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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 4 - evaluation and monitoring

Latest Comments

  • Fadi Rox Other Monitoring and evaluation phase sort out that either the final product it according to their requirement or not.
    2014-12-20 20:12:43

  • Kwamena Phandoh Ghana Evaluation helps us understand the work done .
    2014-12-20 08:12:12

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon Is a Contingency Plan not important in the evaluation and monitoring phase?
    2014-12-12 09:12:38

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon Evaluation and Monitoring is very crucial because it helps the project managers in reviewing existing policies / strategies or developing new orientations to meet up with targeted bench marks.
    2014-12-12 09:12:18

  • Haitham M. Dief Saudi Arabia Successful PM and team shall have the ability to make balance and integration for all projects elements
    2014-12-11 11:12:37

  • mike blaise Nigeria Evaluation is keenly all-around assessment of the success of the project.
    2014-12-09 12:12:37

  • mustapha rabbah Morocco Evaluator(PM)seeks many questions ranging from quality to competence.
    2014-12-08 14:12:06

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria Evaluation in project always calls for logical thinking about the project and the PM.
    2014-12-07 09:12:46

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria Evaluation in project always calls for logical thinking about the project and the PM.
    2014-12-07 09:12:33

  • INCREASE ONWACHUKWU Nigeria Evaluation and monitoring involves identifying whether or not the project has achieved the proposed goals. If so, whether it was achieved in due time, and if the established budget was exhausted or not.
    2014-12-07 07:12:53

  • Virtuous Igbodika Nigeria what does this mean at this stage? Does the client have everything they need in order to do their work and make their decisions?
    2014-12-04 20:12:40

  • Priscilla Alves Brazil Evaluation and Monitoring helps the PM to know if the project is in time, cost, risks and quality expected.
    2014-12-03 18:12:29

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria Amongst the elements assessed for efficiency and effectiveness which of them would be considered most important?
    2014-12-02 16:12:48

  • Oyewole Shobande Nigeria the project is been evaluated now for proper assessment and relevancy,cost and time is the most checked element here to determine weather the project quality ,accuracy and relevance are been met.
    2014-11-29 13:11:52

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria what do you think the management will do if the project does not meet the requirement of the client?
    2014-11-28 15:11:58

    • Yao Awanyo United States of America Like I have seen in some companies, the project management team will have to go backward and do more work but considering all the costs this will involve. In some other companies, the project team is dismissed and the company will have to look for a new project team to work on the failed project until it is successful.
      2014-11-29 17:11:59
  • Samson Tolu Nigeria This is the phase in which the project will be assess by the management base on the element of efficiency and effectiveness i.e do they meet up with the time frame,the quality of the project or product etc
    2014-11-28 15:11:35

  • Lokendra Rai Nepal Evaluation and monitoring should be an ongoing process throughout the course of production. Otherwise, it would be very late if there were somethings that cold be corrected.
    2014-11-27 04:11:16

  • Eric Simbandumwe Rwanda Who is responsible to do evaluation of the Project between project manager and project supervisor?
    2014-11-26 10:11:29

    • Steady Mkumbwa Malawi PROJECT MANAGERS
      2014-12-01 19:12:39
  • Danlami Isa Ibrahim Nigeria Does this stage means the handing of the designed project to client to commence implementation?
    2014-11-25 10:11:44

  • Adewale Ajayi Nigeria Monitoring help you know the time limit, seep needed, what next to do.
    2014-11-23 03:11:51

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