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  • Maria Rosario Acuña-Hilton United States of America The GANTT chart it is a way of controlling the beginning of a project and the finish of the task. This chart in my opinion help us to monitor any project in progress.
    2015-03-26 23:03:50

  • bimbo tunde Nigeria The Gantt chart will indicate when things are delaying.
    2015-03-25 10:03:01

  • ELIZABETH OBADIAH Nigeria The Gantt chart takes the form of a horizontal shape displaying all necessary informations to be carried out in the project.
    2015-03-25 08:03:47

  • Iboro Umoikut Nigeria The GANTT chart can be used as a compass to achieving the work plan within the stipulated time.
    2015-03-20 08:03:58

  • Michael Nwasiwe Nigeria the GANTT chat gives the project manager the entire project plan at a glance
    2015-03-19 20:03:14

  • Chiemela Ali Nigeria The GANTT chart is quite a great tool with alot of advantages but it has a number of limitations too.
    2015-03-19 10:03:39

  • Adam Muhammad Usman Namibia the GANTT chart is closely related to the work plan except that the work plan has additional columns for budgets and responsible persons for the activity
    2015-03-18 14:03:05

  • Moses Sonjoy Sierra Leone In implementing a project, is it a matter of must that one use all management tool set for a particular project, or they varies depending on the nature of the project?
    2015-03-17 13:03:06

  • Moses Sonjoy Sierra Leone These tool set are very essential in successful project implementation.
    2015-03-17 13:03:34

  • Chinthaka Atapattu Oman GANTT chart is the most commonly used planning tool in construction projects. Also we can see the allocated resources for each activity using these charts
    2015-03-16 08:03:31

  • Mabrat Abdulai Sierra Leone Gantt charts is an important tool for project
    2015-03-16 08:03:51

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan how can i differentiate between the gain and the steps ?
    2015-03-15 12:03:25

  • Alrafie Abdalla Sudan A project plan rely on the planning phase. It involving all activities and monitoring schedules . These events are placed in comfortable time to understand the objectives .
    2015-03-15 12:03:14

  • Odongo Moses Uganda Project Managment Tools This resource covers the tools used by a Project Manager beginning with 'GANTT' charts. GANTT charts A project plan is often constructed within the planning phase. It contains all activities and milestones. These events are placed in a particular time sequence, ultimately producing something similar to a horizontal bar chart. A GANTT chart displays tasks and costs along a horizontal time scale, much like a calendar. The time for each task is recorded, by indicating the start and finish dates. It should show the best possible way to complete the project in the shortest time. Activities can be done in parallel or sequentially, and the GANTT chart shows this clearly. Even though it lists tasks, it does not show the critical path as there is no indication of the relationship between tasks. From this GANTT chart you can find out the following, Activity 3.0.2 Production Build: Has a duration of 10 days Must be done after Order Production Materials and Final Code Release Must be done before Ship Product Is expected to start 6/8/99 (mm/dd/yy) Is expected to finish 6/21/99 (mm/dd/yy) Is on the critical path (indicated in red)
    2015-03-13 15:03:28

  • Emmanuel Salifu Nigeria What is the difference between a GANTT chart and a work plan?
    2015-03-11 10:03:40

  • Brian Kuhuni Nigeria And its also a good form of presentation
    2015-03-09 15:03:54

  • keith chilufya Zambia GANTT chart help to arrange process systematically and orderly. Makes the process of Monitoring & evaluation easier to manage.
    2015-03-09 09:03:05

  • Marcia Dolloway Trinidad and Tobago The GANTT chart is detailed and precise to follow, which displays thorough expectations.
    2015-03-08 04:03:08

  • Daniel Brand South Africa Important to keep in mind the industry standards and Norms in the planing phase for specific tasks
    2015-03-05 07:03:26

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa Give one example of Project Management tools?
    2015-03-04 19:03:17

    • Monilade Adewuyi Nigeria GANTT charts
      2015-03-05 05:03:25
    • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa GANTT charts.
      2015-03-04 19:03:03
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