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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring

Latest Comments

  • Lokendra Rai Nepal Evaluation and monitoring should be an ongoing process throughout the course of production. Otherwise, it would be very late if there were somethings that cold be corrected.
    2014-11-27 04:11:16

  • Eric Simbandumwe Rwanda Who is responsible to do evaluation of the Project between project manager and project supervisor?
    2014-11-26 10:11:29

  • Danlami Isa Ibrahim Nigeria Does this stage means the handing of the designed project to client to commence implementation?
    2014-11-25 10:11:44

  • Adewale Ajayi Nigeria Monitoring help you know the time limit, seep needed, what next to do.
    2014-11-23 03:11:51

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia who carry on monitoring & evaluation ? is there the time schedule for M&E?
    2014-11-21 09:11:55

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia how would we conduct monitoring & evaluation a given project ?
    2014-11-21 09:11:42

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia phase four is project management monitoring and evaluation phase . in this phase we assess the efficiency ,effectiveness,accuracy, relevance and completeness of the project
    2014-11-21 09:11:44

  • belinda akongo Ghana Evaluation and monitoring helps in knowing the level at which one has reach and the success at which on is aimed at .
    2014-11-19 12:11:27

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya The initial part of this phase is the transferal or hand over of the project. Of course this project may not always have a single product as the final result.
    2014-11-16 06:11:53

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya Projeect monitoring should be an ongoing process to ensure whatever was planned is being implemented.
    2014-11-16 03:11:14

  • Tanga Chawora Zimbabwe It is also vital to know that monitoring is on going from the word go. The project timeline, GANTT chart and other tools work as indicators for the management to always be updated on whether the project is not course or not. During the course of the Project, indicators may suggest that the project may adopt the CPM.
    2014-11-14 21:11:30

  • Mohammed Hersi Hassan Somalia which way is transfered or handed over of the project
    2014-11-14 15:11:47

  • Md Shohel Mahmud Bangladesh Evaluation will examine that, are all the objectives targeted before the beginning of the project achieved on time and with the expected result and within all the requirements? And monitoring will monitor, whether or not the project were on the track and if not, will ensure that.
    2014-11-13 10:11:23

  • Sánjìv Shakya Nepal Phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring. After a Completion of a project, or after a project is handed to a client. Duty of a Project Manager is not yet finished. For the satisfaction of a client or for the better relation with a client for future business, Research and updates, investigation on submitted project must go on, To find out if the project is completed as per the client wanted or to find if project has meet all the required components as per the client wanted or if a project has some missing gears or something to make a project even better and so on. These elements like quality, cost, efficiency, timeliness, accuracy are completeness are the required elements to make a project complain-proof and more effective and efficient. And Evaluation and research phase is a phase to analyse if something is missed to make a project creditable.
    2014-11-12 19:11:16

  • Joseph Batuakuile Mozambique This phase represents the follow up stage to permit quick and concise amendments to the product.
    2014-11-12 12:11:26

  • Ize Adava United States of America This stage also provides insight on the overall performance of the project team and in situations o project handover to clients, either sets the clients up for success or otherwise, based on the quality determined of the entire stages of the project.
    2014-11-12 10:11:49

  • Margaret Akinyemi United Kingdom assessment of the success of the project.
    2014-11-11 19:11:32

  • Tim Murphy Ireland Ongoing evaluation and monitoring, will always serve to improve the finalised project, thus improving quality and costs going forward.
    2014-11-11 00:11:21

  • Fredinand Mtoroki Tanzania Monitoring and evaluation shoul also check the accuracy and the outcome of the project and strategies used and how?
    2014-11-08 21:11:03

  • Fredinand Mtoroki Tanzania Involves the assessment of the project situation currently if all activities and objectives are effectively and efficiently completed in time,cost used and other resources .
    2014-11-08 21:11:15

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