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Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

Questions & Answers about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 3 - production

Latest Questions

  • Etabo Imana Samuel South Africa what does GANTT chart means and how does it work?
    2014-04-22 15:04:48

  • Majid Ansari Saudi Arabia complete
    2014-04-17 14:04:44

  • Lin Aung No Surname Thailand Where is the GANTT chart?
    2014-04-17 14:04:25

  • kevin mbazima Zambia How do you incorporate resources into your GANTT chart whose delivery is delayed by lead times inconsistencies?
    2014-04-15 15:04:00

    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea your gantt chart should be a snapshot of what you have planned. Inconsistencies should be and actual delivery times should be noted so that you can redeem the loss by minimizing the impact on later tasks.
      2014-04-16 04:04:55
  • Saed Al Masoud Jordan what shall the Project Manager do if he starts suffering from lack of resources suddenly during this phase?
    2014-04-15 11:04:18

    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea this would have resulted from insufficient effort in the planning phase, and/or inadequate monitoring and control of budget and resources. Any increases in resource allocations at this stage would mean a blowout-He could request increases to ensure completion or closure and cacellation of the whichever the project owners deems feasible.
      2014-04-16 04:04:34
  • Rex Fiifi Yawson Ghana what is a gant chat
    2014-04-14 15:04:20

    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea A gantt chart is a management tool that provides a visual representation of the work that must be done to achieve the completion of a project. it looks like a bar chart running across the page where each bar represents a specific task over time. the bars therefore indicate duration and most often are linked to each other showing the relationship between which ones precede or follow the each.
      2014-04-16 04:04:38
  • Samuel Tinho Mozambique In donor funded projects like those run by NGOs, what does it take to adjust timing when there is a delay during the implementation / production phase?
    2014-04-11 13:04:26

  • Sandra Manfredi United States of America Are initial estimates inflated in order to provide a buffer for possible increases in resources during production?
    2014-04-09 21:04:23

    • Kenneth Bale Papua New Guinea yes, but the inflation should be within realistic limits.
      2014-04-16 04:04:39
  • Robert Ewere Nigeria How can we reduce the effect of inflation during construction
    2014-04-06 14:04:57

    • Sami Kakar Pakistan an organization seeks to assess all the environmental risks before staring a project. if a project involves tasks related to inflation it must be assessed and addressed in the planning and designing phase of the project.
      2014-04-07 18:04:46
    • Robert Ewere Nigeria Make sure that the critical or vital materials are procured before commencement of construction
      2014-04-06 14:04:37
  • George Ochen Uganda who exactly take the responsibility at this stage incase of failure
    2014-04-03 12:04:59

    • Robert Ewere Nigeria First the Project Manager, then the project Engineer or QA/QC Manager as the case may be
      2014-04-06 15:04:05
  • Motuki Manyanye South Africa Is the Project Manager the main overseer during this stage or is he in constant consultation with other divisions to keep track of all the resources and deadlines?
    2014-04-02 09:04:44

    • Amen Adabassou Togo The Project Manager is the Chief overseer but to achieve his goal, he must consult the other divisions.
      2014-04-02 19:04:26
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