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  • Muniir Sheikh Qathar Somalia Questions 1. What is the role of a Project Manager? 2. Why are project management techniques used by organisations? 3. When were the first project management techniques documented? 4. Project management methodology has four distinct phases. What are they? 5. What does Phase 1, the Investigation phase of project management, involve? Who undertakes this phase? 6. List four steps in Phase 2, the Planning and Design Phase of project management. 7. What does Phase 3, the Production Phase of project management involve? 8. In the Evaluation and Monitoring phase of project management what questions might a Project Manager address?
    2014-12-19 05:12:24

  • Muniir Sheikh Qathar Somalia Project management methodology has four distinct phases. Phase 1: Investigation Phase 2: Planning and Design Phase 3: Production Phases 4: Monitoring and Evaluation. Project Management techniques ensure that organisational objectives and system objectives are met in a timely, accurate, relevant and complete way. They provide the adequate control of people, resources and procedures and clearly identify tasks that must be completed and the desired completion time.
    2014-12-19 05:12:13

  • Ravindra Nath Yadav India Detailed explanation of the project management methodology. I really liked the summary part . Good way to test our knowledge and great explanation of the questions and answers.
    2014-12-18 02:12:35

  • Ikechukwu Onuko Nigeria Detailed explanation. I enjoyed every bit.
    2014-12-16 11:12:29

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon Very enlightening and enriching
    2014-12-12 09:12:13

  • Haitham M. Dief Saudi Arabia very nice revision
    2014-12-11 11:12:14

  • Agumas Alehegn Ethiopia it is the most advised course every one should take. i like it most.
    2014-12-10 07:12:13

  • Obioma I Onwukwe United Kingdom All phases are vital to project completion
    2014-12-07 22:12:21

  • Dorcas Bore Kenya nice revision
    2014-12-07 18:12:09

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria It helps a lot
    2014-12-07 09:12:49

  • INCREASE ONWACHUKWU Nigeria The revision questions are necessary. They test our understanding of each module.
    2014-12-07 07:12:12

  • Virtuous Igbodika Nigeria very useful addition at the end of each topic
    2014-12-04 20:12:18

  • Priscilla Alves Brazil Good questions and answers, helps us a lot in our study.
    2014-12-03 18:12:51

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria The Questions are really helpful to test ones knowledge on what has been learnt.
    2014-12-02 17:12:47

  • Oyewole Shobande Nigeria practical steps to pro pal and professional project management are the key to successful projects which i have learn so far here.
    2014-11-29 13:11:02

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria Good revision,interesting
    2014-11-28 15:11:38

  • Danlami Isa Ibrahim Nigeria The project management methodology is well presented and explained in simple terms and manners for me to understand well
    2014-11-25 10:11:11

  • Samuel Nyabwari Kenya I can summarize it as either,Any commencement of a project without the aforementioned ingredients is doomed to fail or that planning of any project without the given steps is panning to fail
    2014-11-24 15:11:27

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia Fundamental and Precis presentation
    2014-11-24 12:11:42

  • Adewale Ajayi Nigeria All taken
    2014-11-23 04:11:36

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