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Comments about Project management documentation - Program documentation

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- Topic: Program documentation
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Latest Comments

  • Semab Altaf United Kingdom the software product be fully supported with technical documentation.
    2015-01-30 13:01:05

  • amin khalil Sudan Documentation help us in solving probleme will facing us in future .
    2015-01-29 07:01:27

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia what kind of software needs documentation?
    2015-01-26 17:01:36

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia documentation needs special software
    2015-01-26 17:01:27

  • Srikant Parasar India the software product be fully supported with technical documentation.
    2015-01-26 11:01:30

  • Ernest Ebie Nigeria I am thinking of a software to develop
    2015-01-15 11:01:26

  • Dhanvir Nannen South Africa The program documentation is a kind of documentation that gives a comprehensive procedural description of a program. It shows as to how software is written. Program documentation even has the capability to sustain any later maintenance or development of the program. The program documentation describes what exactly a program does by mentioning about the requirements of the input data and the effect of performing a programming task.
    2015-01-13 18:01:31

  • Seye Abiodun United Kingdom What kind of documentation do software testers generate?
    2015-01-11 05:01:16

  • Veronica Brown Australia Requirements documentation is the description of what a particular software does or shall do. It is used throughout development to communicate what the software does or shall do. It is also used as an agreement or as the foundation for agreement on what the software shall do. Requirements are produced and consumed by everyone involved in the production of software: end users, customers, product managers, project managers, sales, marketing, software architects, usability engineers, interaction designers, developers, and testers, to name a few. Thus, requirements documentation has many different purposes.
    2015-01-11 04:01:25

    • olukan olusola Nigeria Agree
      2015-01-12 15:01:21
  • luthando siyeni United Kingdom Great
    2015-01-09 09:01:57

  • kevin Kyalo Kenya Why should the software product be fully supported with technical documentation
    2015-01-08 07:01:01

  • Faitha Karim Tanzania but program documentation leads to steps to archive the goal
    2015-01-07 10:01:02

  • Ray Haskins United States of America Making useful sense of things, I get it.
    2015-01-05 23:01:50

  • Emmanuel Ekanem Nigeria Technical projects requires technical documentation.
    2014-12-30 19:12:40

  • Bonolo Tlale Botswana documentation is very important for future reference and it helps the new user to understand and modify the project if needed.
    2014-12-30 11:12:50

  • Afaf Atta Ibraheem Egypt developing of software solution need technical documentation for future learning
    2014-12-25 12:12:33

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria The documentation of programming steps and process is vital for reference.
    2014-12-20 19:12:59

  • Kwamena Phandoh Ghana good
    2014-12-20 09:12:43

  • Franklin King Liberia it very important to document all project activities including reporting
    2014-12-18 17:12:56

  • Jean Valery Carmel Digbe Cote D'Ivoire it is vital to document all processes of software developpement, thats help for understanding and improving software.
    2014-12-16 07:12:03

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