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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management History

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- Topic: Project Management History

Latest Comments

  • Chiedozie Nwigwe Nigeria Project management have evolved over time.
    2014-10-24 14:10:58

  • Daniel Ebie OGULU Nigeria These project mangement techniques have undergone a lot of refinements over time.
    2014-10-21 11:10:34

    • Nageen Nageen Pakistan helo.. have you done this diploma?
      2014-10-21 19:10:30
  • Shina Olajubu Nigeria The project management tools are needed to co-ordinate a project
    2014-10-19 22:10:10

  • Khechine Mohamed Tunisia Since we can't consider all the challenges in advance, what shall we do in advance so??
    2014-10-19 12:10:12

  • Khechine Mohamed Tunisia Since we can't consider all the challenges in advance, what shall we do in advance?
    2014-10-19 12:10:44

  • Dominic Nartey Qatar Yes it realy appears in our daily life
    2014-10-16 21:10:15

  • Edghissi Mohammed Morocco that's true Project management existed in in our everyday life, only in the past we didn't wrote the spot in schedules just in our mind.
    2014-10-16 11:10:12

  • Shoon Aung Myanmar Since we can't consider all the challenges in advance, what shall we do in advance?
    2014-10-15 08:10:32

  • Shoon Aung Myanmar I think critical path is the most basic tool of the three because the path is selected after considering how to face the difficulties and challenges we may counter. Am I right?
    2014-10-15 08:10:22

  • Shoon Aung Myanmar Thank you for explanation of the basic tools of the Project Management.
    2014-10-15 08:10:24

  • Carol Hall United States of America Thank you for the history on PM. I especially enjoyed the information on GANTT, CPM and PERT.
    2014-10-13 17:10:12

  • Charles Ofuonye Nigeria Where in a situation a Project goes wrong, what are the steps used to get it started and possibly finished?
    2014-10-13 09:10:09

  • Charles Ofuonye Nigeria It was enlightening, precise and well summarized. Thank you.
    2014-10-13 09:10:43

  • james mwangi Kenya brief and clear. thank you
    2014-10-12 09:10:35

  • Kasaija Thaddeo Uganda Great insights but i need to research more on the various fundamental project management techniques
    2014-10-09 21:10:42

  • Galaletsang Gee Losho Botswana apreciate the information
    2014-10-08 21:10:59

  • Elice Oreste Haiti This first topic is really helpful. I will read additionnal books about it. Thank you though
    2014-10-08 14:10:54

  • Obioha Victor Nigeria can i get wilder reading materials on project management history?
    2014-10-06 16:10:26

  • Ralph Webster South Africa Several methodologies exist in Project Management . Which is the best ?
    2014-10-06 14:10:47

  • Ralph Webster South Africa CPM or Critical Path Method determines the most logical sequence of tasks to complete the goal. PERT - Program Evaluation and Review Technique achieves a similar result . Neither are new concepts and have been around for decades.
    2014-10-06 14:10:30

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