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Comments about Project management toolset - PERT diagrams (network diagrams)

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- Module: Project management toolset
- Topic: PERT diagrams (network diagrams)
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Latest Comments

  • Lange Divine Tumasang Cameroon I think i prefer the PERT to GANTT because it is better in identifying relationships between tasks
    2015-04-01 09:04:13

  • Maria Rosario Acuña-Hilton United States of America It looks like this PERT chart can help more to identify the activities and the time frame. At first it reminded me about excel and medical coding, but taking a closer look, I could identify both.
    2015-03-27 00:03:23

  • bimbo tunde Nigeria Are pert diagrams like a software too like Gantt charts?
    2015-03-25 10:03:20

  • bimbo tunde Nigeria The pert indicates the critical path and the floats can be identified here.
    2015-03-25 10:03:28

  • Saheed Ashimi Nigeria I think i prefer the PERT to GANTT because it is better in identifying relationships between tasks
    2015-03-24 10:03:47

  • Michael Nwasiwe Nigeria Activities in most projects are dependent on one another, thats where the PERT diagram comes in handy, helps the project manager plan out how to execute activities based on the start and finish time of other dependent activities.
    2015-03-20 18:03:26

  • Chiemela Ali Nigeria What is the difference between slack and float?
    2015-03-19 10:03:28

  • Adam Muhammad Usman Namibia how convenient is the critical path in scheduling activities for NGOs? I prefer the GANTT to this path. because it actually occupies more space.
    2015-03-18 15:03:45

  • Emmy Nxayeka South Africa PERT Diagram is really helpful in scheduling the sequence of activities and identifying critical paths
    2015-03-18 08:03:09

  • Moses Sonjoy Sierra Leone It is important in carrying out specific event at a given time. and most importantly gives you slack time in between, to figure out were to concentrate your effort in working up to time.
    2015-03-17 14:03:51

  • Chinthaka Atapattu Oman PERT diagram is very important in identifying the critical path which will affect the time duration for the project
    2015-03-16 08:03:05

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan i think pert will make the relationship between activities &project frame to support the tracking of implementation.
    2015-03-15 12:03:45

  • Odongo Moses Uganda PERT Diagrams (network diagrams) PERT diagrams or critical path networks use a graphical form to show relationships between activities and time frames. They differ from GANTT charts in that they are better at identifying the relationship between tasks rather than the progress of tasks over time. Key elements in developing a PERT diagram: Activities - list of activities in the project and their dependencies Nodes/Events - indicating the beginning or end of an activity Network lines show the interdependence of events Indication of the critical path - the sequence of dependent events that have the sum of longest duration Indication of slack time - events not on the critical path usually have slack time, extra time for that event that does not effect the timing of other events thus not effecting the project time. That means that can fall behind schedule and there is no impact on the project completion date.
    2015-03-13 15:03:19

  • Jose Ekonomo United States of America I thought my years of experience in the construction field would be sufficient but I can see the benefit in these tools. I was pretty much creating my own similar versions of these systems but now I can just apply these I've learned here.
    2015-03-13 02:03:51

  • Brian Kuhuni Nigeria In short i can say Gantt shows progress while PERT is relationship based. I shows the relationship between activities better with activities related interconnected.
    2015-03-09 15:03:26

  • keith chilufya Zambia tools are unique and useful.
    2015-03-09 09:03:53

  • Marcia Dolloway Trinidad and Tobago It is comforting to have guidelines to follow while pursuing the job.
    2015-03-08 04:03:22

  • Daniel Brand South Africa Considering Force major's and inclement weather periods for site/job specific
    2015-03-05 07:03:48

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone Both charts(GANTT & PERT) explore grate role o in helping to monitor every activity that is set out for task completion.
    2015-03-01 14:03:52

  • Sphamandla Ngubane South Africa I didnt know about more tools to use to represent project data , after the session i learnt somethin. Thank you
    2015-02-28 14:02:11

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