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Comments about Project management overview - Interviews with Project Managers

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- Module: Project management overview
- Topic: Interviews with Project Managers

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  • Azu Kingsley Egypt I feel project managers are solution guys that can work and put their skills in use anywhere things need to be done within a time frame
    2014-10-31 16:10:32

  • Caroline Omoro Kenya -a project manager should have a positive approach and be able to break down big challenges into simple and manageable units -its important to work amicably as a team by involving other key staff -staff attrition verses timeline can be a major challenge -always keep track of changing information
    2014-10-31 10:10:44

  • Eugene Doris Nigeria how is timing, accuracy , relevance and complete manner a technique in achieving a good project?
    2014-10-29 15:10:08

  • Eugene Doris Nigeria how is planning an effective tools in project management
    2014-10-29 15:10:55

  • Olivia Via Indonesia What is the key off succesfully to be a project manger
    2014-10-29 11:10:22

    • Eugene Doris Nigeria planning is the key success to be a succesfull project manager
      2014-10-29 14:10:34
  • Olivia Via Indonesia Every organization or program creates and implements projects to help it move toward its goals. Every assigned project man- ager wants to be successful in executing assigned projects, and a number of standard practices exist to assist and guide the proj- ect manager. It outlines some of these key practices that, while are common sense, are not always common practice.
    2014-10-29 11:10:53

    • Eugene Doris Nigeria the project manager have to know the aim and purpose of the project. he or she need to no resources available both human and material. the time task,procedure and activities required for the project to be realistic
      2014-10-29 15:10:26
  • Eskalehu Abeje wubu Ethiopia Project Manager Interview Questions By Dona DeZube, Monster Finance Careers Expert The best project managers are like axles -- they smoothly link management, clients and staff to keep projects rolling along. If you want to be the top candidate for a project manager job, make sure you can answer questions about your technical competence, business methodology and interpersonal skills in the job interview. Here’s a project plan to get ready for your next project management interview. Technical Skills and Methodology Your interviewer may begin by asking about your technical skills. An introductory question might be: •What software have you used to manage projects in the past? That question may be followed by a more specific query: •If I gave you a laptop to plan your next project, what software would you want on it? Once you’ve established your technical competence, expect questions about your methodology for handling projects, says Joseph Logan, author of Seven Simple Steps to Landing Your First Job. Whether you’re a Project Management Professional (PMP) or not, general questions you can expect include: •What’s your approach to managing a project? •What’s your school of thought on project management -- are you an agile person? •How do you do your scheduling? •How do you allocate resources? •How do you do status updates? “They have to have a methodology,” says Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group, a recruiting firm for interactive, design and marketing professionals in Menlo Park, California. “Maybe they use software or a book, or they just have years of experience.” If you are PMP-certified, discuss the certification process: when you earned your PMP, what the hardest part was for you, what you liked the most, etc. Interpersonal Skills Great project managers possess interpersonal skills that help teammates get along. Questions about interpersonal skills can be general: •How do you handle politics? Or specific: •Tell me about a time when you had two key stakeholders with opposing views. How did you manage that? Your responses should explain how you found consensus while keeping the project focused on its original purpose, Logan says. Project Sponsorship When you’re asked how you work with project sponsors, your interviewer is looking for two things: how you elicit information from project leadership and how you define “project sponsor.” Some candidates will say the project sponsor is the person who reviews the project; others will say it’s the person who holds the budget. Hard-skills questions probe what specific project-management skills you can bring to the organization: •Are you trained in supply-chain management? •Do you manage people and projects or just projects? •Are you responsible for delivery and financials or just the administration of the project? Tell me about your recent project’s goals and results. You’re also likely get questions about your past performance to uncover your business skills: •What were the challenges on your last project? •When the project didn’t go well, what happened? •What happens when your projects fail? •How do you do contingency planning? •What is your favorite way to deliver and present results? •What type of closure processes have you done? •Do you typically revisit projects a few months after delivery? The Close At the end of the interview, you might get some behavioral interview questions related to the most common issues that arise for the organization’s project managers. For example, if the job involves working with cross-cultural teams, you might be asked: •Tell me about a time when your domestic team wanted to approach a project one way and your offshore team preferred a different approach. •What was the issue, and how did you resolve it? By preparing your answers to common project manager interview questions, you can help the hiring manager appreciate your mix of business acumen, technical competence and people skills needed to expertly manage projects.
    2014-10-28 13:10:23

  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom Great to know that project management and it's tools especially GANTT can be used on any industry. It was also great to see how useful project management tools can be used in such an ever evolving industry such as a multimedia. Great interview.
    2014-10-27 21:10:26

  • Ian Ochaka Uganda Project management surely cuts across all fields of the work industry.
    2014-10-26 19:10:26

  • Franklin King Liberia Project Manager should be in control of the project , have knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation
    2014-10-24 15:10:52

  • Chiedozie Nwigwe Nigeria the project manager should be a good planner
    2014-10-24 13:10:48

  • Otim Daniel Uganda basically it has provided an elaborated introduction and very helpful guidance for the beginning of the course
    2014-10-23 13:10:08

  • Chinonso Nnebedum Nigeria Basically, project managers should be knowledgable in the area of projects, they are about to undertake.
    2014-10-23 10:10:40

  • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana Do you require a technical knowledge to become a project Manager?
    2014-10-21 13:10:41

  • Nju Epse Etang Agbor Juliette Sirri Cameroon Aim of the project,availability of both human and natural resources,time and money and technicality should always be at the back of your mind when project management is concerned Information Technology and Project Management leading the world today especially in the job market, you have to do everything to succeed in your projects as one of the best project managers in the entire universe.
    2014-10-20 17:10:34

    • Kenneth M Akahoho Ghana I agree perfectly with you
      2014-10-21 13:10:01
  • Abhishek Kumar India Whether you succeed or fail with these projects depends on how good you are at project management.
    2014-10-20 06:10:23

  • Shina Olajubu Nigeria project management techniques is key in completing a project and also tracking information on the project when their changes within the organization.
    2014-10-19 22:10:14

  • Edghissi Mohammed Morocco Good interview, as a project manager i found the same problems and difficulties to manage projects.
    2014-10-17 08:10:05

  • Lawal Lateef United Kingdom Project management interview with vannesa its a real eye opener for a starter cause av been in project for years but I av a strong believe this knowledge will help me a lot.
    2014-10-15 11:10:54

  • Hamad Al-absi Saudi Arabia Really I found a good information that will help me in my real life such "can do".
    2014-10-12 14:10:12

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