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Questions & Answers about Project management toolset - Project Management Tools

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Latest Questions

  • Aung Kyaw Minn Myanmar Can we put the revision number in the GANTT Chart ?
    2014-09-20 03:09:24

  • Margaret Waitherero Kenya Since I know what I want to do and what I want to achieve in a project, is it a must that I use these tools?
    2014-09-18 10:09:49

  • salem Abdulla Yemen GANTT abbreviation of what?
    2014-09-17 11:09:04

  • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire can we say that a well built GANTT CHARTS will produce a well completed project ?
    2014-09-11 14:09:43

    • Moses Njiwawo Other In principal yes but practically NO
      2014-09-15 08:09:45
    • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire yes; as GANTT CHARTS plays a very important role of controlling and regulating many indicates the start and finish dates; and shows the best way to complete the project in the shortest time.
      2014-09-11 15:09:21
  • Robert Robert Nigeria Before the creation of the GANTT chart method in the 1990's, which methods were in place in managing projects
    2014-09-11 10:09:39

  • Robert Robert Nigeria what is the negative aspect of feasibility study on a project, if there is any?
    2014-09-11 09:09:32

  • Faith Edamkue Nigeria how would you determine that production build is on the critical path especially since other two phases are equally indicated in red?
    2014-09-10 15:09:00

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America What if some processes my overlap or completed simultaneously, does the GANTT chart capture the overlapping?
    2014-09-08 21:09:55

  • Signor Ndubueze Chukwuemeka Kanu Nigeria what are the components of GANTT?
    2014-09-08 02:09:30

  • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon how can we find the software on the Gantt chart?
    2014-09-08 00:09:59

  • Alonso Da Costa Sebastiao Namibia The notes state that a GANNT chart does not indicate critical path, but the image seems too indicate it and so does the summary on the information contained in the image. Could this be an error or am I missing something?
    2014-09-03 04:09:19

  • Fikru Tamene Ethiopia what type of tool is best to control or measure projects?
    2014-08-28 12:08:02

  • Omar Abdikarim Switzerland How does a GANTT chart differ from a PERT diagram?
    2014-08-21 20:08:03

    • George Fragos Greece One of the key differences between a PERT chart and a Gantt chart is the way the information is presented. Gantt charts present information in the format of a bar chart. This presentation helps show the percentage of work completed for each task. PERT, on the other hand, displays information as a network model. This means that a PERT chart presents an initial node from which tasks branch out. This helps project managers visualize the sequence of tasks, as you cannot start on the next activity until the one preceding it is completed.
      2014-08-30 15:08:47
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan GANTT is used from the beginning oof project while PERT is almost of the end of the project.
      2014-08-24 12:08:35
  • Lukong Terence Cameroon does a successfull project execution mean that a Gantt chart was well respected ????
    2014-08-21 11:08:13

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Exactly.
      2014-08-24 12:08:56
  • Rachel Broad De Garcia Chile What are the weaknesses of Gantt charts, thinking about the problems with the critical path? Are there any cases where projects have seriously failed due to only using Gantt and not using Critical path?
    2014-08-14 17:08:34

  • Saw Minyau Germany Are there any typical particulars in GANTT chart?
    2014-08-14 10:08:00

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Yes it shows the shortest way on how the project can be implemented.
      2014-08-24 12:08:25
  • Je Rouse United Kingdom Do you put the budget onto the chart
    2014-08-07 15:08:42

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan The budget can be on it own spreadshet in excel, it can also be put on chart for presentation.
      2014-08-24 12:08:41
  • WAYNE MUNSON United Kingdom Does the GANTT update automatically or does the PM have to manually make changes.
    2014-08-03 09:08:14

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan The PM has to make changed manually in most cases.
      2014-08-24 12:08:31
  • Janvier Nyandamu Rwanda how gantt chart is construcetd for two activities which happen in the same time?
    2014-07-22 17:07:29

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan The two activities are put in the same row and column in the chart.
      2014-08-24 12:08:31
  • Faith Edamkue Nigeria k
    2014-07-22 14:07:30

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