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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

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  • Stephen Nti Ghana This stage is the ultimate result, that a project aimed to. But what if all the procedures were followed as all were supposed to, and the production wasn't as expected, what the manager should do?
    2014-11-24 14:11:54

  • Adewale Ajayi Nigeria Production. Can it be hand over to a client
    2014-11-23 03:11:31

  • Augustine Antwi-Boasiako Ghana Can this phase be termed as the completion phase. Does the work of the project manager ends here?
    2014-11-22 13:11:31

  • Zinabie Tadesse Gebremedhin Ethiopia phase 3 is the production phase of project management methodology it is the plan put into operation .this phase involves offering the resources , completing the activities,monitoring and control the progress and over all goals are meet
    2014-11-21 09:11:36

  • Abdirahman Mohamed Warsame Somalia tell me the first country can more production
    2014-11-16 16:11:28

  • Abdirahman Mohamed Warsame Somalia the production maybe is important work the people live in a world because the production is one the live human
    2014-11-16 16:11:37

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya During this phase the plan is put into operation. It ought to provide a completed project, ready to be 'handed over to' clients. Alternatively, it may end in a full implementation,
    2014-11-16 06:11:07

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya what if the budget is affected by the economy status like inflation,should you get back to the drawing board as a project manager or should you alocate money for unforseeable changes?
    2014-11-16 03:11:18

  • Mohammed Hersi Hassan Somalia how it provides the resource
    2014-11-14 15:11:32

  • Md Shohel Mahmud Bangladesh This stage is the ultimate result, that a project aimed to. But what if all the procedures were followed as all were supposed to, and the production wasn't as expected, what the manager should do?
    2014-11-13 10:11:13

  • Joseph Batuakuile Mozambique This the stage where theory and practical have to converge.
    2014-11-12 12:11:13

  • Ize Adava United States of America This is the crux of the previous and post efforts, it is usually an end in itself-full implementation or not.
    2014-11-12 10:11:16

  • Margaret Akinyemi United Kingdom handover of the project in this stage_
    2014-11-11 19:11:58

  • Jide Odi Nigeria If during project implementation, unexpected contingencies lead to a budgetary blow-out (which I suppose happens severally), and funding, based on planning estimates have already been released, how do you handle that, with your professional reputation still left intact?
    2014-11-11 09:11:03

  • Fredinand Mtoroki Tanzania Resources should also be monitored to see whether have been used effectively.
    2014-11-08 20:11:09

  • Fredinand Mtoroki Tanzania Involves opperation implementation using your resource to complete activities,then monitoring should be done by using GANTT to compare the current situation and that on the schedule.
    2014-11-08 20:11:45

  • Nathan Main United Kingdom Do projects across various fields experience vastly different average overruns on either/or, time and money? For e.g Construction industry Vs IT?
    2014-11-05 19:11:54

  • Henry Cobbinah Ghana This phase is critical as you have to check your actuals against budgeted in terms of resources, personel etc.
    2014-11-03 11:11:42

  • Lesley McLaughlin United States of America I would think it would be necessary to confer extensively with the client before proceeding to be certain the project manager understands completely what the client is asking for. Ascertaining the client's wishes requires listening, feedback, and restating what outcome or product is expected.
    2014-11-02 23:11:57

  • Caroline Omoro Kenya suppose you monitor resources and realize that they are almost depleted but the project is you begin afresh by going to the investigation phase?
    2014-11-02 13:11:55

    • Nathan Main United Kingdom The first question would be: Why are my resources almost depleted? What has gone wrong to leave me in this situation? A miscalculation during planning?Workers overusing resources? Find the error and start from there I'd say
      2014-11-05 19:11:51
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