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Comments about Project management overview - Interviews with Project Managers

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- Topic: Interviews with Project Managers
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Latest Comments

  • Ezekiel Kakadelyo Papua New Guinea In the problems are solutions. A smart project manager will find the right solution by taking the challenges as an opportunity to see the solution
    2015-01-24 21:01:02

  • Joseph Amankwah Kwadwo Ghana A good project manager does not see or recognise the presence of problems but challenges. Once you begin to recognise and appreciate challenges instead of problems you will always have a solution and a way forward.
    2015-01-24 18:01:53

  • Cyrus Ondwari Onyancha Kenya Module: Project Management Overview. Topic: Interviews with Mangements I am in a construction firm dealing with Electrical construction . Electrical is a good master but a bad servant as they sometime refer it. First handling Electricity one should uunderstanding it purpose and how it works. Electricity works through current generated from water or the source discovered which has power to driver something to bring work easier. But it is dengerous for for it kills instantly. As to such one is required to know the tools and precautions required to handle it. Tools are those which does not conduct the cerrent directly through bare bodies. Also one should do all necessary handling of materials before energizing the materials or devices that transmit electricity from one point to another. Aluminum, copper conductor are used . All these all assembled before electric current is lead to pass through them. Clearance methods should be understood. These helps one to aviod be eltricuted if you go near high voltages which has high magnetic fields. Arranginging various cables according voltage sources is also very important. Phases are matched according to colour red , yellow and blue. As a manger , I should understand all these conditions so that these projects can valuable to the surrounding. Craftsmen_ well trained personel. Technicians, Foremen, Engineers should be people who coordinate efficiently. The materials used - Wooden poles , concrete and steel towers, porcelain pins, bolts , should be well matched. Digging holes by bars of steel reaching the required dept has match to hold the knowledge of the manage concerned technically. Centrally controlling point should be established for work to coordinate when in operation. Such arrangement structural way proves effective to the public.
    2015-01-23 11:01:31

  • Obwaya James United Kingdom why sometime top managers fail to dealt with project management effectively?
    2015-01-23 09:01:01

  • Obwaya James United Kingdom project management is all about general managerial skills for structure set up of organization or company,etc
    2015-01-23 09:01:37

  • Niyongere Felix Burundi Project management is the way of living of a manager.This means that the manager must have project management skills in order to achieve the enterprise objectives. While people are planning their activities,they use management skills.They have to identify all they will be in need such as material and human ressources. Brief, project management take part in our life in all domains.
    2015-01-23 07:01:18

  • Uduak Bassey Nigeria The relevance of Project Management skill is not limited to the work environment. our daily activities benefits as well, as we become more organized and systematically solve the problems we are faced with.
    2015-01-22 08:01:21

  • Elmahi Elshikh Elajab Elshikh Sudan I think a good project manager who consider every problem and challenge as opportunity for creative solutions. This is what I use to repeat to my team. ''Do not bring me problems, bring me solutions'' ''problem is an opportunity to show up''.
    2015-01-20 12:01:34

    • Jean De Dieu Mfitiryayo Rwanda Well, every project manager expects to get solutions not problems. However, the problems can't miss due to different circumstances. It is now better to expects solutions and be ready to handle any problem which may come in the institution.
      2015-01-21 09:01:22
  • Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago it is essential int he completion of a successful project.
    2015-01-19 18:01:03

  • Peggy Kalonga Zambia Project Management plays a vital role in the success of any project and this skill enables one to reach the set goals. Despite the fact that projects have been there since time in memorial, it is evident that in this era, the coordination of various projects has been made easier due to the availability of tools.
    2015-01-19 09:01:27

  • Dickson Nyawinda Egypt So far its clear that for any project to succeed the basics of project Management must be adhered to otherwise it will be doomed. Does this apply to ALL projects?
    2015-01-18 11:01:12

  • Syed Imran Ali Shah Pakistan Project Management is the most alive approach till today , If the Project Planning is being done with the all the risk assumptions and the possible solutions the project success will be more evident in all regards.
    2015-01-18 07:01:40

  • Cosmas Okonkwo Nigeria More light on Project Scheduling
    2015-01-16 21:01:28

  • Cosmas Okonkwo Nigeria Project Managers are the people incharge of the organising of a project for execution
    2015-01-16 21:01:32

  • Saltanat Yessenaliyeva United Kingdom Project management should be divided into parts, complete them and thus help to reach the main goal.
    2015-01-16 12:01:26

    • Peggy Kalonga Zambia The fact that a project can be segmented makes it easier to accomplish, one thing to note is that any project ought to be divided into different stages and should be followed through progressively.
      2015-01-19 09:01:47
    • Harrison Matara Kenya i agree with you
      2015-01-18 09:01:15
  • Topane Abel Ndaba South Africa Any additional tools that one can use on managing project?
    2015-01-16 08:01:28

  • Martin Akinwale United Kingdom Project management is all about been positive a "can do attitude" even in the face of major conflicts. The bottom line is every problem has a solution
    2015-01-15 22:01:11

    • Elmahi Elshikh Elajab Elshikh Sudan I agree with you (Martin) ''every problem and challenge is an opportunity for creative solutions''.
      2015-01-20 12:01:12
  • Peter Palika Malawi A Project Manager (PM) has to come across a problem and break it down into smaller and manageable components. The PM should be highly organised and have logic in their outlook
    2015-01-15 11:01:45

  • Aobakwe Tsheboagae Botswana Does project management fits in all fields?
    2015-01-15 07:01:58

  • Mercy Okeke Nigeria In planning a project, the purpose/aim needs to be considered first
    2015-01-14 20:01:30

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