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Comments about Information Technology case study - Project management case study

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- Module: Information Technology case study
- Topic: Project management case study

Latest Comments

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria Good and reasonable indeed
    2014-12-19 19:12:43

  • ESSOTOLOME BODJO China If you would like to view suggested answers to some of the questions posed in this animation,
    2014-12-13 17:12:42

    • John-ogboin Emualosi Nigeria Please i am interested.
      2014-12-16 09:12:44
  • Tamilselvi S India For any domain of project information technology is very essential, the person one who customize the software program should study the complete cycle of the process and get to know the various points of checks, alert, and access levels. where GANTT is very useful and interact with the different role of personnel and get to know the matter and create a program where interface between the program of operation and the output. IT helps not only time, man power but also with out manipulating any data
    2014-12-06 07:12:28

  • Yonas Hailu Ethiopia Based on many communication research report and rank, effective communications to stakeholders as the most crucial success factor in project management.
    2014-12-05 09:12:32

  • lordford Oteng-Bonsu Ghana wow!!! awesome case study.....have really learnt a lot from the case study
    2014-11-30 18:11:49

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya communication is vital for a successful project
    2014-11-19 12:11:00

  • Epola Huguette Congo - A good team - A good distribution of tasks - Good communication - A timetable
    2014-11-14 11:11:03

  • Janvier Nyandamu Rwanda Good, the project manager should adapt, focus, understand the theory, be creative and revise.
    2014-11-12 17:11:03

  • Antonio Mendoza Qatar Project manager who is good in communicating, proactive and consider the inputs from different individual will have much success in his field.
    2014-11-09 13:11:43

  • Amir Razmi Iran communication, communication and communication
    2014-11-07 10:11:16

  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom So many qualities that make a great project manager however the following really are a key for me Being organised, excellent communication skills, good team player! able to lead or manage a team etc
    2014-11-05 02:11:21

  • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana The skills required to manage the online music festival might include: • time management skills • resource management skills • excellent written and oral communication skills • excellent negotiation skills • financial management skills • team management skills • client and customer liaison skills • reporting and presentation skills • problem identification and solving skills • planning skills • computer and technical skills Real life examples you might use to reinforce your project management skills: The ability to meet a stated objective: • Handing in an assignment on time • Decorating a hall according to a client’s/friend’s requirements The ability to effectively manage time, people and resources: • Managing a school concert • Organising a fund raising event The ability to work within set time frames: • Coordinating an office Christmas party • Organising a school year book The ability to create succinct purposes and aims for projects: • Outlining the purpose and goal of a website designed to promote your company • The brainstorming process used when completing a group project or assignment The ability to cost out a project in order to complete it in set time frames: • Working within budget to complete the school’s annual yearly musical production • Working within a given budget to design the school’s intranet The ability to meet organisational objectives: • Meeting the school’s requirements for the production of their intranet system • When organising the school’s annual musical production gathering, using and evaluating feedback from students about their needs and wants The ability to identify essential tasks that must be completed: • Using a discussion team to brainstorm the activities involved in organising a sporting day • In the countdown to the publishing of the school newsletter the creation of daily meetings to identify and prioritise work The ability to use a number of project management tools such as CPM, GANTT charts and PERT diagrams • choose any project where you used such tools and expand on how they helped you organise your workload and resources
    2014-10-26 13:10:53

    • Antonio Mendoza Qatar Project Manager who realy plan, organize and value the risk and control prior implementing any project will have a higher percentage of success.
      2014-11-09 13:11:36
  • Ralph Webster South Africa Bossperson, CEO of Musicale Musak, has convinced the board of her need for a Project Manager. She has placed an advertisement in The Sage newspaper. If you would like to view suggested answers to some of the questions posed in this animation,
    2014-10-20 08:10:06

  • George Fragos Greece management,communication,technical skills.
    2014-10-08 07:10:05

    • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana yea
      2014-10-26 13:10:19
  • Philip Tersor Akoso Nigeria is there a particular software used for project management
    2014-09-23 09:09:01

    • Stephen Chima Nigeria yes there is , is called Primavera 3 and Primavera 6, it does almost every thing u want to track on project management.
      2014-11-04 08:11:34
    • REAGAN IKIE Zaire You can use Microsoft Project
      2014-10-03 07:10:56
  • Shewangizaw Zenebe Ethiopia What are the qualities that the best project manager deserve? Like resisting hardship, able to work with minimum supervision, result oriented, the one who have the influencing, skill, ready to transfer knowledge , trustworthy behavior and never frustrate.
    2014-09-18 13:09:23

  • Percy Mwale Zambia Can proper PM be done in the absence of IT?
    2014-09-11 14:09:22

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America What would you do in the interview. Would you have examples charts you may have completed while in school? or would you go to the interview empty handed?
    2014-09-08 22:09:36

  • Jacqualine K Mwale Botswana What is the relationship between Infomration Technology & Project Management ?
    2014-07-28 07:07:57

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan The relationship between the two is that they involving the management of correct and accurate information.
      2014-08-26 19:08:11
    • Philip Pam Nigeria i think I T is a component part of project management
      2014-08-25 21:08:48
    • AMAL RAJEENTH RAJA Qatar Both require a time frame, resources of material and man power & costing factors to meet the requirement of client effectively & successfully.
      2014-08-10 09:08:00
  • Jacqualine K Mwale Botswana Could anyone explain time management skill with examples?
    2014-07-28 07:07:07

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Adapt, Focus, understanding new changes.
      2014-08-26 19:08:14
    • Lana Lawrence Saint Lucia As Mr. Amal mentioned, The Gannt chart is one of the techniques used to manage time. For instance if you have several tasks that need to be done to complete a medium -scale project, you would need to know which tasks can be conducted in parallel or sequentially to ensure that the overall completion of the project is not hampered. Of course with assessing associated or imposed constraints and injecting resources to expedite is also very useful
      2014-08-25 20:08:58
    • AMAL RAJEENTH RAJA Qatar draw outline of foresee issues in advance and have a prepared GANNT chart will manage the time effeciently.
      2014-08-10 09:08:54
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