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Comments about Project management toolset - Estimating activity time

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- Module: Project management toolset
- Topic: Estimating activity time

Latest Comments

  • MOHAMMED MEDDY DAMBA Uganda You can only hit the target by being realistic
    2014-12-18 09:12:00

  • LIN HTET Myanmar Time Management
    2014-12-18 05:12:04

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria There is absolute need to be realistic when estimating the duration of Project.
    2014-12-16 21:12:04

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon Good timing may be a function of a good mastery of the context and enviroment within which the project is to take place. These at times may pose very serious challanges.
    2014-12-13 09:12:20

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria Time management is very good. In any project work
    2014-12-07 11:12:40

  • Alouis Muguti Zimbabwe What are the names of the procedures we can use in estimating activity time.
    2014-12-05 12:12:39

  • Virtuous Igbodika Nigeria I believe this activity should be taken out in isolation, broken down in trying to estimate the timings,, then put it back together again to know the total timing needed. cool.
    2014-12-05 10:12:08

    • Alouis Muguti Zimbabwe There is the analogous esyimation and the parametric estimation...
      2014-12-05 20:12:21
  • Samson Tolu Nigeria With the experience of the project manager ,duration of the project can be easily estimated
    2014-12-01 14:12:09

  • Nathan Main United Kingdom Would a construction project manager be expected to be competent and have at their disposal all the software required for creating GANTT charts and PERT diagrams?
    2014-11-26 17:11:14

  • Nathan Main United Kingdom Probably always better to slightly over-estimate the time it takes to complete a certain task....something always pops up to cause a delay.
    2014-11-26 17:11:16

  • Eric Simbandumwe Rwanda time management is richness sign
    2014-11-26 11:11:23

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia How does the beginner project manager access historical date of the project ?
    2014-11-24 13:11:12

    • Norman Bonde United Arab Emirates By analyzing available project data using the various project management tools,e.g GANTT , PERT e.t.c to estimate the completion date.
      2014-11-26 12:11:14
  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia what does historical date on project management ?
    2014-11-24 13:11:53

    • Norman Bonde United Arab Emirates Its an estimation of time taken to complete the project based on the project manager in charge experience in similar projects or project data analysis knowledge.
      2014-11-26 12:11:42
  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia To estimate project duration of project , the project manager should consider each task separably since it help The project manager to manage the time properly ,the people doing task, normal working time ,this is very important for a project manager to identity normal working hours. above all the the estimation of project activities should be realistic
    2014-11-24 12:11:47

  • shady Maher Saudi Arabia what is the benefit of Estimating Time for project ?
    2014-11-18 19:11:27

    • Norman Bonde United Arab Emirates One of the benefits is budget and cost reduction from wage bills due to man hours saved.
      2014-11-26 12:11:04
  • jabulani biyeni Botswana the project manager must be stay focused on the time frame a
    2014-11-17 23:11:58

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya the duration of the project, consider each task separately, the people doing the task, normal working times and, above all, be realistic.
    2014-11-16 06:11:09

  • Md Shohel Mahmud Bangladesh Previous data could be a help but it is very crucial to think each task separately and in a practical way.
    2014-11-15 12:11:32

  • Sánjìv Shakya Nepal A project must be divided multiple assignment as per the requirement and as per the available manpower. Each assignment should estimate a certain time duration as per past records.
    2014-11-14 11:11:40

  • Franklin King Liberia A project manager must always be cautious about project time frame considering the PERT which provides clear picture about the task to be implemented and the timing
    2014-11-12 17:11:14

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