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Project management methodology: phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring

Questions & Answers about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring

Latest Questions

  • Emmanuel Eno Nigeria what is the diff between a project, operation, portfolio, program???? who can try it?
    2014-04-17 15:04:39

  • Ricardo Patino Puerto Rico Completed
    2014-04-16 07:04:12

  • kevin mbazima Zambia How do you handle cost overrun caused by clients variations orders but disputes the cost implication? Also how do you handle a situation where these variations have pushed practical completion date out?
    2014-04-15 16:04:58

  • Saed Al Masoud Jordan at which stage , Project Manager has to deal and manage the variation orders and change requests from the clients.?
    2014-04-15 12:04:34

    • Majid Ansari Saudi Arabia could be at any stage within the project ( after original scope was approved). Change request is anything that will cause the scope to change , or will need extra duration ( time) or will increase the cost on the project.
      2014-04-17 14:04:27
  • Samuel Tinho Mozambique Can the evaluation process be done jointly with the client prior to handing over the project?
    2014-04-11 16:04:55

    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea Its absolutely necessary to conduct a joint inspection or evaluation meet as part of the process prior to handing over the project.Ideally joint evaluation should be done on a periodically throughout the project duration.
      2014-04-16 05:04:45
  • Sandra Manfredi United States of America If the client decides they are not satisfied, even if all the factors have been met, is the project deemed a failure?
    2014-04-09 22:04:52

    • Emmanuel Eno Nigeria project is a success if 1. scope, time, and cost have been met. or 2. if the stakeholders/customers are satisfied with the project or 3. if there is ROIs. success can be determined by any of the above or all if possible.
      2014-04-17 15:04:10
  • Abdi Aden Deria Somalia Normally the project staffs and mangers they focus the completions of activities instaed of looking the log framme and the indicators to be achieved! so that at end the evaluator cannot identify an problems..
    2014-04-09 19:04:10

  • Robert Ewere Nigeria During Evaluation, if some aspect of the project didn't meet the required standard what can be done?
    2014-04-06 16:04:41

    • Abdi Aden Deria Somalia Can be documented in the evaluation report and after its shared to the project management teams and donors can be rectify within short time. But it should be follow up to those changes required as serious both sides implementers and donors...
      2014-04-09 19:04:46
    • Robert Ewere Nigeria The client Rep and contractor's Rep have to agree on the way out if it requires repair or rework
      2014-04-06 16:04:35
  • Kamara Sidi Abu Backerr Sierra Leone Why that the M&E phase in project management always have a task to preform
    2014-04-04 20:04:50

    • Robert Ewere Nigeria The task is commissioning and Handover
      2014-04-06 16:04:11
  • George Ochen Uganda when carrying out evaluation, what are considered in this phase
    2014-04-03 12:04:29

  • Motuki Manyanye South Africa Does this imply that the Project Management Team is simply involved in the design of a project and not actively involved with the activities of a project, such as the daily management if all the activities of the project while in progress?
    2014-04-02 10:04:36

    • Sami Kakar Pakistan activities and tasks are done during the phase of production/execution. project management team is assigned with their particular tasks and activities within given time and budget, these tasks and activities are assessed and evaluated in the phase of monitoring and evaluation phase. it ensures the quality,assess if the tasks are completed in given time-frame and budget, and resource allocation as per project budget.
      2014-04-07 18:04:28
  • Hamissou Faroukou Niger Please on do not understand this passage: ''Once the project is transferred to the client the project team is 'decommissioned', reassigned new tasks or placed into new project teams.''
    2014-03-29 14:03:57

    • Anthony Acquah United Kingdom In other word it is like you carrying out a job. Once you have completed that job yo are then given an entirely new job.
      2014-04-04 13:04:27
    • Ahrit Bhowmick India It means that once the assigned project is finished on time and handed over to client that project group is liable to carry out another project.
      2014-03-31 08:03:06
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