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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management History

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- Module: Project management overview
- Topic: Project Management History
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Latest Comments

  • Brian Mutindori Zimbabwe Continuous inquisition of ways, strategies and methods brings with it proficiency and efficiency.
    2015-04-17 10:04:28

  • Hilary Madzvimbo United Kingdom Project management is not a new phenomena into our context in particular ,in Zimbabwe but the significant is that people can manage projects with out having the knowledge on how to manage this project. The history of project management will bring an awareness and a desire on what can be done to manning projects. In the same vain it enlighten people to have a sense of planning.
    2015-04-17 06:04:20

  • Kehinde Oduola Nigeria great am enjoying it
    2015-04-16 18:04:10

  • Emmanuel Pllay South Africa without project management it would have been impossible for all the many plans that have been already executed
    2015-04-16 18:04:00

  • Olanrewaju Oshodi Nigeria dioes it mean that with the software the tools can generate the desired feedbacks to aid in effective project management exercise
    2015-04-16 17:04:32

  • Olanrewaju Oshodi Nigeria project management goes far back into history
    2015-04-16 17:04:40

  • Barnabas Halimani Zimbabwe as a discipline, project management developed from several fields of application including civil construction, engineering and heavy defense activity. Henry Gantt is credited for his creation of modern project management tool in the 1900s called GANTT Chart method (planning and control techniques). However in the 1950s further refinement in project management began to take shape, two mathematical project-scheduling models were developed namely Critical Path Method [CPM] for managing plant maintenance projects, and The Program Evaluation and Review Technique [PERT], for submarine program.
    2015-04-16 13:04:24

    • Jordan Benjamin Moyowambuya Zambia How does one determine which method or tool to use?
      2015-04-16 14:04:39
    • Barnabas Halimani Zimbabwe thus, project management is a method or tool that develop over time
      2015-04-16 13:04:58
  • Jordan Benjamin Moyowambuya Zambia It's a good overview that is straight to the point. Telling what it is,what its components and key factors to look out for.
    2015-04-16 09:04:11

  • siraj Mohammed Ethiopia project management is deal with how the whole structures of the particular organizational function is managed
    2015-04-16 08:04:36

  • Hlidu Bi Manu United States of America project management have existed many years ago but was not yet documented as today
    2015-04-16 07:04:54

  • simila talba Cameroon Indipensable for business
    2015-04-16 06:04:01

  • Godspower Ukwu Nigeria It is quite interesting and relevant in our everyday activities
    2015-04-15 17:04:42

    • Jordan Benjamin Moyowambuya Zambia It's worth noting that we practically live in a project orientated world. Almost everything that we do is a project,it's the skills that we apply that put us on the path to success.
      2015-04-16 09:04:07
  • Godspower Ukwu Nigeria It is quite interesting and relevant in our everyday activities
    2015-04-15 17:04:16

  • Akum Polycarp Mutagha Cameroon I believe the history of Project Management dates as far back as the begining of the Industrial Revolution.
    2015-04-15 13:04:12

  • Ahmed Mahik Ethiopia good
    2015-04-15 08:04:31

  • David Wardlow Sierra Leone the (CPM) and the (PERT) are man made tools?
    2015-04-14 21:04:57

  • Dereje Hailu Ethiopia How can I get (download) the soft copy of this material
    2015-04-12 20:04:34

  • Dereje Hailu Ethiopia I have got new information (GANTT, CPM, PERT) about the development of project management in project Management history which I never came across in my project management.
    2015-04-12 20:04:40

  • Guidance Mudimu South Africa what are are key elements of project management?
    2015-04-12 09:04:38

  • Guidance Mudimu South Africa When projects are commenced,attention to detail will give you a durable structure.
    2015-04-12 07:04:49

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