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Comments about Project management overview - Interviews with Project Managers

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Latest Comments

  • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana Do you require a technical knowledge to become a project Manager?
    2014-10-21 14:10:41

  • Nju Epse Etang Agbor Juliette Sirri Cameroon Aim of the project,availability of both human and natural resources,time and money and technicality should always be at the back of your mind when project management is concerned Information Technology and Project Management leading the world today especially in the job market, you have to do everything to succeed in your projects as one of the best project managers in the entire universe.
    2014-10-20 18:10:34

    • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana I agree perfectly with you
      2014-10-21 14:10:01
  • Abhishek Kumar India Whether you succeed or fail with these projects depends on how good you are at project management.
    2014-10-20 07:10:23

  • Shina Olajubu Nigeria project management techniques is key in completing a project and also tracking information on the project when their changes within the organization.
    2014-10-19 23:10:14

  • Edghissi Mohammed Morocco Good interview, as a project manager i found the same problems and difficulties to manage projects.
    2014-10-17 09:10:05

  • Lawal Lateef United Kingdom Project management interview with vannesa its a real eye opener for a starter cause av been in project for years but I av a strong believe this knowledge will help me a lot.
    2014-10-15 12:10:54

  • Hamad Al-absi Saudi Arabia Really I found a good information that will help me in my real life such "can do".
    2014-10-12 15:10:12

  • james mwangi Kenya very good and encouraging comments from Vannesa Duis
    2014-10-12 09:10:13

  • Rosario Flerida Reyes Philippines I never had any formal training in PM but for 8 years, everything and the methods I learned were from my bosses. I learned a lot and saw the need to really break down each activity to simple tasks. I look forward to finishing this course.
    2014-10-12 03:10:36

  • Kasaija Thaddeo Uganda I have appreciated how best Project Management is so crucial in identifying and putting to use the different skills and talents
    2014-10-09 22:10:23

  • Abioye Kazeem Nigeria is project management useful in oil industry
    2014-10-09 20:10:35

  • Fabiola Garcia Rangel New Zealand Lately I've heard opinions of how people feel the PM doesn't take into account the current work load the have and the way they ask for more and more things, resulting in almost evading them. Lots of mails, tasks, and meetings. In a fast paced busy environment , that can be a pain. How to be an effective PM without cracking the team?
    2014-10-06 23:10:56

  • Ralph Webster South Africa The main thing about Project management is to deliver the project on time within budget and to the satisfaction of the project sponsors. The project management functions drives the cash flow management and the treasury management. It is a mission critical activity.
    2014-10-06 14:10:51

  • Priboye Robert Nwaku France A good project manager should have the vision of the organization and be able to balance with that of the client
    2014-10-05 20:10:06

    • Ralph Webster South Africa Project management is really about getting it done in a real world environment where the elimination of risk is driven and capital is the project constraint. The project vision is defined by the project feasibility study . it s not really a project managers role to do the critique on the feasibility study. The process of the project viability and feasibility should t impact nor conflict with the goals aims or vision of the feasibility study. A good project manager is not there to develop a conflict by generating a vision as defined in the feasibility study. Care on that one.
      2014-10-06 14:10:11
  • bossif marof Ireland Done
    2014-10-05 20:10:47

  • Langat Japhet Kenya done
    2014-10-04 16:10:26

  • Ralph Webster South Africa A bit thin I think. It needs to be an expansive statement that links value measurements IRR and NPV.
    2014-10-04 13:10:33

  • Musi Gisela Lum Cameroon the type of persons that are good managers are those people who take a complex problem and break it down to smaller manageable components. they are highly organized, quite logical in their outlook of problems and have the believe that every problem have a solution "the can do approach". the challenges they face are he tasks and the time frame under which they need be completed and the fact that they need to understand their work force is not static. most suitable project management system to use is the GANTT chart and some times excell spread sheet will do the trick. project management techniques allows means of keeping track of constantly changing information especially in industries that deal with such like industries with internet services
    2014-10-03 19:10:07

  • Joe Aaron Kadima Uganda As a project manager, working on sensitive multimedia content, what are some of the areas one has keenly put more emphasis on?. And tight deadlines in the industry how do I overcome the pressure.
    2014-10-02 13:10:07

  • BRAVEHEART AKINWALE Nigeria As a Project Manager,what is your most important details that you put priority on.
    2014-10-01 13:10:58

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