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Comments about Project management toolset - Estimating activity time

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- Module: Project management toolset
- Topic: Estimating activity time
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Latest Comments

  • Lange Divine Tumasang Cameroon When estimating the duration of the project, consider each task separately, the people doing the task, normal working times and, above all, be realistic, can be very helpful.
    2015-04-01 10:04:11

  • Michael Nwasiwe Nigeria How should the project manager factor in delays due to nature that could show up during the course of project execution
    2015-03-20 18:03:04

    • Ve Yardon United States of America A good planning ,factoring in possible obstructions and 'what if' could reduce such delays.
      2015-03-24 15:03:24
  • Chiemela Ali Nigeria Accurate initial time estimate according to research is one of the critical factors to project success. Care must be taken to ensure that estimate is as realistic as possible given consideration to all project factors including risk and uncertainty. Time estimate could fall into two broad groups of: (a) Deterministic time estimate and (b) Probabilistic time estimate
    2015-03-19 10:03:10

    • Michael Nwasiwe Nigeria i agree with you Chiemela
      2015-03-20 18:03:12
  • Adam Muhammad Usman Namibia Time management in project is tied down to cost, when time is efficiently managed and the project is completed on schedule it saves the organization some valuable monetary value. when wrong time duration is made which prolonged the project, unnecessary cost will be incurred which will affect budgeted cost, thereby resulting to a lost to the company.
    2015-03-18 15:03:00

  • Emmy Nxayeka South Africa I think when you are planning the activity schedule you must consult with the project team that are responsible for activities in order to get the duration that the activity will take to be completed
    2015-03-18 09:03:24

  • Isabelle Ludovicy United Kingdom Time management is essential in accomplishing project. It's important to always estimate the shortest and longest possible time required for each activities.
    2015-03-17 17:03:52

  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone Time management is important in achieving project activities
    2015-03-16 10:03:10

  • Chinthaka Atapattu Oman This is the stage where we need the lessons learnt from previous projects. That knowledge base is very important at this stage to create a realistic time frame for each activity
    2015-03-16 08:03:01

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan How can analysis the the problem within this periods ?
    2015-03-15 12:03:06

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan project manager used holistically result ,and the data to estimate (the duration of project (evaluate amide&end of project .
    2015-03-15 12:03:28

  • Odongo Moses Uganda When estimating the duration of the project, consider each task separately, the people doing the task, normal working times and, above all, be realistic. Project Managers may be able to use historical data or experience to estimate duration.
    2015-03-13 16:03:10

  • Oyetope Oyewunmi Nigeria This course has shown me to play importance on the definition of a task and time to complete it.These are important factors in a project. Past data of a similar or same project can be used to influence decisions on a project irrespective of the change of personnel or environment.
    2015-03-10 12:03:30

  • Brian Kuhuni Nigeria Experience is the best teacher, historical data is very important in giving out estimated time frame to complete a task.
    2015-03-09 15:03:50

  • James Appiah Ghana Can the client influence activity time during the execution phase of a project?
    2015-03-09 10:03:00

  • keith chilufya Zambia using historical data in order come up with a completion time frame is vital as well as useful. More importantly, each project must be considered on its own merits, hence a bit more thought has to go into coming up with a realistic time frame.
    2015-03-09 09:03:19

  • Marcia Dolloway Trinidad and Tobago Time management is beneficial for both client and organization.
    2015-03-08 04:03:35

  • Mohamed Muse Osman Somalia Time is important for a project. Being realistic about it is essential. how can doing estimation and project management stay
    2015-03-08 03:03:46

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa What must be done to estimate the duration of the project?
    2015-03-07 17:03:37

    • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Consider each task separately, the people doing the task, the normal working times, and be realistic.
      2015-03-07 18:03:50
  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Time bound is very important.
    2015-03-07 17:03:27

  • Leah Chimimba Zambia Timeframe is key in any project.
    2015-03-06 14:03:57

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