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Comments about Project management toolset - Critical Path Method

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- Topic: Critical Path Method
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Barnabas Halimani Zimbabwe Critical Path Method [CPM] is a project modeling technique developed in the late 1950s by Morgan R. Walker and James E. Kelley. The essential technique for using CPM is to construct a model of the project that include a list of all activities required to complete the project (typically categorized within a work breakdown structure), the time [duration] that each activity will take to complete; the dependencies between the activities and logical end points such as milestones or deliverable items. Using these values CPM calculates the longest path of planned activities to logical end points or to the end of the project, and the earliest and latest that each activity can start and finish without making the project longer. This process determines which activities are critical (i.e on the longest path) and which have "total float" (i.e can be delayed without making the project longer).
    2015-04-24 10:04:09

  • aaa
    Hilary Madzvimbo United Kingdom Put focus on the project. Avoid being caught up in the process due to many factors or end up diverting resources or time to other issue rather than the project.
    2015-04-23 08:04:35

  • aaa
    Gwinyai Mushunje Mozambique do the right thing first time
    2015-04-22 13:04:13

  • aaa
    sunday mbiam Nigeria Other paths might be shorter but they will not see all the activities of the project completed. Its only the critical path that its duration covers all activies of project.
    2015-04-17 11:04:59

  • aaa
    Manzoor Khanzada Pakistan do it right, do it on time!
    2015-04-16 14:04:00

  • aaa
    David Wardlow Sierra Leone a delay in one event will delay the completion of the project, that true.
    2015-04-15 22:04:32

  • aaa
    James Kuchilala Malawi What to do to avoid making many delays?
    2015-04-14 19:04:07

  • aaa
    James Kuchilala Malawi And eventually, if the delays are many, one may end up with a failed project altogether
    2015-04-14 19:04:19

  • aaa
    Ada Giwa Nigeria if in a project there comes a critical path what should the project manager do to avert it
    2015-04-09 10:04:27

  • aaa
    bimbo tunde Nigeria Critical path is like the fastest time a task can be completed.
    2015-04-08 22:04:51

  • aaa
    Jahidul Islam Bangladesh Explain the Project Management Life Cycle?
    2015-04-07 20:04:19

  • aaa
    Jahidul Islam Bangladesh The critical path is a series of activities which are vital to the event being completed on time. For example, a delay in one event will delay the completion of the project.
    2015-04-07 20:04:01

  • aaa
    Bandar Alalwi United States of America How we use it ?
    2015-04-05 21:04:24

  • aaa
    Bandar Alalwi United States of America Critical path method is project tool .
    2015-04-05 21:04:04

  • aaa
    Bander Alalwi United States of America A delay in one event will delay the completion of the project.
    2015-04-04 03:04:40

  • aaa
    Michael Johnson United Kingdom Map out the path method in order to complete on time even when hitting problems onsite.
    2015-04-01 21:04:16

  • aaa
    Lange Divine Tumasang Cameroon It is the responsibility of the project managers to identify critical path before under taking a particular project?
    2015-04-01 11:04:19

  • aaa
    Vivian Orjaih Nigeria Is it possible to identify critical path before under taking a particular project?
    2015-03-29 17:03:36

    • aaa
      Ofentse Mosweu Botswana I would say yes because you actually have to identify it at the planning and design phase
      2015-04-01 12:04:03
  • aaa
    TABEEB UDDIN SIDDIQUI Kuwait it depends on on its relation with successor activity.
    2015-03-28 04:03:21

  • aaa
    bimbo tunde Nigeria There are no slacks allowed on the Critical path of a particular project.
    2015-03-25 11:03:46

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