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Comments about Project management methodology - Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation

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- Module: Project management methodology
- Topic: Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation
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Latest Comments

  • Milson Uraiwa Papua New Guinea What are some of the points that we need to consider when carrying out investigation
    2015-01-24 03:01:36

  • Ayman Asklany Egypt This phase will sure provide a short, but essential intro about the project for the PMP OR PMO.
    2015-01-23 17:01:26

  • Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago This phase would provide a project brief to the project team or project manager.
    2015-01-21 13:01:56

  • Hluvukani Hester Nkuna South Africa When done with Investigation you will know the way foward
    2015-01-18 08:01:55

  • Cosmas Okonkwo Nigeria The first phase which is investigation will help one know all about the proposed project.... the cost etc
    2015-01-16 22:01:12

  • Peter Palika Malawi The first phase of investigation is done to determine whether the project will bring a positive impact. It also involve the identifications of aims and goals and the actual start of the project
    2015-01-15 11:01:20

  • Ernest Ebie Nigeria Since construction is site specific, it is very important to investigate the subsurface conditions which often influence the design of a facility as well as its foundation. The uncertainty in the design is particularly acute in geotechnical engineering so that the assignment of risks in this area should be a major concern. Since the degree of uncertainty in a project is perceived differently by different parties involved in a project, the assignment of unquantifiable risks arising from numerous unknowns to the owner, engineer and contractor is inherently difficult. It is no wonder that courts or arbitrators are often asked to distribute equitably a risk to parties who do not perceive the same risks and do not want to assume a disproportionate share of such risks.
    2015-01-14 19:01:52

  • Juliana Oguzie Nigeria what factors could determine whether a project is worth pursuing or not?
    2015-01-14 12:01:49

  • olukan olusola Nigeria To find out the choice and the basic need of the client or consumer.
    2015-01-12 14:01:19

  • Kennedy Bello Nigeria its like a feasibility study
    2015-01-12 10:01:08

  • Veronica Brown Australia In this first stage, the project manager formally establishes the project, obtains initial commitment or resources, and if required performs a feasibility study. Once the initiation checklist, business case (if needed) and project scope are completed, you will be in a position to objectively evaluate if your project can proceed; or if you have approval and required resources to proceed.
    2015-01-10 12:01:17

  • Opeyemi Adesope Nigeria This stage is a very important stage, it's just like doing a feasibility study for a business or project. In other words, there is need to know whether a particular project is worth pursuing in the first place.
    2015-01-10 07:01:28

  • Sally Uzoma Nigeria I liken this to counting the cost; where every information required is gathered so that you are aware of what challenges may be confronting you in the future as you embark on the project,these information will also be needful in the other phases.
    2015-01-09 10:01:07

  • luthando siyeni United Kingdom This is a very important phase before undertaking a project
    2015-01-09 09:01:13

  • Argustus Powell United States of America somewhat like as feasibility study
    2015-01-08 23:01:48

  • Prospelina Mulenga Zambia This is an important phase, the information gathered will be used in other phases.
    2015-01-08 07:01:41

  • Thimothi Satheesh Gondi India I understood, Once a project is defined, further research is needed in order to determine whether it is worthwhile pursuing.
    2015-01-07 10:01:37

  • Ray Haskins United States of America Informative...
    2015-01-05 21:01:25

  • Johannes Theodoruis Claassen South Africa Phase one Initial commissioning of the project , identification of initial aim and goals , investigation into possible ways the project could be completed . Phase one is undertaken by top management or strategic planners and would provide a project brief to the project team or project manager
    2015-01-05 10:01:16

  • Eric Gichinga Kenya Its the most important stage in project management, this os because the mistakes made here can have an advance effect on the project
    2015-01-01 14:01:49

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