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Comments about Project management documentation - Electronic documentation

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- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Electronic documentation
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Latest Comments

  • Pearson Dzimiri United Kingdom The electronic documentation is the most common in use into today's world. However, it is important to provide a backup for all of your work/files because sometimes we loose it.
    2015-03-05 06:03:45

  • Essam Roshdy Egypt Electronic that we are using now
    2015-03-04 07:03:03

  • Syed Ahmed United Arab Emirates Electronic documentation is useful and easy handling.
    2015-03-03 18:03:03

  • Adedeji Ologbenla Nigeria Electronic documentation is widely used and the most reliable form of documentation especially online electronic documentation
    2015-03-03 12:03:47

  • Andel Jackson Saint Kitts and Nevis Relectronic documentation is a very good method of storage
    2015-03-01 10:03:34

  • Rufina Pragono Indonesia Electronic documentations have evolved into more sophisticated form, such as The Cloud, Google Drive, etc. It makes accessing more effective and efficient, and even more convenient as long as the users have internet access coming handy in their mobile or PC.
    2015-02-28 11:02:22

  • Gabriel Onumah Ghana electronic for of documentation is preferably used this days because its, dependable, easy to handle etc
    2015-02-27 16:02:44

  • funsho olaifa Nigeria Electronic Documentation is good because it can be accessible anywhere anytime so far you have a PC. It can also be put online for people across the world to access.
    2015-02-26 10:02:35

    • Jude Augustine Nigeria Yes, but not without the risk of virus of data lost.
      2015-02-27 15:02:05
  • Val Kazia United States of America electronic doc. is very good
    2015-02-25 01:02:39

  • Marginean Cornel Slovakia yup
    2015-02-23 22:02:15

  • Marginean Cornel Slovakia electronic documentation is accessible
    2015-02-23 22:02:35

    • funsho olaifa Nigeria Yea it can be accessible anywhere anytime so far you have a PC
      2015-02-26 10:02:05
    • Marginean Cornel Slovakia modules are good
      2015-02-23 22:02:30
  • NWANA ERIC Cameroon wish to have an eleectronic document
    2015-02-21 08:02:43

    • NWANA ERIC Cameroon yes
      2015-02-21 08:02:01
    • NWANA ERIC Cameroon yes
      2015-02-21 08:02:30
  • Jose Miguel Ripeu Sepa Equatorial Guinea it is the most compatable format of reserving documents in any organisation.
    2015-02-20 11:02:05

  • Patrick Sakwa Kenya electronic documentation should be the way forward
    2015-02-17 12:02:51

  • Amina Gulaid Somalia Yes electronic documentation is much better but still paper documentation is inevitable in many places in the world for different reasons.
    2015-02-17 10:02:09

  • Muhidin Adam Mohamed Somalia Electronic documentation is important
    2015-02-17 10:02:08

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom Today's technology has gone to extreme high level such that all documentation are mostly computerised and in which it gives employees open access to obtain information required from various sites on intranet. This method is easier and quick to adapt when you know how as well as saves time
    2015-02-16 22:02:06

  • victoria emecheta Nigeria Electronic documentation is way easier, cheaper, safes time and money and mostly used though it has its disadvantages but it's preferred by most people due to change in taste and fashion, and also technology.
    2015-02-15 23:02:27

  • Saidu Heisenberg Mansaray Sierra Leone I agree to the fact that Because of level of technology around the world, Electronic Documentation has become the most used and the accepted for the implementation team as well as end users. but one needs to be very careful when saving important documents.because the little mistake of the document landing in the hands of hackers will posed the work to threat by the computer hackers and virus to the document which can't be easily retrieve
    2015-02-15 16:02:23

  • Esmat Dawod Sudan An electronic document is any electronic media content (other than computer programs or system files) that are intended to be used in either an electronic form or as printed output. Originally, any computer data were considered as something internal — the final data output was always on paper. However, the development of computer networks has made it so that in most cases it is much more convenient to distribute electronic documents than printed ones. And the improvements in electronic display technologies mean that in most cases it is possible to view documents on screen instead of printing them (thus saving paper and the space required to store the printed copies).
    2015-02-15 07:02:30

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