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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology revision

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology revision
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Latest Comments

  • Musaazi Molly Uganda MORE SKILLS I HAVE ACQUIRED IN MANAGING MY PROJECTS by using those techniques
    2015-01-29 09:01:13

  • Vincent Onyemaibi Nigeria These topics are getting more interesting.
    2015-01-28 17:01:31

  • Kurukanya Jadalah South Sudan i have acquired knowledge about the project management methodology and compare how i had been managing my construction projects.... it's interesting at this stage and i believe it will be more interesting as we get deep to other topics.
    2015-01-28 13:01:32

  • amin khalil Sudan Understand project stages achieved help us to gain important skills and lead team work to success .
    2015-01-28 10:01:15

  • Stephen Ojwang Kenya Understanding effective project management techniques helps organizations carry out large-scale projects on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the rest of the business.
    2015-01-28 08:01:22

  • Mafoko Kemosietswe Botswana is it allowed to use projects study from other companies fora project similar to theirs
    2015-01-27 11:01:53

  • Mafoko Kemosietswe Botswana Project Manager oversees the whole project team and directs its towards ensuring that the project is carried out effectively and efficiently
    2015-01-27 11:01:03

  • Monota Simon Moela South Africa These phases of project management are very important for the success of the project.
    2015-01-27 10:01:59

  • Srikant Parasar India how can we revise project?
    2015-01-26 11:01:58

  • Srikant Parasar India we learned that PM is the managing of the projects and also we learned the phases of the project management .
    2015-01-26 11:01:54

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia how can we review it?
    2015-01-25 14:01:38

  • Elmi Ibrahim Mohamed Gafow Somalia we learned that PM is the managing of the projects and also we learned the phases of the project management
    2015-01-25 14:01:18

  • FAREED IBRAHIM IDDRISU Ghana Enjoyed this topic. this is a summary of all what project management is about
    2015-01-22 15:01:11

  • Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago essential in developing projects
    2015-01-21 13:01:31

    • Jean De Dieu Mfitiryayo Rwanda now, it seems we can run a project
      2015-01-21 16:01:01
  • Esosa Victor Obamedo Nigeria Project Managers concern themselves with how to get a particular job done. They organise people, equipment and procedures in an appropriate way to get a project completed in time and within budget.
    2015-01-18 21:01:03

  • Onyebuchi Poliycap Boniface Abazie Qatar Methodology is the stages a certified project manager need to know. its real take about plaining, recording and continuous improvement
    2015-01-15 14:01:50

  • Peter Palika Malawi This is the motherboard of projects
    2015-01-15 12:01:42

    • Ayodele Tiamiyu Nigeria Yes,i agree
      2015-01-16 08:01:31
  • Uzu Festus Stephen [[-]] After Going Through this course i discover that why some projects Failed in the past is because they Lack the Knowledge of project management methodology.
    2015-01-15 01:01:58

    • Jean De Dieu Mfitiryayo Rwanda No, it seems we are able to run a project!
      2015-01-21 16:01:57
  • olukan olusola Nigeria The Phases help a lot in planing and production.
    2015-01-12 14:01:14

  • Dhanvir Nannen South Africa Techniques and tools Limits and challenges
    2015-01-10 18:01:54

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