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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation

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  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom This is a critical stage to determine whether it's worthwhile to undertake the project.
    2014-10-23 00:10:55

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon This phase is critical because it determines whether the project is sustainable,measurable,attainable,reasonable and time bound.
    2014-10-22 14:10:31

  • Thomas Ndungo Lekunze Cameroon This is the most important phase of a project because it entails conducting feasibility studies which may be tailored on environmental,technical,legal,humanitarian,financial,historic,socio- cultural considerations etc. This is usaully done in the form of a project proposal by a task force of experts which act as a terms of reference for wider discussions and considerations by the project managers.
    2014-10-22 13:10:43

  • Nju Epse Etang Agbor Juliette Sirri Cameroon This is the most important stage in project management.After investigation the project manager will then know if the project is worthwhile and can be executed.
    2014-10-20 19:10:21

  • Edghissi Mohammed Morocco very important phases where the project begin!
    2014-10-17 10:10:22

  • Gilberto Jose Sinal Mozambique when the project is already identified the top level management or strategic planners execute the investigation whether or not worthwhile pursuing and check if it can be executable. it involve the initial commissioning of the project, identification of initial objective or goal and they start the investigation into the possible ways the project could be completed.
    2014-10-15 15:10:17

  • Gilberto Jose Sinal Mozambique what is the initial commissioning ?and who execute the initial commissioning?
    2014-10-15 14:10:38

  • Priya Deshmukh Other For Planning Management Investigation is an importent and primary phase as in this we will decide the goals and objectives of the project which should be acheived with in short term tennure or long term.What are the resources requires for the project ,man power ,what to do ,how to do,who is going to perform .It also helps in forcasting future goals .
    2014-10-08 09:10:43

  • Linda Manzano United States of America Phase 1 is very important, because it will take you to minimize the risk of you project in order to succeed. also it will guide you to do and use the correct tools for any outcome.
    2014-10-07 03:10:40

  • Ralph Webster South Africa Phase 1: Investigation or Feasibility Study This is paid for by the project sponsor. Once a project is defined, further research is required in order to determine risks and the exposure to that risks whether or not it is worthwhile pursuing as defined by cut off measures of IRR and NPV and Cost of Capital. This phase: Involves the initial commissioning of the project Involves the identification of the initial aim and goals Involves investigation into the possible ways the project could be completed Is undertaken by top level management or strategic planners This phase would provide a project brief to the project team or project manager.
    2014-10-06 15:10:32

    • ekiru simon Egypt Much interested in management courses
      2014-10-13 07:10:36
  • Ralph Webster South Africa Should there be an formal mandate concluded which sets out the scope of work for the project management team ?
    2014-10-04 14:10:39

  • Ralph Webster South Africa 1. This involves the commission of the project in terms of which there has been a formal feasibility study and assessments of tasks , equipment and costs. There is an identification of initial aims and goals of the project. There is a scenario assessment of several ways in which the project might be completed. This assessment is donor by the strategic planning group.
    2014-10-04 14:10:32

  • Musi Gisela Lum Cameroon when a project is defined, there is need for further research or investigation. it entails setting up a cost for the project. identifying the goals and the aim pf the project, investigating on the possible ways in which the project could be completed. above all this stage is taken by top level management and strategic partners. the manager and team are then briefed. this case indicates that the manager has nothing at all to do in this stage but to receive the task handed down fro the top management
    2014-10-03 20:10:13

  • Abiodun Fatoki Nigeria what will happen to a project if there are no investigation before planning
    2014-09-29 23:09:30

  • Segedin Dragan United Arab Emirates What will be if in investigation phase is not possible to have full visibility of all teams? For example for monitoring and final testings (in projects whose required this) as is part of last stage, maybe is not possible to have this resources as they are working on multiple projects as only their line manager will be involved in initial discussions. In meanwhile line manger should properly delegate and inform the resources once they will be available. I that case is potential gap that resources coming on Project in late stage can have own procedures of working or own parameters whose PM didn't introduced from very beginning. Also, this can make problems in defining of communication channels and their proper performances, so how to avoid this? The last is exit strategy whose probably is the weakest part from pre-sales contract and how to have it on the table if top-management from both sides believe that is "to early for that as pre-sales scope (with contract) is just finalised"?
    2014-09-27 23:09:32

  • Pascal Ricordeau France How to force people to formalize their work in all phases?
    2014-09-27 21:09:20

  • Adoni Tshibumbu Kazadi Namibia If this is the case, what can happen to these projects that undertake this Investigation phase simply because the call for proposal was lanched? and most of the time this is done by an unproffessional.
    2014-09-27 15:09:39

  • Baezl Eugene Kenya Can the the project brief change significantly once it is handed over to the project manager for implementation?
    2014-09-25 16:09:05

    • Adoni Tshibumbu Kazadi Namibia I think it can change, because there is a rule saying that,"A good plan is the one that is ready for possible change if necessary".
      2014-09-27 15:09:20
    • Sankaranand Balaradjou India yes it can thats why agile methodology is there. if the project brief brings value to business or product it can change
      2014-09-25 17:09:45
  • Lori Sheets United States of America Does the investigation phase involve preliminary planning and design?
    2014-09-25 01:09:27

    • Sankaranand Balaradjou India yes preliminary planning can be done
      2014-09-25 17:09:47
    • Baezl Eugene Kenya The strategic planner seems to do some of this preliminary planning. Please post more info on your question if you manage to find some.
      2014-09-25 16:09:19
  • Faustina Ethel Ametepe Ghana I think, it is after investigation that a project becomes a project. Investigation bring out the need for that project to be implemented. Can this be explained further?
    2014-09-23 18:09:27

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