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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management History

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Latest Comments

  • Vigashini Mayakrishnan Sri Lanka i cant see the courses / leaning materials
    2014-10-30 04:10:07

  • Nothando Gumpo United Kingdom Not surprised at all that project management existed in the past even though these great tools like GANTT were not yet in placeThese goes to great length in proving the importance of good planning.
    2014-10-27 21:10:06

  • Araka Olisa Nigeria i cant see the courses / leaning materials
    2014-10-25 20:10:58

  • Chiedozie Nwigwe Nigeria Project management have evolved over time.
    2014-10-24 13:10:58

  • Daniel Ebie OGULU Nigeria These project mangement techniques have undergone a lot of refinements over time.
    2014-10-21 10:10:34

    • Nageen Nageen Pakistan helo.. have you done this diploma?
      2014-10-21 18:10:30
  • Shina Olajubu Nigeria The project management tools are needed to co-ordinate a project
    2014-10-19 21:10:10

  • Khechine Mohamed Tunisia Since we can't consider all the challenges in advance, what shall we do in advance so??
    2014-10-19 11:10:12

  • Khechine Mohamed Tunisia Since we can't consider all the challenges in advance, what shall we do in advance?
    2014-10-19 11:10:44

  • Dominic Nartey Qatar Yes it realy appears in our daily life
    2014-10-16 20:10:15

  • Edghissi Mohammed Morocco that's true Project management existed in in our everyday life, only in the past we didn't wrote the spot in schedules just in our mind.
    2014-10-16 10:10:12

  • Shoon Aung Myanmar Since we can't consider all the challenges in advance, what shall we do in advance?
    2014-10-15 07:10:32

  • Shoon Aung Myanmar I think critical path is the most basic tool of the three because the path is selected after considering how to face the difficulties and challenges we may counter. Am I right?
    2014-10-15 07:10:22

  • Shoon Aung Myanmar Thank you for explanation of the basic tools of the Project Management.
    2014-10-15 07:10:24

  • Carol Hall United States of America Thank you for the history on PM. I especially enjoyed the information on GANTT, CPM and PERT.
    2014-10-13 16:10:12

  • Charles Ofuonye Nigeria Where in a situation a Project goes wrong, what are the steps used to get it started and possibly finished?
    2014-10-13 08:10:09

  • Charles Ofuonye Nigeria It was enlightening, precise and well summarized. Thank you.
    2014-10-13 08:10:43

  • james mwangi Kenya brief and clear. thank you
    2014-10-12 08:10:35

  • Kasaija Thaddeo Uganda Great insights but i need to research more on the various fundamental project management techniques
    2014-10-09 20:10:42

  • Galaletsang Gee Losho Botswana apreciate the information
    2014-10-08 20:10:59

  • Elice Oreste Haiti This first topic is really helpful. I will read additionnal books about it. Thank you though
    2014-10-08 13:10:54

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