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Comments about Project management toolset - Project Management Tools

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Latest Comments

  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom Good tool for being organised and planning ahead.
    2014-10-22 23:10:03

  • Edghissi Mohammed Morocco WELL VERY CLEAR
    2014-10-20 10:10:24

  • Ralph Webster South Africa Is the GANTT Chart a software driven report?
    2014-10-19 05:10:17

  • Ralph Webster South Africa The Work Breakdown Structure and sequencing should precede this analysis and scheduling? it is graphical information on the time lines of key dependencies.
    2014-10-19 05:10:46

  • Sunday Sayepe Nigeria Is GANTT chart applicable in types of projects?
    2014-10-15 12:10:35

    • Ralph Webster South Africa Yes . All projects can have a GANTT Chart as it shows the key or critical path or route on the project.
      2014-10-19 05:10:12
  • Yohannis Zewdu Ethiopia IT IS WELL
    2014-10-09 08:10:50

  • Joshua Tawiah Ghana Which project management tool is the most effective?
    2014-10-02 19:10:30

    • Amadeu Alexandre Angola Hi Joshua unfortunately we don't have support in this training i am also studying and i would like to see my questions answered, but according to your particular question MS Project is the most used tool in many companies.
      2014-10-07 08:10:30
  • Luccie Obekpa Nigeria How is a GNATT chart represented?
    2014-09-29 20:09:24

  • Segedin Dragan United Arab Emirates Is possible to have budget figures and risks inside of Gant chart? (and how)
    2014-09-28 06:09:18

  • Davy Armel ASSEKO MENGOMO Gabon what does GANTT stands for?
    2014-09-27 08:09:35

  • Aung Kyaw Minn Myanmar Can we put the revision number in the GANTT Chart ?
    2014-09-20 02:09:24

  • Margaret Waitherero Kenya Since I know what I want to do and what I want to achieve in a project, is it a must that I use these tools?
    2014-09-18 09:09:49

  • salem Abdulla Yemen GANTT abbreviation of what?
    2014-09-17 10:09:04

    • Clive Magwaniza South Africa GANTT is a name of the person who invented the procedure... I think so
      2014-09-28 20:09:38
    • Ntah Jerome Mekwai Cameroon A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart, developed by Henry Gantt in the 1910s, that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Terminal elements and summary elements comprise the work breakdown structure of the project.
      2014-09-25 09:09:17
  • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire can we say that a well built GANTT CHARTS will produce a well completed project ?
    2014-09-11 13:09:43

    • Moses Njiwawo Other In principal yes but practically NO
      2014-09-15 07:09:45
    • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire yes; as GANTT CHARTS plays a very important role of controlling and regulating many indicates the start and finish dates; and shows the best way to complete the project in the shortest time.
      2014-09-11 14:09:21
  • Robert Robert Nigeria Before the creation of the GANTT chart method in the 1990's, which methods were in place in managing projects
    2014-09-11 09:09:39

  • Robert Robert Nigeria what is the negative aspect of feasibility study on a project, if there is any?
    2014-09-11 08:09:32

  • Faith Edamkue Nigeria how would you determine that production build is on the critical path especially since other two phases are equally indicated in red?
    2014-09-10 14:09:00

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America What if some processes my overlap or completed simultaneously, does the GANTT chart capture the overlapping?
    2014-09-08 20:09:55

  • Signor Ndubueze Chukwuemeka Kanu Nigeria what are the components of GANTT?
    2014-09-08 01:09:30

    • Ntah Jerome Mekwai Cameroon he GANTT chart displays the following objects as a graphical representation on the Fulfillment Order Management UI: • Plan Summary Task • Plan Item Summary Task • Milestones • Sections • Typical duration constraint for the section • Maximum Duration constraint for the section • Forecast the Plan in execution (Prediction) • Show Critical path • Time dependencies and point dependencies • Different Regions in which a Plan can be – Typical Duration, Risk Threshold, Maximum Duration, Contingency Buffer, Out-Of-Specification region • Show Jeopardy conditions • You can view the GANTT chart in different time scale levels (zoom levels), starting from weeks till the milliseconds level
      2014-09-25 09:09:31
  • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon how can we find the software on the Gantt chart?
    2014-09-07 23:09:59

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