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Questions & Answers about Project management overview - Interviews with Project Managers

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- Module: Project management overview
- Topic: Interviews with Project Managers

Latest Questions

  • Serah Mwinzila Kenya What are Project Management skills.
    2014-08-31 22:08:54

    • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire projet management skills are the capacity of organising work in a very short time with a restrictive budget and also to accommodate the completion of the projet according to the changing condition of work.
      2014-09-01 18:09:13
  • George Fragos Greece interesting interviews with Project Managers helping us for the future.
    2014-08-30 15:08:35

    • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire It help us for the futur because it gives us another vision of managing work. you understand that whatever the intricacy of the situation you face there is always a possibility to resolve it. you also understand how to plan things and to respect deadlines.
      2014-09-01 18:09:21
  • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire what are the required qualities to be a good projet manager?
    2014-08-29 15:08:30

  • Ibukunoluwa Awotunde Nigeria A project is bounded with certain objectives, with time and budget constraint. How would a project manager navigates when there exists tradeoffs ( for example quality and timeliness) in project execution?
    2014-08-28 13:08:42

  • Ais Osa Nigeria What is the major primary reason why projects are abandoned and why does it sometimes cost so much to complete an abandoned project? Is it also advisable to take up an abandoned project? If NO, why? If yes, under what conditions should a project manager take up an abandoned project?
    2014-08-27 10:08:58

  • David Meli Kenya What if the management is not flexible enough to accommodate the project manager's views?
    2014-08-26 09:08:10

  • shady Maher Saudi Arabia What project management tools do you use to coordinate projects?
    2014-08-23 19:08:54

  • Ali Joorabchi United Arab Emirates How a project manager could find out a motivate / enthusiastic staff?
    2014-08-23 16:08:39

  • Vithaya Lamyai Thailand What is the Project Manager work performance and how is design the systems to be an excellent work.
    2014-08-23 05:08:08

  • Agadagba Pius Nigeria why is GATT chart most preferred than other tools of project management.
    2014-08-22 12:08:57

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Because it gives accurate information about project.
      2014-08-22 16:08:32
  • malong ngor South Sudan let me have knowledge on project management?
    2014-08-20 13:08:14

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan You can only have knowledge on project management when you really prepared for it and you are ready to read any material that has information about project management the course on project management which is availbale on Alison web.
      2014-08-22 16:08:46
  • Davis Kaung Myanmar What are the ideas & ways for project manager? How to use a project with practical experience by project manager?
    2014-08-20 10:08:09

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan The ideas are the skills of how to management both materials and human resource as well as puttting in place very clear and flexible procedures.
      2014-08-22 16:08:20
  • Zulfikar Bhanji Kenya Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT).
    2014-08-19 09:08:42

  • Treyson Citizen Tanzania what are the techniques used by project Manager?
    2014-08-18 10:08:11

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan The manager uses organisational objectives and system objectives and procedures in order to achieve stated objectives at specified timeframe.
      2014-08-22 16:08:32
  • Zonair Saqib Pakistan At what part of one's career or when in education stream it should be placed so that one could avail it and properly utilize it?
    2014-08-17 22:08:52

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan At project management.
      2014-08-22 16:08:12
    • Zulfikar Bhanji Kenya Probably after finishing an apprenticeship and going on to be a team leader for specific group of people in the same field. But you are doing this on a daily basis when you plan any working on how you organize your working day
      2014-08-21 09:08:05
  • Zonair Saqib Pakistan What's the biggest catch to be a Project Manager?
    2014-08-17 22:08:31

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan To have adequate skills in management of people, materials and organisational policies, one is also to have planning,coordination,leadership and organising.
      2014-08-22 16:08:25
    • Zulfikar Bhanji Kenya To identify different problems on a project to accommodate different views from people who are working on a specific project and to keep the project on schedule for time and expenses .
      2014-08-21 09:08:17
  • Zonair Saqib Pakistan How much of a person can be called a project manager with no theoretical knowledge but have expertise in software's involved in it?
    2014-08-17 22:08:54

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Well, project manager should be someone who has both theoretical knowledge as well as expertise in software.
      2014-08-22 16:08:07
    • Zulfikar Bhanji Kenya I would say he/she would only be 25% worth of the project as that person would not know the problems facing the workers on the ground
      2014-08-21 10:08:09
  • Zonair Saqib Pakistan How is it different from general management? Lately, organisations/institutes have started degrees and diplomas of it but how is it more influential for one's career like for engineer we have engineer management(diploma/degree) and MBA student goes through something of similar sort. In short words one should one opt Project Management when we have courses which are germane to our fields?
    2014-08-17 22:08:41

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan It is clear focusing on project management with modern techniques and approaches different from other fields of general management.
      2014-08-22 16:08:56
  • Catherine Igoh Nigeria Why is GANTT chart still more widely used than the more recent Critical Path Method and the Programme Evaluation and Review Technique?
    2014-08-16 12:08:01

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan It is more easy to work with graph charts.
      2014-08-22 16:08:59
    • Zulfikar Bhanji Kenya Gantt charts make it easy to visualize project management timelines by transforming task names, start dates, durations, and end dates into cascading horizontal bar charts.
      2014-08-21 10:08:39
    • Zonair Saqib Pakistan Hi mate! i don't know how much my answer would appeal you but still what i have experienced is most of the so called "project managers" have expertise in practical work rather than in software. From old times, they are using Gantt Chart(which undoubted is useful) & they don't have much knowledge of other methods , so to cover up they advice to opt GANTT CHART because they are at home in it..
      2014-08-17 22:08:16
  • Gilberto Jose Sinal Mozambique Is the project manager o creates the project or is who plans the project?
    2014-08-13 11:08:42

    • Yai Deng Yai South Sudan Is both the planner and creator for project since his/her ideas are vital for project success.
      2014-08-22 16:08:53
    • Zulfikar Bhanji Kenya This person can be both but it would be better to two have two persons as the first one who thought of the idea or project will have a big passion about it, the second opinion would think more clear into the practically about the project time expenses and final delivery on the project.
      2014-08-21 10:08:55
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