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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 3 - production
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Latest Comments

  • MACHIEF AYUBA MALLO Nigeria Phase 3 is the product of effective planning from phase2
    2015-03-02 20:03:55

  • Umair Javaid Pakistan only planning never give desired outputs. action on these plans get u to the destination.
    2015-03-02 10:03:43

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria the production stage could also mean the initiating stage, the planning stage the executing stage and the monitoring stage.meaning the start and end of the project
    2015-02-25 13:02:27

    • zurah babirye Uganda the production phase is the most important stage which brings out the aim of the project
      2015-02-28 21:02:00
    • Oladunjoye Olatunji Nigeria Hi Confidence, the production stage is the Execution statge. its the stage when you actualize the project plan. The monitoring stage is where you ensure that what was done in the planning stage is checked, corrected and perfected.
      2015-02-26 07:02:47
  • CLINTON HARDY United States of America Do supervision have input in spec writing?
    2015-02-24 23:02:45

  • CLINTON HARDY United States of America The production schedule is best met with a good set of specifications and proper planning.
    2015-02-24 23:02:46

  • Shahid Ali Pakistan The production phase must be according to the planning. If the planning phase has been properly done than the production and the rest of the phase become easy.
    2015-02-24 17:02:27

  • Chigozie Smart Ejewuke Nigeria what if the project is not completed within the set time frame, will there be any allowance to extension of project by the clients or what will then happen to both the project and the project manager?
    2015-02-23 09:02:29

    • Okechukwu Anozie Nigeria Normally, there are scheduled reviews during the project life. The reviews(schedule, cost and quality(mostlt determined via audits) wil reveal threats on schedule. The client and the project manager will have meetinsg and agree on the way forward. the project will not stop since that will not deliver the overall objective. The project will continue and a a new schedule (building in all the risks identified) will be agreed and monitored. Note that some contracts have penalties for schedule delays which may include payment deductions.
      2015-03-03 09:03:32
  • Fako Khoanyane Other At this stage if there is a shortage of funds who is responsible for raising them up, is it the project manager or the clients?
    2015-02-21 11:02:53

    • Mobolaji Olagbemiro Nigeria The question to ask is why is there a shortage of funds is it because the project manager did not do a proper cost or budget analysis or the client did not provide enough funds?
      2015-02-22 01:02:35
    • Dominic Ntiakoh Ghana Well, I think it will be the project manager's responsibility. I'm saying this because before you accept a project from a client, you might have gone through the first phase. If not, what price quotation will you give to your client? In the price quotation, there is always a percentage gap for market fluctuations such as exchange rate, etc. The intention is to make up for the shocks.
      2015-02-21 17:02:49
  • Fako Khoanyane Other Quite an important stage where talkers are separated from doers
    2015-02-21 11:02:31

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone How can the internal planning be proportional to the outcome of the project being handed over to the clients?
    2015-02-18 18:02:48

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone The Production Phase in the kick off phase in every project, and its the implementation stage.
    2015-02-18 18:02:13

  • Friday Moses United Kingdom The production phase is where the phase where the project outcomes are brought in to fruition
    2015-02-18 10:02:03

  • Rotich Rotich Kenya is there room for adjustment at this phase?
    2015-02-17 06:02:46

    • Nandudu Unice Uganda there is
      2015-02-20 08:02:08
    • Tijani Ademola, Jeleel Nigeria I guess so, ............I think one need to review the initial plan to flow with the production stage.
      2015-02-17 15:02:58
  • Rotich Rotich Kenya time and resource management are itegral
    2015-02-17 06:02:05

  • Dineokutamo Tebele South Africa Phase 3 is were u need to know how to manage your time and resources. Keeping your eyes no the ball so that you can get your project done in time and with the right budget
    2015-02-17 05:02:55

    • Friday Moses United Kingdom Dam right the mastery of this phase defines your understanding of PM
      2015-02-18 10:02:26
  • Oyetope Oyewunmi Nigeria They key factor of production are the resources. The course shows how the resources are controlled/monitored to achieve a completion process. With quality as a compliment product.
    2015-02-15 18:02:36

  • Keegan Kapepe Zambia DONE
    2015-02-14 14:02:24

  • Rita Musoke United Kingdom Production is a hand on stage where by all the previous plans that have been put in place for the preparation of the developing of the project one into action towards meeting and implementing of the objectives. At this stage, issues or problems can easily rise yo create havoc unexpectedly through various things such as the costs, possible lack of enough materials and humanism in order to complete the project.
    2015-02-14 01:02:29

  • LEEANNA NEUMEYER United States of America Phase 3 is when you keep your eye on the ball. Monitoring, controlling and recording the progress, as it says. Also, keeping a keen eye on budget.
    2015-02-12 18:02:50

  • Saidu Heisenberg Mansaray Sierra Leone The production phase need to meet the taste/ satisfy, and protect the needs of the final consumers and it should not only involve the Provision of resources, Completing the activities, or Monitoring resource use to ensure no budgetary blowout.
    2015-02-12 12:02:23

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