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Electronic documentation

Questions & Answers about Project management documentation - Electronic documentation

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- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Electronic documentation

Latest Questions

  • Nox Hamaamba Zambia Which Project documentation system of the two could have more advantages over the other?
    2014-04-21 11:04:07

  • Anandan Pattabhi India Is there a standard documentation format to store electronic documentation?
    2014-04-16 20:04:47

    • Gaurav Sharma India You can create a project name folder and burn it into the disk for your purpose. Just give any unique id to your project and save and store it.
      2014-04-23 12:04:31
  • Sameer Hashmi United States of America what are the benefits of electronic documentation.
    2014-04-14 23:04:24

    • Gaurav Sharma India Secure!
      2014-04-23 12:04:53
    • Oghenereke Edheka Nigeria They are easily accessible to the user because they are always online.
      2014-04-22 21:04:52
    • Robert Ewere Nigeria It's safer, fire protected etc
      2014-04-21 16:04:37
    • Fanaye Legesse Ethiopia Allows to instantly access documents anywhere at any time. Implementing an electronic workflow. Taking advantage of EDMS document search and retrieval capabilities. Integrating an EDMS with other core firm applications to drive efficiency and manage IT costs. Guaranteeing document recovery in the case of a disaster. EDMS allows multiple backups to be stored at offsite locations providing a means to recover data.
      2014-04-17 09:04:35
  • Sandra Manfredi United States of America Can electronic documentation be easily compromised since it is so easily and widely available online?
    2014-04-09 22:04:27

    • Andy Robert Nigeria Not necessarily, as most of the online documentations available are read-only. Special access must be granted by the authors before any form of modification(s) can be made
      2014-04-14 17:04:32
  • Drabe Richard Aguta Uganda please i need help becoz the document media is not accessible .Friends some help
    2014-04-05 17:04:05

    • Ernest Mwila Zambia Click on documentation media showed under the subtopic list on this page.
      2014-04-11 12:04:41
  • Chou - Aime Mupeya N'ghembang Zaire Est ce que la documentation électronique sont facilement téléchargeable sur internet ?
    2014-04-03 23:04:06

    • Amen Adabassou Togo some of the software are free online; but you purchase elsewhere
      2014-04-04 20:04:45
  • Lukengu Elmaximus South Africa is important to user also the CD_ROM or i can user online the sogtware
    2014-03-28 14:03:09

    • Phyllis Jones United States of America It really does not matter which method you choose. The CD-ROM will more likely have you to refer to things on line.
      2014-03-30 22:03:14
    2014-03-28 02:03:40

  • Esong Boris Cameroon please, i have not been to access documentation media. i need help.
    2014-03-27 13:03:47

    • Ernest Mwila Zambia Click on documentation media showed under the subtopic list on this page.
      2014-04-11 12:04:24
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