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Comments about Project management overview - Interviews with Project Managers

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Latest Comments

  • N'dauguie Armel Evrard Abou Ghana these interviews show the relevance of this module to most field especially for public health experts who sometimes need to supervise or draft projects.
    2015-03-31 15:03:27

  • brian andole Kenya The module is a good one
    2015-03-30 15:03:58

  • gbadebo mayowa Nigeria How are we to know when we have ended a particular project.
    2015-03-30 14:03:48

  • gbadebo mayowa Nigeria the history of Project management have given me light to managing Project.
    2015-03-30 14:03:36

  • Taasong Bonyaah Ghana very helpful
    2015-03-29 14:03:29

  • Stephen Kizza Uganda The course appears enriching and interesting.
    2015-03-28 06:03:46

  • David Ham United States of America how long it will take to me finish this module and what kind of knowledge I will gain if I finish
    2015-03-28 04:03:20

  • David Ham United States of America this course is very importante and I admired it is contents
    2015-03-28 04:03:03

  • Hillary Hakim United Kingdom If I read the modules, for how long am I going to have the quiz?
    2015-03-26 12:03:15

  • Hillary Hakim United Kingdom For how long am I going to finish this duration of the course, I have already have achivement certificate in open2 study based in Austrilia, now this is my second course to earn Diploma, I witnessed some of my colleques did the course study to earn Diploma but, they are not provided, Was it a study without any certificate?
    2015-03-26 12:03:02

  • Hillary Hakim United Kingdom Project management is a very study for now a days, because life of human being mostly are concentrating to what to done, and what to do are projects, like everything people are doing are in form of projects, so I like to study this topic of project management skills.
    2015-03-26 12:03:45

  • Sin Uthi Korea; Republic of she's the great one.
    2015-03-26 11:03:46

  • Emillio Martyns-yellowe Nigeria i hope the diploma will be submisible in the real world because im loving every bit.
    2015-03-24 16:03:01

  • Emillio Martyns-yellowe Nigeria Hmmmm. with every click, my horizons are broadened. still reeling from the discovery of this site.
    2015-03-24 16:03:19

  • Elorans Elom Ghana Ce cours est très intéressant. voici un cours théorique qui est si proche de la pratique.
    2015-03-24 16:03:14

    2015-03-24 11:03:04

  • Sarah Clement-Owusu United Kingdom i really love this course and i mistakenly rated it a one star instead of a five.
    2015-03-23 18:03:38

  • Kev-Riga Omonigho Nigeria I think one of the reasons why projects fail boils down to inadequate planning and management of materials and men.... Project management training go a long way in stopping failure. A great source of knowledge this course is!
    2015-03-21 14:03:03

  • Tichaona Laurent Ngulube Zimbabwe Moving without vision is same as committing suicide. In today's world, where time is the most vital resource its also high time to properly plan our course of action so we can minimise risks associated. as one philosopher puts it'Risk varies inversely with knowledge"
    2015-03-21 08:03:50

  • Md Fazley Rabbi Dewan Bangladesh Every work should be a needed deadline, budget and resources. when read Vanessa Duis comments, i feel every successful Project Manager must set a goal.
    2015-03-20 16:03:06

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