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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation

Latest Comments

  • Larry Covington United States of America Got it!
    2014-11-17 12:11:07

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya This phase: Involves the initial commissioning of the project Involves the identification of the initial aim and goals Involves investigation into the possible ways the project could be completed Is undertaken by top level management or strategic planners
    2014-11-16 06:11:58

  • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya During this stage,do we involve stakeholders?
    2014-11-16 03:11:21

  • Mohammed Hersi Hassan Somalia why this phase would provide a project brief to the project team or project manager
    2014-11-13 18:11:04

  • Mohammed Hersi Hassan Somalia what are initial commissioning of the projects
    2014-11-13 18:11:08

  • Md Shohel Mahmud Bangladesh what is the investigation doesn't take place in order? what could be the consequences?
    2014-11-13 03:11:11

    • Cyrus Wanjohi Kenya By doing investigation,you are able to determine the viability of the project.Without investigation you may end up coming up with a project which is not worthwhile resulting to loses
      2014-11-16 03:11:10
    • Tanga Chawora Zimbabwe Failure to do a proper investigation will result in a disoriented project. Because investigation leads to the establishment of how feasible a project is'
      2014-11-13 08:11:46
  • Md Shohel Mahmud Bangladesh For Project management methodology, Investigation is the blue print.
    2014-11-13 03:11:50

  • Abdirahman Mohamed Warsame Somalia how to involves aim and goals
    2014-11-12 17:11:28

  • Abdirahman Mohamed Warsame Somalia this section is important to understand all his phases because this is easy methodology research
    2014-11-12 17:11:29

  • Joseph Batuakuile Mozambique This phase is crucial because the green or red light to the undertaking depends upon the outcome of the studies made at this stage. It is also a phase where errors should should be minimized if not eliminated so as to guarantee the success of the other phases of the project.
    2014-11-12 11:11:48

  • Ize Adava United States of America This phase is vital because the success or failure of the project has its roots in the efficiency deployed at this stage. this stage requires a lot of times & attention to detail.
    2014-11-12 10:11:45

  • Margaret Akinyemi United Kingdom •Involves the initial commissioning of the project •Involves the identification of the initial aim and goals •Involves investigation into the possible ways the project could be completed •Is undertaken by top level management or strategic planners
    2014-11-11 19:11:07

  • Mamoudou Sylla Cote D'Ivoire This phase need really a lot of time,involving all the environnement of the project.It is indeed the crucial phase of all projects.
    2014-11-11 18:11:53

  • Fredinand Mtoroki Tanzania Understood
    2014-11-08 20:11:46

  • Shopman Moyo South Africa The planing should be done carefully so that all possible problems can at least be avoided.
    2014-11-08 16:11:19

    • Fredinand Mtoroki Tanzania With systematic process
      2014-11-08 20:11:43
  • Mzimkulu Brutus Somtyhali South Africa During the investigation. We look at all possible goals we need to achieve during the project. The risk involved that can have adverse impact during the execution. It is also very important to eliminate those risk involved, because we need to achieve goals. The duration of the project from day one till the last day, as we all know time is money. So during investigation all those things must be looked at to avoid waste of time or failure of project.
    2014-11-08 14:11:22

  • Sagar Dahal Nepal Investigation: The most crucial part of the project. Helps management for identifying aim & goal.
    2014-11-07 07:11:10

  • Nathan Main United Kingdom Phase 1 - Investigation is all about working out whether or not the project is going to be worthwhile undertaking. The projections used at this stage can sometimes be speculative I assume, but the more research done early on the better informed the decision.
    2014-11-05 19:11:01

    • Fredinand Mtoroki Tanzania Investigation should involve site of investment ,what to be produced , resources and movement
      2014-11-08 20:11:35
  • Caroline Omoro Kenya At what stage is it necessary to identify intended goals to be achieved?
    2014-11-02 11:11:38

    • Richa Baijal India planning
      2014-11-05 14:11:55
  • Caroline Omoro Kenya For a project to kick off the following questions are to be asked at the 1st phase; why the project? how long and how much who will it benefit and how and when to be completed.
    2014-11-02 11:11:53

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