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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

Latest Comments

  • Ahlam Alamri Saudi Arabia In this phase every thing will be completing
    2014-12-15 19:12:31

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon Experience has shown that the quest for fast profits always out weights compliance to standard rules of procedure that quarantees quality in the production phase. How can these be remedied to protect the interests of the end users?
    2014-12-12 08:12:55

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon This is the most delicate phase of the project cycle because it is a practical demostration of all what had been planned and designed before. The Production phase enables management to mesure the organizational and operational capacity of the organization in alignment with its targeted goals. It equally provides room for monitoring and evaluation especially on compliance to procedural exigencies that guarantee standards.
    2014-12-12 08:12:39

    2014-12-08 13:12:59

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria This stage in project always gives the full details of the project and the manager Status.
    2014-12-07 08:12:58

  • Virtuous Igbodika Nigeria This stage is the longest part of the project cycle...i also believe when monitoring reveals any loop holes, it is fixed before going on...hence important of monitoring progress and implementation.
    2014-12-04 20:12:55

  • Priscilla Alves Brazil This part is too important because in this moment the strategy defined in the project plan will put in execution and will be monitored.
    2014-12-03 18:12:14

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria In this Phase of Production it is really vital to follow through purposed plans in order to achieve goals and objectives of project.
    2014-12-02 15:12:57

  • Jolly Daniel United States of America Good program.
    2014-12-02 00:12:39

  • Steady Mkumbwa Malawi Resource mobilization should also be timely planned and to recruit competent personnel for the particular project to avoid time wastage due to poor resource management
    2014-12-01 19:12:33

  • Oyewole Shobande Nigeria this is the most sensitive part of the projects were the activities are been monitored in such to evaluate the progress of the projects...
    2014-11-29 12:11:15

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria what if the resources provided initially was not enough to accomplish the project,what do you think the project manager should do to complete the project?
    2014-11-28 15:11:12

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria what if the resources provided initially was not enough to accomplish the project,what do you the project manager should do to complete the project?
    2014-11-28 15:11:09

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria In this phase,all available resources must have been use effectively and efficiently to achieve the main objectives.
    2014-11-28 15:11:01

  • Eric Simbandumwe Rwanda how can i measure a production at the start-up?
    2014-11-26 11:11:45

  • Edward Ngesa Other wonderful progress
    2014-11-25 19:11:50

  • Danlami Isa Ibrahim Nigeria This the stage where design is implemented to bring out the result or desired objectives to reality.
    2014-11-25 09:11:18

    • Jean Valery Carmel Digbe Cote D'Ivoire of course
      2014-12-08 07:12:08
  • Stephen Nti Ghana This stage is the ultimate result, that a project aimed to. But what if all the procedures were followed as all were supposed to, and the production wasn't as expected, what the manager should do?
    2014-11-24 14:11:54

  • Adewale Ajayi Nigeria Production. Can it be hand over to a client
    2014-11-23 03:11:31

  • Augustine Antwi-Boasiako Ghana Can this phase be termed as the completion phase. Does the work of the project manager ends here?
    2014-11-22 13:11:31

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