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Comments about Project management documentation - Program documentation

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- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Program documentation
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Latest Comments

  • Ve Yardon United States of America Documentation of this nature must be systematic, using established and standardized formats.
    2015-03-28 15:03:36

  • Tabeeb Siddiqui Kuwait It Must be User Friendly in order to full utilization.
    2015-03-28 05:03:07

  • Maria Rosario Acuña-Hilton United States of America Every developer or programmer are responsible to document the new software to allow others the proper explanation.
    2015-03-27 21:03:22

  • ELIZABETH OBADIAH Nigeria The software product should be fully supported with the technical documentation for future reference to enable easy accessibility of necessary informations and guidelines
    2015-03-25 09:03:15

  • Uba Oguchi Christian Nigeria it is vital to document all the steps taken while developing or programming a software. it may not be only on software development/programming, but in all our day to day activities.
    2015-03-24 10:03:52

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan can you explain the phases of program decontamination?
    2015-03-22 19:03:18

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan program decontamination help us in the upgrading of project as we used it as the base of succeed
    2015-03-22 19:03:09

  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone No comment
    2015-03-16 12:03:28

  • Odongo Moses Uganda Program Documentation When developing a software or musics in CD solution the developer or programmer will document all steps of the process. The software product should be fully supported with technical documentation so that any programmer in the future can understand the process and the code that was developed .
    2015-03-13 16:03:06

  • Stanley Amaechi Nigeria i agree that documentation is important
    2015-03-12 09:03:05

  • Oyetope Oyewunmi Nigeria Technical documentation is a key
    2015-03-11 13:03:50

  • Marcia Dolloway Trinidad and Tobago An advancement which started at such basic requirement shows dominance once the task is portrayed effectively.
    2015-03-08 04:03:00

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa When developing a solution what is it that a programmer or developer need to do?
    2015-03-07 19:03:15

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa When developing a solution what is it that a programmer or developer need to do?
    2015-03-07 19:03:50

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Implementation of a solution is crucial.
    2015-03-07 19:03:19

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria in program documentation, there are requirements associated with achieving the desired results which is: - there should be a system information repository to be used by maintenance engineers - they should provide information for management to help them plan , budget and schedule the software development process _ some of the documents should tell users how to use and administer the system _ they should act as a communication medium between members of the development team _ it should also serve as an archive for future use and for reference
    2015-02-27 10:02:37

    • Dalmas Oleko Kenya very informative
      2015-03-06 13:03:37
    • Gabriel Onumah Ghana good point
      2015-02-27 16:02:29
  • Nkiya Benedict Tanzania No comment
    2015-02-27 06:02:17

    • Yaasiin Hrsi Hassan Germany its clear
      2015-03-05 07:03:05
  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom All software facilities must be documented step by step as to provide future guidance of any technical support that may become of use whenever required.
    2015-02-16 22:02:43

  • Adegbola Ganiu adeola Nigeria The software have to follow with features where future user,programmer can access it.
    2015-02-12 14:02:25

  • May Seymour United Kingdom Could the software used to do this implement graphs too?
    2015-02-11 15:02:18

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