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Comments about Project management toolset - Scheduling and expediting

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- Module: Project management toolset
- Topic: Scheduling and expediting
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Latest Comments

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone The material is home and dry; no question for now...
    2015-03-01 15:03:10

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone The successfulness of any project is directly proportional to Scheduling and Expediting; wherein time and costs need to be traded off in order to get the project completed.
    2015-03-01 15:03:37

  • Ahmed El-seady Egypt more of money =short of time
    2015-02-27 00:02:14

    • Mubarak Saeed Saudi Arabia more of money = best quality
      2015-02-28 15:02:40
  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria project scheduling is important because it helps the project manager in carrying out the project effectively through the level of sophistication, by their intended usage and by the nature of their content , ranging from the simplest project to the more comprehensive project and through the most complex project. EXPEDITING: , its aim is to control procurement for maximum advantage to the owner and the project manager´s principal means of controlling procurement lies in his expediting power, expediting is usually under the general direction of the project controller rather than the purchasing agent
    2015-02-26 09:02:50

  • Steady Mkumbwa Malawi Its good to programme works properly to avoid unnecessary delays
    2015-02-25 10:02:01

  • Robert maness United States of America The project, in some cases is not movable. When you a have schedule, to keep. You must alter your timeline.
    2015-02-21 14:02:07

  • LEEANNA NEUMEYER United States of America Project scheduling is vital.
    2015-02-18 18:02:13

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom It is essential for project manager keeps tag of every activity that it is in progress and monitor every step of the way ensuring that everything is going according to plan. Also to be ready to be prepared to alternate activities around just incase things are not well due to uncertain circumstances and use other resourses in place to be able to get the job done within the estimated time planned from the beggining as well as to have some slack time as a result of any delays that might occur.
    2015-02-16 12:02:15

  • Adegbolaganiu adeola Nigeria The start up of the project should be mornitored for slack time and production and corrected immidiatly if any flaws so,there should be excuse for time lost
    2015-02-12 12:02:33

  • Abolghassem Rahimi Iran External factors are always slowing down. A time allowance must be foreseen for the unexpected.
    2015-02-09 14:02:58

  • David Ganesh United States of America The start up of the project should be monitored for slack time and production and corrected immediately if any flaws, so there should be no excuse for time lost.
    2015-02-05 22:02:00

  • Shoon Aung Myanmar Do we need to refer to more experienced person in for accurate assessment?
    2015-02-03 07:02:43

    • funsho olaifa Nigeria Yes it is very necessary
      2015-02-26 10:02:02
  • Shoon Aung Myanmar It points out the importance of assessment on each and every step of project development for saving cost and time.
    2015-02-03 07:02:52

  • Eze Nwauzo Nigeria better to spend more and cover up time than to have a time lag which is more costly
    2015-02-02 20:02:41

  • Semab Altaf United Kingdom project schedule is important it save time money and give honour and confidence to employee.
    2015-01-30 13:01:57

  • amin khalil Sudan To assessed project must be knew effective of Scheduling and Expediting
    2015-01-29 06:01:50

  • Srikant Parasar India project schedule is important it save time money and give honour and confidence to employee.
    2015-01-26 11:01:00

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia why schedule important?
    2015-01-25 14:01:47

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia project schedule is very important
    2015-01-25 14:01:37

  • Ayodele Tiamiyu Nigeria After the critical path and the slack time in other activities have been identified, it may be possible to expedite (hasten) or crash the schedule
    2015-01-16 08:01:44

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