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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management History

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- Module: Project management overview
- Topic: Project Management History
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Latest Comments

  • Niyongere Felix Burundi Project management had been practiced in the former time even if it was not at update like this days.It is nowadays gaining the world and continue with the ICT.
    2015-01-24 01:01:07

  • Andrzej Petelczyc United Kingdom Project management has existed in some form for thousands of years. After all anything that requires an approach where humans organize effectively to a plan and achieve specific objectives can be loosely defined as a project. How else would have humans achieved some of stunning wonders and achievements
    2015-01-23 16:01:47

  • Cyrus Ondwari Onyancha Kenya Project management overview Topic : Project Management History. Projects started years back under the first people who proved the profit or establishing projects some which made other prominent people to be remembered in history. Stones and other simple tools were used to construct projects but as knowledge advanced through physics, maths ,chemistry , geography good tools lead to the starting of advanced based on best projects which a lot of project through using materials and labor efficiently. Some days charts were used to transport and build big project but lorries ,machines, big plants have been started which enable Human beings to establish latest luxurious projects. Big ships, Electrical rails, solar operated items, computer in recordings m ojar things like records overtaking Pen writings . Management of projects has become easier employing all these means daily. Houses are build within a short period, Vehicles are constructed at a high rate due to changes of latest management relying on the latest machines that are computerized. Lifts take people in high build- gorofas compered to using stairs.
    2015-01-23 11:01:55

  • Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago Further refinement in project management tools came about in the 1950s with the development of the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT).
    2015-01-19 18:01:50

  • Kassahun Aregu Ethiopia Dear Sir/Madam I can not download course documents. I would be happy if you can help me how to download. Thank you Kassahun
    2015-01-19 15:01:27

  • kyeng Mercy tetuh Cameroon what happens if a previous project manager resigns in the middle of a project. Can a new project manager propose a new cost plan?
    2015-01-19 09:01:11

    • Elmahi Elshikh Elajab Elshikh Sudan I think with concrete M&E plan (Monitoring and Evaluation) the new project manager does not have to propose a new cost plan, because M&E documents all of the project activities (strengths and weakness, financial and non financial) and where the project activities are.
      2015-01-20 11:01:47
  • Harrison Matara Kenya p.m is an old but very useful concept in the current world because it helps us solve problems relating to project completion within the stipulated time
    2015-01-18 09:01:26

  • Cosmas Okonkwo Nigeria Managing a project is far easier now than in the old. reason is we make use of a developed software for it now
    2015-01-16 21:01:50

  • Brian Taylor United Kingdom I have not worked on IT projects but I have experience similar problems and used GANNT,CPM and PERT plus high level programs. eg Premavera
    2015-01-16 15:01:12

  • Leonor Olivares Other which are the tool for the p.m. for devel. it job exa. the computer what program?
    2015-01-15 18:01:14

    • Shad Thiani Kenya you can use Microsoft project manager software that gives you option to use the P.M tools gantt and Pert among other tools
      2015-01-16 06:01:02
  • Leonor Olivares Other this course only have this part or have more subjects
    2015-01-15 18:01:51

  • Leonor Olivares Other the p.m. is no new ,the great imperio used the similar method but all control the state . today are the privete coorporetion .p.m. is the coordinator that all project for reach the plan in joing.
    2015-01-15 18:01:49

  • Mercy Okeke Nigeria Project management is really not a new concept
    2015-01-15 09:01:09

  • Peter Palika Malawi GANTT Chart Method, Critical Path Method and Program Evaluation and Review Technique form the basis for documenting and managing the progress of the project. They produce graphic representations of projects
    2015-01-15 07:01:14

  • Aobakwe Tsheboagae Botswana Project management plays a big role in every project.
    2015-01-15 07:01:50

  • Juliana Oguzie Nigeria if project management is not new and was applied by the ancient Egyptians in the building of the Egyptian Pyramids and they were successful without these modern components, could it be that project management is an inherent skill embedded in every man.
    2015-01-14 12:01:36

    2015-01-13 18:01:01

  • Henock Asmelash Ethiopia Project management is the process of planning, organizing a particular job so that it is being monitored till it gets to the end of the job.
    2015-01-13 14:01:22

  • Angela Williams United Kingdom Project management is designed to fulfill different stages in a project and to keep a check on the various aspects of the project to ensure that all objectives have been met.
    2015-01-12 13:01:18

  • Sebron Hekandjo Namibia This is very interesting. I will gain more knowledge on how to plan for a project
    2015-01-12 10:01:34

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