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Latest Comments

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone Should in case the stipulated time for a completion of a task over due and the task isn't completed due to an unavoidable circumstance, what remedial mechanism should be put in place?
    2015-03-01 14:03:41

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone GHANTT chart is a key instrument in achieving project objectives because its an instrument that set task against time which will ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
    2015-03-01 14:03:57

  • johannes moaludi South Africa It is informal !very good
    2015-02-28 23:02:36

  • Chanel Wick United States of America I like using the gantt chart to map out my projects before they start so I know who and when I need to contact people. Very helpful!
    2015-02-28 17:02:16

  • Samuel Egwuatu Nigeria GANTT chat method is good in planning level because It contains all activities and milestones.
    2015-02-26 14:02:29

  • Nkiya Benedict Tanzania The GANTT chart is the best
    2015-02-26 08:02:51

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria gantt chart tool is better because it shows you whether your work is on, ahead of , or behind schedule and it also helps you to think through all the tasks involved in your project . it also helps you out with practical aspects of the project, such as the minimum time it will take to deliver.
    2015-02-25 15:02:54

  • Nandudu Unice Uganda this is the most important tool of the project
    2015-02-20 08:02:10

  • Jose Miguel Ripeu Sepa Equatorial Guinea GANTT chart clearly indicates the up and down of any project management in an organization. Because through its horizontal movement you will see if the time being put through manpowre delivery, the cost of that time will show you through your calendar scale when the phase of the project will end or continue.
    2015-02-19 09:02:26

  • LEEANNA NEUMEYER United States of America Great tool for project preparation.
    2015-02-16 18:02:25

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom The GANTT chart is the main toolset in which the management set out to use in the events of preperation in the process of starting and completing the project. it contains all the planned activities towards the commencing of the project to the end including dates, , production purchase, time scale etc.
    2015-02-16 12:02:00

    • Peter Cummins Australia I agree with you. I find GANTT charts much more useful, and much easier to use, than any other PM tools.
      2015-02-17 01:02:29
  • Adegbolaganiu adeola Nigeria This is essential tools use to mornitor the progress of the project by entry data on it daily basiss.
    2015-02-12 11:02:11

  • Omer Abd Ellatif imam Sudan It's perfect tool best result
    2015-02-09 21:02:00

  • Hamisu Isah Suleiman. Nigeria Gantt chart indicates activities and time scheduled to pursure such tasks for succesfull project implimentation.
    2015-02-09 01:02:18

  • Hamisu Isah Suleiman. Nigeria Gantt chart indicates activities and time scheduled to pursure such tasks for succesfull project implimentation.
    2015-02-09 01:02:17

  • David Ganesh United States of America This is a good tool for assessing the progress of the project, only down side is information must be entered regularly and on a daily basis.
    2015-02-05 22:02:47

  • Rashid Ali Pakistan For production results this is the best tool
    2015-02-02 06:02:36

  • Rashid Ali Pakistan Can we have other options like Gantt chart, for indications?
    2015-02-02 06:02:46

    2015-01-30 13:01:07

    2015-01-29 09:01:53

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