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Project management methodology revision

Questions & Answers about Project management methodology - Project management methodology revision

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Latest Questions

  • Ricardo Patino Puerto Rico Completed
    2014-04-16 09:04:17

  • Bernard Opiyo Kenya Assuming the the project require daily production and assessment like in floriculture production. How can one go through phases?
    2014-04-12 16:04:38

    • Adjokatcher Edem Ghana In such a project, u need to develop a systematic approach as a project manager to ensure your daily production. That's what you are being paid for
      2014-04-19 07:04:22
  • George Eryenyu Uganda Assuming the project doesn't undergo the 4 phases of project management methodology what risks is it bound to face in the future
    2014-04-10 10:04:18

    • Adjokatcher Edem Ghana Well it is possible to exceed budget or timeline and even not meet product quality
      2014-04-19 07:04:23
    • Joseph Roberto Nigeria If the project does not undergo the 4 phases of project methodology it is likely to undergo some serious risk in future.(1). You can not take up a contract without going through a proper investigation whether the location and the plans for the project and also the design will be suitable for the project, if there is no planning and design you will discover that the area of the business could be discovered not suitable for the project hence all the funds involves would be wasted in vain,also you must make sure there's proper evaluation and monitoring of the project and make sure quality materials are used in order to avoid future risks.
      2014-04-10 15:04:50
  • Sandra Manfredi United States of America Are there best practice forums or resources that project managers can consult for assistance if they foresee any issues in order to correct course?
    2014-04-09 22:04:25

    2014-04-06 18:04:21

    • Adjokatcher Edem Ghana Absolutely yes. Take road construction for instance heavy rainfall can definitely delay the job regardless of what methods you use
      2014-04-19 07:04:49
    • Emmanuel Eno Nigeria those are contingencies. yes.. but it is always important to plan and prepare for it.
      2014-04-17 15:04:29
    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea yes, they are a risk and must be allowed for during planning.
      2014-04-16 05:04:42
    • Joseph Roberto Nigeria When considering the timelines for a project one should always put into consideration that there may sometimes be natural distractions as such we should always put some extra time incase of any obstacles either from the community or the weather, in order words natural disaster can not really be considered as a factor that undermines a project timeline because in situation like this it can always be negotiated.
      2014-04-10 15:04:58
  • Kamara Sidi Abu Backerr Sierra Leone Really i want to commend those behind the seen that are actually providing the necessary information for us to learn in this kind of manner kudos to them i appreciate them God bless
    2014-04-04 20:04:39

  • Adewale Aliyu Nigeria In today's project management methodology, does the GANTT chart method still relevant and what edge does the critical path method has over the GANTT chart method?
    2014-03-31 14:03:14

    • Robert Ewere Nigeria CPM is. More precise in terms of time management but you cannot throw away GANTT Chat it still have it's functions which is useful in some occasions
      2014-04-06 16:04:19
    • Lana Lawrence Saint Lucia I think so - at least i used them before even being introduced to Project Management. I think the CPM is a tool for determining the possible shortest and longest time a particular task(s) can be completed without throwing off the project schedule
      2014-04-02 16:04:52
    • Winnie Koima Kenya Yes, I just realized that is what I use in my projects. I think one can also modify it to suit your need.
      2014-04-02 12:04:46
  • Lana Lawrence Saint Lucia Does a project brief include a snapshot of the project plan?
    2014-03-26 15:03:52

    • Christiana Tabuaa Ayim Ghana yes
      2014-03-29 21:03:36
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