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Comments about Project management methodology - Project Management Methodology

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Latest Comments

  • Zuhair Tahair Other as i know for each project ther is an important phase but the excuting phase(production phase ) is the most importance.
    2015-03-03 05:03:32

  • Ing. Audita Hernandez United States of America In my experience the most important phase is the Planning and design!!!
    2015-03-02 20:03:20

  • Robert Mugubi Nalebeson Nalebe Kenya looking at the 4 phase of project management where does resource mobilization or proposals come in
    2015-03-01 08:03:39

    • Hannatu Adam Ghana the resource mobilization or proposal will be at the first stage which is the investigation, because that is were the investigate and mobilize all resource for the project is than.
      2015-03-02 15:03:39
  • Robert Mugubi Nalebeson Nalebe Kenya The most expensive phase of project management is phase 3: the production phase. Much of finances, human resource and material is utilized in this phase to support activities that are geared towards accurate, efficient, effective and quality achievement of the objective. This is the implementation phase of the project and failure here has consequences on the overall objective of the project
    2015-03-01 08:03:12

  • Apuothjang James Acuoth Kenya My idea is the same as Gabriel Onumah's but an a point to add is that, the production phase requires a lot of work force, hence making it expensive.
    2015-02-27 18:02:07

  • Gabriel Onumah Ghana phase three is the most expensive because its a combination of phase one and two moreover phase three brings the project into reality.
    2015-02-27 14:02:21

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria i think all the four are very important and cost the same because the are intertwined to each other
    2015-02-25 11:02:49

  • CLINTON HARDY United States of America Why is monitoring and evaluation so important after the production?
    2015-02-24 23:02:01

    • Hannatu Adam Ghana the monitoring and evaluation is so important after the production because it help the project manager to monitor the and evaluate the project and if there is any error he or she can easily correct.
      2015-03-02 15:03:47
  • CLINTON HARDY United States of America The Production phase is the most important phase is the greatest phase of the project methodology.
    2015-02-24 23:02:15

  • Ume Nathan Nigeria Phase 3 is the most expensive, where anything can crop up. The risk at phase 3 is very high, but with good planning, it can be reduced.
    2015-02-24 12:02:37

  • Alrafie Abdalla South Africa at the step three you focused on the term production are you mean (input,uotput)?
    2015-02-21 12:02:41

  • Alrafie Abdalla South Africa I suppose this are stones corners of resilience projects particular in the food security and livilehood
    2015-02-21 12:02:47

  • Daniel Babatunde United States of America great information
    2015-02-21 09:02:57

  • Celestino Tchiwissi Angola all the four phases are very usefull.
    2015-02-19 11:02:06

  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone Why does the level of effort increases in phase 3 and 4 than in phase 1 and 2?
    2015-02-18 17:02:54

    • Mobolaji Olagbemiro Nigeria I believe this is because this (production) phase is when you needed the highest number of resources.
      2015-02-22 00:02:22
    • Nandudu Unice Uganda because of the competitive advantage and awareness of the project
      2015-02-20 08:02:37
  • Ansu Bangura Sierra Leone Its crest and clear that all the four phases in project methodology are key, and they are interlinked; thus for proper project implementation, none of the phases should be neglected.
    2015-02-18 17:02:26

  • Friday Moses United Kingdom These four phases and five process groups with are their differences
    2015-02-18 08:02:30

  • Odongo Moses Uganda i understand that all problems have solutions. My research will promote my skills and shall bring new development to the world.
    2015-02-17 19:02:39

  • Tijani Ademola, Jeleel Nigeria I think this methodology is highly important in achieving an organization objective but what if at the production stage, things turn other way round due to unforeseen situations, how do someone normalize this to maintain production level as-planned.
    2015-02-17 14:02:50

    • Mobolaji Olagbemiro Nigeria Well, if things turn around, there might be a need to re-evaluate the project. Think about the changes to the scope and how you can move forward. This may lead to a change in deliverables and can be regarded as a whole new project or a sub at least.
      2015-02-22 00:02:37
  • Rotich Rotich Kenya why production phase is a bit costly
    2015-02-17 05:02:34

    • Nandudu Unice Uganda it needs alot of time improvement so that its performance is of standard to avoid phase 4 in the project
      2015-02-20 08:02:42
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