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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management History

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- Module: Project management overview
- Topic: Project Management History
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Latest Comments

  • Nasir Zroog Other is there deferent methods of managing projects ?
    2015-03-03 11:03:20

  • Essam Roshdy Egypt I need example of cmp .pert
    2015-03-02 15:03:09

  • Essam Roshdy Egypt Project managment since ancient egyption . modern role like ganntt chart since 1900 after 50 years there are cPm .pert methods
    2015-03-02 15:03:36

  • Umair Javaid Pakistan project management is there from ancient times. and in our daily life we also need to manage small projects like construction of our house e.g.
    2015-03-02 09:03:57

  • Timothy Ikimi Nigeria Please i need more explanation on GANTT?
    2015-03-01 22:03:47

    • Michelene Benson South Africa there are lots of videos on you tube about this method - it is a timeline which plots all the activities in a visible way so that all the tasks and subtasks deadlines etc can be viewed easily.
      2015-03-02 12:03:29
  • Evans Kasambo Other What does GANTT stand for?
    2015-02-28 20:02:18

    • Michelene Benson South Africa It is the name of the person who developed it - Henry Gantt
      2015-03-02 12:03:41
  • Alrafie Abdalla South Africa can you explain the the review technique?
    2015-02-28 20:02:36

  • Alrafie Abdalla South Africa if we coordinate and design the project corners with the deeply skills i think we can cover insecurity
    2015-02-28 20:02:07

  • laxmi vissa India If we execute a project armed with the skills as shown in the overview ithink we can avert disasters
    2015-02-28 04:02:37

  • Adrian Hughes United Kingdom Concise overview of the module, coupled with a starters insight to the history of project management.
    2015-02-25 12:02:53

  • Guy Rodrigue Kouang Nieboukaho Other project management is as ancient as human existance since nothing can be achieved without planning.
    2015-02-25 11:02:29

    • Ferdaws Koshal Afghanistan If i illustrate this point in here project management will able a person to control every thing that he or she has under his or her hand.
      2015-02-27 21:02:56
  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria project management has been around since ancient times , from Noah building the ark, jonas salk developing the polio vaccine , michael faraday developing electricity, etc these are all projects and they came out successful.
    2015-02-25 10:02:57

  • Ahmed Fawzy Egypt This history of the project management making us much proud as Egyptian nation anyhow, HenryGantt was an American mechanical engineer and management consultant who is developing the Gantt chart in the 1910. Gantt charts were employed on major infrastructure projects including the "Hoover Dam" and "Interstate highway" system and continue to be an important tool in project management and programme management.
    2015-02-24 12:02:56

  • Tobi Awojobi Nigeria Project management did not just start today, it has been in existed since the time of egypt.
    2015-02-23 15:02:28

  • Nematullah Atef Afghanistan If we check our daily activities we using the project as management, but with refinement method from this point we can think with coming of human and humankind the project management has been started. Now I got the history and process of project management.
    2015-02-23 15:02:34

  • Odinga Mamba South Africa THis overview open mind on these three tools to use when working on a project :Gant chart method, Critical path method and Program evaluation and Review technique
    2015-02-23 10:02:16

  • Mustapha Sylvanus Sierra Leone This we help me to motive my Job
    2015-02-23 10:02:22

  • Kaise Abdi Yousuf Somalia appreciation to ALISON founder and staff for thier offer
    2015-02-20 07:02:35

  • Shane Abrahams South Africa How does one measure the maturity levels of organisations to implement project management as a discipline?
    2015-02-20 06:02:03

    • Nandudu Unice Uganda it can be measured according to the performance of the organisation and its productivity at large
      2015-02-20 07:02:46
  • Adekunle Nicholas Adefela Nigeria project management has been in existence since the creation of the world even God manages the project of creation with time and days.
    2015-02-19 15:02:47

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