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Comments about Project management documentation - Types of documentation

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- Topic: Types of documentation
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Latest Comments

  • Ve Yardon United States of America Project Management Documentation is important, however, it must be specific and related in order for any benefit to be derived.
    2015-03-28 15:03:14

  • Tabeeb Siddiqui Kuwait It must be organized ,track and available when required.
    2015-03-28 05:03:20

  • Maria Rosario Acuña-Hilton United States of America Documentation changes from roles to roles, and every type in the Business industry is very essential to complete a task.
    2015-03-27 21:03:55

  • Saheed Ashimi Nigeria Documentation in all phases of project management is key towards successful implementation of all projects.
    2015-03-24 12:03:13

  • Uba Oguchi Christian Nigeria Documentation varies from ones need to another. in this note I may say it depend on the user to chose a type that will suit/meet his needs.
    2015-03-24 09:03:04

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan is the types of decontamination support the Montenegrin ?
    2015-03-22 19:03:11

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan the types documentation made me know the important of deco minted the steps of project according to physical types of them
    2015-03-22 19:03:38

  • DORIS ANJALO Kenya To each his own!
    2015-03-20 14:03:57

  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone Thanks for making me understand that documentation varies
    2015-03-16 12:03:06

  • Odongo Moses Uganda Documentation comes in a variety of styles to meet the needs of different types of users. For example, documentation produced for a technician may be different to that of a data entry operator because their roles require different levels and types of knowledge specific to their jobs. Documentation is produced throughout the development of any solution. It records all details to help current developers and users as well as any future ones
    2015-03-13 16:03:53

  • Stanley Amaechi Nigeria Documentation is vital in managing a project.
    2015-03-13 09:03:26

  • Oyetope Oyewunmi Nigeria The importance of documentation at every phase of a project cannot be overlooked. It really helps in audit and has a backbone to further decisions
    2015-03-11 12:03:21

  • keith chilufya Zambia relevant and specific
    2015-03-09 10:03:47

  • Marcia Dolloway Trinidad and Tobago The production of any reliable organization would benefit time after time once sound ethical work is eminent.
    2015-03-08 04:03:43

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone What are the various types of organisational documentation?
    2015-03-07 22:03:53

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone The kind of speciality determines the pattern of organisation.
    2015-03-07 22:03:43

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Where do they produce documentation?
    2015-03-07 19:03:10

    • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Documentation is produced throughout the development of any solution and implementation of the solution.
      2015-03-07 19:03:02
  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Documentation is necessary for different types of users.
    2015-03-07 19:03:21

  • Glass Lamp Myanmar Documentation is necessary for technicians and every projects. Soft copy and hard copy are essential for a project.Schedule, Drawing,Accounting and other technical data
    2015-03-07 09:03:31

  • Gabriel Onumah Ghana with the rise in the use of technology, electronic or soft copy of all documentation is key.
    2015-02-27 16:02:33

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