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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology revision

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Latest Comments

  • Olivia Via Indonesia Project managemen methodology are 4 phase: Phase 1: Investigation Phase2 : planning and design Phase 3 : methodology Phase4 : evaluation and monitoring
    2014-10-29 11:10:08

  • Eskalehu Abeje wubu Ethiopia Project closing is an important part of project management, sometimes overlooked. A project that is not closed will continue to consume resources. Closing a project means finishing all activities across all process groups, splitting up the project team, and signing off the project with the customer. At this point it is important to know how well the project has performed. This is done using the project closure report. It communicates how well the project has performed against its original business case, quality measures, cost, duration and tolerances. Rather than leave valuable project experiences locked in peoples heads, it's a good idea to complete and publish a lessons learned report. This is used to pass on valuable learning that can be applied to future projects.
    2014-10-28 11:10:02

  • MOHAMMED MEDDY DAMBA Uganda This session has polished my skills well
    2014-10-28 10:10:39

  • Ben Simon Tanzania There are added knowledge and skills that I have acquired through learning this session
    2014-10-25 09:10:31

  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom Great start, so far so good
    2014-10-22 23:10:01

  • Joy Ugochi Nigeria is encouraging me to learn more on project management, is very mush understanding
    2014-10-22 14:10:20

  • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana I am really enjoy this course and am already equiped
    2014-10-21 21:10:44

  • Asif Wisal Pakistan above method is best for teaching
    2014-10-21 18:10:33

  • Okosun Joy Nigeria Interesting and very excited that i am getting knowledge to be a project manager at the end of this course
    2014-10-21 12:10:53

  • Milcah Wanjiru Kenya Enjoying learning have more knowledge on management
    2014-10-18 05:10:22

    • Muhammad Asghar Pakistan yes i am Enjoying learning have more knowledge on management
      2014-10-20 20:10:32
  • Edghissi Mohammed Morocco a complet revision so good
    2014-10-17 15:10:21

  • Jerrod Lett Trinidad and Tobago thank you for the insight. Project completed
    2014-10-17 07:10:26

  • Usiere Essien Nigeria Love the Course and interested in furthering my career in it
    2014-10-15 14:10:23

  • Victoria Karachi Oruh Nigeria The questions has really helped me to understand all that has been said earlier. Thanks alot
    2014-10-15 11:10:28

  • Alam Khan Bangladesh Every topic is informative and seems to me enough for easy understanding. Great thanks to ALISON
    2014-10-14 14:10:33

  • Alam Khan Bangladesh In the planning and design section scope of work of the project persons should be delineated for desired output- would it be?
    2014-10-14 14:10:02

  • Fanele Sibanda United Kingdom The project management revision was so well structured acting as a summary to the ground that has been covered so far. Truely enjoying the course so far.
    2014-10-13 13:10:23

  • Priya Deshmukh Other This course is bit shortbut then too fullfilled all the aspects and needfulls of PM Methodology .All the phases are required and helpful in project planning and described properly.
    2014-10-13 05:10:18

  • james mwangi Kenya wow!! the course is excellent!
    2014-10-13 05:10:48

  • Shahzad Ahmad Pakistan How to prepare GANTT?
    2014-10-10 20:10:37

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