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Comments about Project management toolset - Scheduling and expediting

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- Module: Project management toolset
- Topic: Scheduling and expediting
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Latest Comments

  • amin khalil Sudan To assessed project must be knew effective of Scheduling and Expediting
    2015-01-29 06:01:50

  • Srikant Parasar India project schedule is important it save time money and give honour and confidence to employee.
    2015-01-26 11:01:00

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia why schedule important?
    2015-01-25 14:01:47

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia project schedule is very important
    2015-01-25 14:01:37

  • Ayodele Tiamiyu Nigeria After the critical path and the slack time in other activities have been identified, it may be possible to expedite (hasten) or crash the schedule
    2015-01-16 08:01:44

  • Peter Palika Malawi Scheduling and Expediting helps to assess each project activity step and to bring back a project within the time constraints if there are some delays.
    2015-01-15 12:01:04

  • Ernest Ebie Nigeria This class is getting more intresting
    2015-01-15 10:01:20

  • olukan olusola Nigeria What of if there is delay in monetary aspect what is the next step to be taken?
    2015-01-13 15:01:44

  • Dhanvir Nannen South Africa Elements in scheduling and expediting include, supplier documentation, milestone schedule maintance, rescource allocation and avilability, data collection and analysis and concise reporting and recommendation.
    2015-01-10 18:01:14

    • Kudakwashe Nyawasha South Africa where did you get this information?I would want to access it
      2015-01-19 14:01:18
    • olukan olusola Nigeria Great
      2015-01-13 15:01:06
  • Seye Abiodun United Kingdom Scheduling and expediting requires time and money to be traded off, project managers need to realize that it recourse to extra resource which must be paid from the budget.
    2015-01-10 09:01:13

    • olukan olusola Nigeria Agree
      2015-01-13 15:01:43
  • luthando siyeni United Kingdom Its very important to access the progress on each step of the project
    2015-01-09 09:01:17

  • Thimothi Satheesh Gondi India Learned about scheduling and expediting
    2015-01-08 14:01:13

  • Faitha Karim Tanzania the toolset their real applicable when want to perfom the project at specific period of time..through using pert diagram
    2015-01-07 08:01:41

  • Ray Haskins United States of America It some what breaks down the pros & cons of order & execution...
    2015-01-05 22:01:14

  • Bonolo Tlale Botswana Before stating a project you should have enough resources, material, money and work force to avoid any delays.
    2014-12-30 10:12:07

  • Emmanuel Ekanem Nigeria Who does the scheduling?
    2014-12-30 10:12:09

  • Emmanuel Ekanem Nigeria This is more or check and balances,making up for any slack in any activity so as not to affect completion time of the project.
    2014-12-30 09:12:50

  • Afaf Atta Ibraheem Egypt by this step we can reduce time of tasks if money or resources are available
    2014-12-25 11:12:53

  • Fahad Mahmood Sheikh Pakistan Before start spending on the project you should have enough resources that could not create any hurdle during the project and should also helpful in reducing the time frame.
    2014-12-21 20:12:25

  • Kwamena Phandoh Ghana There must be an extra cost of production
    2014-12-20 09:12:59

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