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Questions & Answers about Project management documentation - Electronic documentation

The Question must be about:
- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Electronic documentation

Latest Questions

  • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon quoi peut on vraiment appelé documentation électronique?
    2014-09-22 11:09:15

  • Mikaya Andu South Sudan does the Certificate comes with Recommendation
    2014-09-22 07:09:34

  • Mikaya Andu South Sudan how often does the Course certificate stays
    2014-09-22 07:09:45

  • George Fragos Greece can we have these on a usb stick and get with us? or must be saved into a safe area?
    2014-09-19 13:09:59

  • Onyemah Okpochini Nigeria technical manual documented in cd rom can it be electronic documentation?
    2014-09-18 07:09:49

  • Abdullahi Nor Mohamed Somalia how this project management will be used as pack up?
    2014-09-15 22:09:11

  • Robert Robert Nigeria is there any alternative to electronic documentation, mostly in countries were they do not have regular or steady power supply and internet. How will electronic documentation work or favor them?
    2014-09-15 16:09:05

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America I agree and think this is a good source. However in the medical field in that I am a RN, when the computers goes down, we revert back to paper form. In Project Management and electronic documentation would a back up plan to have a partially set up software that allow the company to continue to use the computer opposed to going to the intranet where all of the electronic documentation is stored i.e training documentation?
    2014-09-08 23:09:50

  • Signor Ndubueze Chukwuemeka Kanu Nigeria WHAT IS electronic documentation?
    2014-09-08 03:09:17

    • Mutea Al Nuzely United States of America Information written by programmers updating information procedure constantly
      2014-09-16 16:09:29
    • Robert Robert Nigeria Electronic documentation is when Information's are recorded in a manner that requires a computer or other electronic device to display, interpret, and process it.
      2014-09-15 16:09:21
  • ARIHO SIMPLISIO Uganda I this is update documentation?
    2014-08-20 11:08:12

    • Fikru Tamene Ethiopia yes
      2014-08-28 13:08:55
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Sorry guy your point is not complete?
      2014-08-24 19:08:50
  • Saw Minyau Germany How can we update if there is no network or internet connection is available? How would be nice with electronic documentation.
    2014-08-15 20:08:01

    • Mutea Al Nuzely United States of America You are out of luck? Go to paper based
      2014-09-16 16:09:53
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan You can still work in absence of network provide that there is electronic system data base document that has be established.
      2014-08-24 19:08:56
  • Janine Phillips Australia Version control is always an issue - this is a big part of document management and must be considered! Anyone use document management systems? I need experience in this space as it's probably the way of the future!
    2014-08-08 23:08:55

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Through training and orientation you can get experience in it.
      2014-08-24 19:08:04
  • Je Rouse United Kingdom I like the idea of the info on a disk or stick or enven a cloud, i think that security could be a problem as well as ensuring that older versions of the info is destoyed as it is easy to have lots of different versions around
    2014-08-07 15:08:36

  • Xiao Shen Phang Malaysia For storage capacity concern, documentation may move on to cloud storage which allows user to access from anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. However, security could be another important issue to concern.
    2014-08-06 02:08:19

  • Xiao Shen Phang Malaysia is electronic documentation secure?
    2014-08-06 02:08:09

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Yes it is, when there is password for only users.
      2014-08-24 19:08:42
  • Emmanuel Adigun Nigeria What are the advantages of electronic documentation over manual documentation?
    2014-07-31 12:07:52

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan They are easy to manage and keep.
      2014-08-24 19:08:33
    • Xiao Shen Phang Malaysia Larger storage and filing is much organized.
      2014-08-06 02:08:57
  • Samuel Kofi Odoi Ghana In the world today, electronic documentation is necessary to perform various task,
    2014-07-26 11:07:36

  • Alexander Njoku Nigeria Is there any other way of documenting an information except through Electronic documentation?
    2014-07-24 16:07:30

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Yes it can be done manually.
      2014-08-24 19:08:32
    • DAV KAY Other yes, you can go traditional using paper work through the creation of manuals. This is still being used today.
      2014-07-24 18:07:39
  • Vikram Vasant Rotkar United Kingdom How to eliminate errors in the electronic communication?
    2014-07-21 17:07:11

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Through critical reading and analysis.
      2014-08-24 19:08:08
  • Robert Hesketh United Kingdom Isn't this all a bit 90s? Electronic documentation is entirely presented on the supplier website or intranet and most documentation is no longer printed. I can't remember the last time I received a CD-ROM with something.
    2014-07-21 15:07:02

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