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Comments about Project management documentation - Documentation

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- Module: Project management documentation
- Topic: Documentation

Latest Comments

  • Aggrey Kegome Kenya Inadequate documented information may lead to system failure.
    2014-10-30 07:10:37

  • Eskalehu Abeje wubu Ethiopia Project Documentation Guidelines The goal is to communicate and document the essence of the project, primarily for informational purposes, both within the University and to outside stakeholders. The Low-Risk Project Form provides a template for providing this information. A low-risk project is typically described by a sentence or two of text in each of the sections of the form. The level of detail in this documentation should be agreed upon mutually by the project manager and the project sponsor, with additional input and guidance as appropriate from the key project stakeholders
    2014-10-28 13:10:35

  • Chinonso Nnebedum Nigeria done
    2014-10-26 11:10:23

  • Asif Wisal Pakistan Documentation is best for all
    2014-10-22 18:10:52

  • Assel Satpayeva Kazakhstan Document controlling is an essential and important part of the process in every activity of the company, allows a means of keeping track of the past events/activities and constantly changing information, giving conditions to keep performing the current work in due time (budget and scope) and be ready for the future challenges.
    2014-10-22 05:10:16

  • Shimmon Lezama Trinidad and Tobago Documentation is essential especially for transparency.
    2014-10-21 15:10:55

  • Ralph Webster South Africa 1.Documentation is essential for the success of any information system. 2.Documentation provides anyone who interacts with a particular system an overview of the system capabilities and its software. It may also include specific procedures which must be followed or be used to provide training or reference material. 3.Application and information systems can fail to meet their full potential if there is inadequate documentation to support them. 4.Without good documentation users may flounder and the efficiency gains expected from a new system will never be realised.
    2014-10-19 06:10:18

  • Segedin Dragan United Arab Emirates Is this time effective when better quality you can get with training? Is training included in delivery as proper part of preparation?
    2014-09-28 06:09:50

  • Paul Crawford United States of America How do you ensure that all documentation is the latest revision?
    2014-09-26 04:09:07

    • Victor Osioh United Kingdom You ensure documents are up to date by using version control on each document as they are produced.
      2014-10-09 13:10:22
    • Louis Idowu Alamiyo Nigeria By constant updating of the documentation
      2014-10-02 13:10:26
  • Margaret Waitherero Kenya What is the easy way of ensuring you document everything
    2014-09-18 09:09:00

    • Victor Osioh United Kingdom Hi Margaret, the easiest way is to ensure, you create a weekly To-do list with timeline, this ensures all document are completed as at when due.
      2014-10-09 15:10:28
  • Aung Kyaw Minn Myanmar What is procedure document of project management ?
    2014-09-13 13:09:57

    • Mutea Al Nuzely United States of America Specific procedure according to the corp environment which must be followed to provide reference material or training, without documentation efficiency will never be riselised
      2014-09-16 13:09:41
  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America Why are my completions for each sections turning green?
    2014-09-08 23:09:07

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America Once documentation is completed does the company provide training? As discussed in the interview, training wasn't included.
    2014-09-08 21:09:33

  • George Fragos Greece what are the types of documentation?
    2014-08-30 14:08:11

    • Mutea Al Nuzely United States of America Paper-based documentation is kept to a minimum, electronic docents toon is mostly used due to constant changes to procedures.
      2014-09-16 14:09:11
  • ADAORA, CHIDINMA EZEILO Nigeria can someone please summarise what was said in the video cos mine didnt play?
    2014-08-29 10:08:20

    • Daniel Musango Kenya Yeah, didn't work for me either.
      2014-10-08 15:10:21
    • Kevin O'Kane Ireland Mine also did not play
      2014-09-18 09:09:46
  • ADAORA, CHIDINMA EZEILO Nigeria can adjustments be made on an already documented project?
    2014-08-29 10:08:49

  • Daniel Ibiang Nigeria what is the steep of documentation
    2014-08-13 04:08:50

  • Je Rouse United Kingdom documentation is vital, if it not available perhaps interviewing the poeple involed in the intial stages of the project will help in finding out the background. then new documentation could be introduced
    2014-08-07 14:08:49

  • Samuel Kofi Odoi Ghana Documentation is vital in project management prior start to finish for overview and references.
    2014-07-26 06:07:23

  • Alexander Njoku Nigeria Documentation is it not after a jod has been done?
    2014-07-24 14:07:11

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