adam Muhammad Usman Namibia the multimedia approach to documentation is environmentally friendly and reduces paper work, it is also more practical in demonstrating procedures with commentaries for easy understanding of the process
    2015-03-23 15:03:25

    • Andulile Mwaisaka Tanzania Adam Muhammad Usman, you might be true on your point but do you think that a document being electronic could enforce its practicality?
      2015-03-25 08:03:42
  • Jihadul Islam Bangladesh technical person who crates electronic documentation takes benefit from Tex and multimedia to present the documentation
    2015-03-22 09:03:46

  • Nkiya Benedict Tanzania This is the easiest way for documentation but its steal a problem to our developing countries where we face the problem of receiving the secondhand technology.
    2015-03-22 07:03:00

    • Andulile Mwaisaka Tanzania please can you elaborate more on your point, what do you real mean by saying that "problem of receiving second hand technology"? Does e-document have second hand property?
      2015-03-25 08:03:08
  • Garcia Bond Jamaica Electronic documentation is way easier!
    2015-03-22 01:03:31

    • Andulile Mwaisaka Tanzania Yes, Electronic documentation is easy in the sense that you can easily locate them and quickly retrieve them for use as compared to traditional documentation (paper documentation)
      2015-03-25 08:03:04
    • Garcia Bond Jamaica Isn't Electronic documentation is way easier in Project management documentation?
      2015-03-22 01:03:39
  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone Electronic documentation is easier
    2015-03-16 16:03:22

  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone Electronic documentation is easier
    2015-03-16 16:03:47

  • Odongo Moses Uganda Electronic Documentation Over the last few years electronic documentation has become a popular way to give employees and/or end users the assistance they require to complete tasks. Most software packages now come with the help manual in printed as well as electronic form. Electronic documentation takes advantage of hypertext and other multimedia elements. Some packages also come with a CD-ROM to take the user through a series of tasks to familiarities them with the software or hardware operations. Because these forms of documentation are available at any time from the computer they are often referred to as being 'online' provides antivirus for protection or stored it in other form.
    2015-03-13 17:03:20

  • Stanley Amaechi Nigeria Electronic documentation is much easier.
    2015-03-12 15:03:52

  • Oyetope Oyewunmi Nigeria Electronic documentation most of the times is easy to access.
    2015-03-11 13:03:36

  • Marcia Dolloway Trinidad and Tobago In comparison to paper documentation, electronic can be more user friendly as it is easily processed especially when one can speed read through the computer other than manually reading .
    2015-03-08 05:03:43

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Electronic documentation gives employees and end users the assistance they require to complete the task.
    2015-03-07 20:03:04

    • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa They can be familiarised by taking a vivid look at CD-ROM to take the user through a series of task.
      2015-03-07 20:03:02
  • Glass Lamp Myanmar Electronic documentation - CD Rom and Memory Stick are commonly used in the world.When data transferring , data keeping ,data shearing to other company.
    2015-03-07 10:03:02

  • Ogbo Emeka Nigeria Electronic makes sharing and editing simpler and faster
    2015-03-06 03:03:47

  • Pearson Dzimiri United Kingdom The electronic documentation is the most common in use into today's world. However, it is important to provide a backup for all of your work/files because sometimes we loose it.
    2015-03-05 06:03:45

  • Essam Roshdy Egypt Electronic that we are using now
    2015-03-04 07:03:03

  • Syed Ahmed United Arab Emirates Electronic documentation is useful and easy handling.
    2015-03-03 18:03:03

  • Adedeji Ologbenla Nigeria Electronic documentation is widely used and the most reliable form of documentation especially online electronic documentation
    2015-03-03 12:03:47

  • Andel Jackson Saint Kitts and Nevis Relectronic documentation is a very good method of storage
    2015-03-01 10:03:34

  • Rufina Pragono Indonesia Electronic documentations have evolved into more sophisticated form, such as The Cloud, Google Drive, etc. It makes accessing more effective and efficient, and even more convenient as long as the users have internet access coming handy in their mobile or PC.
    2015-02-28 11:02:22

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