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Questions & Answers about Project management methodology - Project management methodology revision

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology revision

Latest Questions

  • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon ce quoi un projet durable?
    2014-09-16 00:09:19

  • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon I speak French is it possible to have Gantt chart in french
    2014-09-15 00:09:44

  • Robert Robert Nigeria is it positive step to have a final evaluation report before the end of a project?
    2014-09-10 16:09:06

    • Werner Majcen Other Has your project been segmented?
      2014-09-11 20:09:07
  • Benedict Dassinor Ghana Does the Project ends when the Evaluation and Monitoring is done? Is there a possible Feedback for a new project process to begin after the E &M?
    2014-09-09 00:09:44

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America Once project is revised, does the initial team participate on only the individuals that are need in certain areas of the revision?
    2014-09-08 21:09:24

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America How long can a project take?
    2014-09-08 21:09:04

    • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon le temps d'un projet dépend de la grandeur du projet et d’efficacité et la rapidité de l'organisation. plus le projet est grand, plus les investigations, la planification, la conception, la production, l'évaluation et suivi prendront du temps. aussi la mobilisation de ressources. en bref la taille du projet influence le temps necessaire.
      2014-09-15 23:09:40
    • Robert Robert Nigeria a project can take as long as possible, depending on the design and the focus.
      2014-09-10 16:09:02
  • AKINNIYE LAWRENCE Nigeria At what phase will a Project Charter created?
    2014-09-05 17:09:53

    • Mick Furby United Kingdom at the start, when did you expect it?
      2014-09-17 15:09:42
    • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon c'est à la phase de planification
      2014-09-16 00:09:04
  • Njemo Lucas Cameroon Why is it that the progress and the rating of my course are not changing after completion?
    2014-09-05 15:09:39

    • Tony Ngoma Matondo Cameroon tu dois poser des questions et répondre aux questions des autres étudiants dans la rubrique question et reponse
      2014-09-16 00:09:11
    • richard geli Ghana same here......
      2014-09-10 19:09:29
  • Tonderai Pindura Botswana how big should the project be in order to implement Project management methodologies
    2014-09-05 10:09:03

  • shady Maher Saudi Arabia tell me about project management methodology ?
    2014-09-04 20:09:52

    2014-08-28 18:08:37

    • Robert Ndeere Kenya it was developed by Henry Gantt
      2014-09-04 13:09:44
    • Marc Gerald Pajela Philippines GANTT is the surname of the person who created the method of recording. it is not an acronym and so goes that it does not have any 'meaning.'
      2014-09-03 16:09:24
  • ADAORA, CHIDINMA EZEILO Nigeria Can I know more on the GNATT chart?
    2014-08-28 11:08:29

    • George Fragos Greece A Gantt chart is a vital tool for any project manager. It helps you create a schedule for your project and track the status of each task. There are hundreds of tools for creating gantt charts, some far more complex than others. If you have Excel, you can create a project schedule with almost no learning curve by downloading Vertex42's(as fas as I remember) free Gantt Chart Template.
      2014-08-30 15:08:38
  • tamika lashelle miles United States of America In the Evaluation and Monitoring phase of project management what questions might a Project Manager address?
    2014-08-13 14:08:38

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Whether project results is relevant,effective and efficient.
      2014-08-23 20:08:19
  • Bhagirath Thapa Nepal There are lots of failed project in third countries,why?
    2014-08-12 12:08:00

    • Serah Mwinzila Kenya Due to lack of adherence to the project planning and designing during production phace or either way lack of proper and realistic project planning and designing.
      2014-09-01 17:09:13
    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan It is due to lack of professional skills, resources and commitment.
      2014-08-23 20:08:15
    • Ernest Kwadzo Fiador Ghana It is because of stakeholders involve in the project demanding "share"- unplanned expenses out the project cost which make it burdensome for the executors to complete the work on time. Most executors run away if they could not meet the target which lead to the failure of the project.
      2014-08-13 17:08:45
  • Bernard Ukachukwu Chiledu Nigeria When the cost of a project exceeds the budget what can be done about, is there a review of project conditions?
    2014-08-11 20:08:47

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan It has to be adjusted accordingly.
      2014-08-23 20:08:25
    • tamika lashelle miles United States of America The best way to handle budget is to look at all variables including unforeseen costs at the onset. Looking for this before hand and having option available is useful. It is best to set boundaries and adhere to them within the design and planning stages. Ultimately it will be up to the client to decide if expanding the budget thus a review of the project conditions is needed.
      2014-08-13 13:08:25
    • Leigh de Paor Other I generally include some "out of scope" definitions in a project plan and list things like "unforseen delays due to existing issues with underlying infrastructure will be out of scope and additional budget may need to be assigned to resolve issues encountered."
      2014-08-12 00:08:56
  • Bernard Ukachukwu Chiledu Nigeria how do one calculate TIME
    2014-08-11 20:08:17

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Through help of GANTT chart.
      2014-08-23 20:08:41
    • Leigh de Paor Other Experience
      2014-08-12 00:08:11
  • Janine Phillips Australia I've worked for many companies where the project has not gone to plan - the time, resources and funds have blown out. However the business has had to continue with the project. The revision provided here outlines many steps that I believe were not taken nor considered at the right stage. This demonstrates the importance of the process and the need for regular assessment during the process.
    2014-08-08 22:08:59

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Exactly.
      2014-08-23 20:08:27
  • Chidinma Ejere Nigeria Is a strategic planner the same as a project manager?
    2014-08-08 14:08:35

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan No they are top senior management.
      2014-08-23 20:08:03
    • Muhammad Burhan Ali Pakistan No, it depends on the situation.
      2014-08-11 11:08:47
  • Vikram Vasant Rotkar United Kingdom Which factor should influence the length of a management stage?
    2014-07-21 14:07:51

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan The planning and production stage.
      2014-08-23 20:08:06
  • Jones Hanungu Munang'andu Zambia PERT and CPM Project managers frequently face the task of controlling projects that contain unknown and unpredictable factors. When the projects are not complex, bar charts can be used to plan and control project activities. These charts divide the project into discrete activities or tasks and analyze each task individually to indicate weekly manpower requirements. As the work goes forward, progress is charted and estimates are made on the effects of any delays or difficulties encountered during the completion of the project. In the mid-1950s more sophisticated methods of project planning and control were developed. Two systems based on a network portrayal of the activities that make up the project emerged at about the same time. PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) was first used in the development of submarines capable of firing Polaris missiles. CPM (the Critical Path Method) was used to manage the annual maintenance work in an oil and chemical refinery. Many variations and extensions of the two original techniques are now in use, and they have proved particularly valuable for projects requiring the coordinated work of hundreds of separate contractors. The use of project planning and control techniques based on PERT or CPM are now common in all types of civil engineering and construction work, as well as for large developmental projects such as the manufacture of aircraft, missiles, space vehicles, and large mainframe computer systems.
    2014-07-17 20:07:23

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