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Project management tools revision

Questions & Answers about Project management toolset - Project management tools revision

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- Module: Project management toolset
- Topic: Project management tools revision

Latest Questions

  • Sandra Manfredi United States of America Are case studies a good way to see practical use of Gantt and Pert charts as well as other tools?
    2014-04-09 22:04:36

    • Emmanuel Eno Nigeria yes sure. problem will be who will correct you or tell you when you are no right.
      2014-04-17 16:04:26
    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea yeah, but if you have access to a pc you can download simple pm freeware that will help you get your head around using them. (Gantt and PERT i mean)
      2014-04-16 06:04:26
  • Lana Lawrence Saint Lucia Is it safe to say that tasks and activities are used interchangeably based on context or is that grossly inaccurate?
    2014-04-08 03:04:45

    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea on second thoughts i think you can understand tasks to be comprised of activities. sorry
      2014-04-16 06:04:57
    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea No I think they mean the same thing.
      2014-04-16 06:04:31
    • Sami Kakar Pakistan each word in project management has its own unique meaning and explanation in context of project management. the words we use in common routine may not necessarily mean what we aim in project management. however, the following website may shed more light on your query.
      2014-04-08 17:04:15
  • Kamara Sidi Abu Backerr Sierra Leone To present this on a GANTT chart, first and foremost you out line the activities that are part of the event then you considered the duration of each of this activity (e.g side attraction lets say dancing and singing
    2014-04-04 17:04:17

    • Lana Lawrence Saint Lucia Agreed- it forms the framework as at this stage you can discern which tasks can be done sequentially or parallel
      2014-04-08 03:04:44
  • Oluseye Olugboyega Nigeria what about Q-Scheduling and Line of Balance, are they not part of PM tools?
    2014-03-28 12:03:48

    • Ayalama Veronica Uganda those are tools of monitoring and evaluation of the project
      2014-04-02 13:04:18
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