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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management

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Latest Comments

  • Maureen Dashion Other This will help me so much in my building projects management. Thank you.
    2015-02-26 14:02:18

  • Ngu Anasthasia Ndongmo Cameroon This is marvelous
    2015-02-25 17:02:46

  • Hari Dhanaraj India Good to understand
    2015-02-25 14:02:35

  • Guy Rodrigue Kouang Nieboukaho Other what are the keys to make someone an efficient project manager?
    2015-02-25 11:02:20

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria what makes one successful project manager'
    2015-02-25 10:02:53

  • CONFIDENCE Ekeh Nigeria project management is the process of starting a project, guiding it from its beginning through its performance to its closure, it includes different stages like the initiating process, planning process, executing process, monitoring and controlling process , closing process.
    2015-02-25 10:02:06

  • Anit Kundu Bangladesh what is project management
    2015-02-24 10:02:29

  • Tobi Awojobi Nigeria I am amazed by the constituents of this management program as the overview has exposed me to the basics of controlling, staffing, managing and coordinating people in a project with the resources available as well as time factor.
    2015-02-23 14:02:11

  • Nematullah Atef Afghanistan With study of this page I got now the concise, accurate and precise definition for project, project management and project manager. As I am working in NGO all the time we are implementing the project, but I am not directly include in implementation. This lesson was very useful for me I am sure thereafter I will find the concept whenever our team discussing the project relevant terminology.
    2015-02-23 14:02:36

  • Nkiya Benedict Tanzania The beginning of this course has opened up my mind I feel like I am now in another world because now I know the general over view about project management and the things to be considered when planning for a project
    2015-02-23 08:02:56

  • SURAJ PORIA India project management deals with around the functional,Resources and Quality which are very hard to do but i have done....
    2015-02-23 03:02:23

  • Abhishek Kushwaha India Project management is all about convince the cross-functional team and make them work together in order ,to get your project done on time ,without affecting the quality and standard of approach.
    2015-02-22 11:02:15

  • Liban Mohamed Mursal Philippines Project management deals with three things: Time, Resources and Quality which are very hard to match them as needed on a every single project on course.
    2015-02-22 09:02:10

  • Mawoda Ekabua Nigeria project management is necessary in day to day life
    2015-02-21 23:02:50

  • Darshana Dave India introductory session of project management start with application and importance of project management in almost all working areas.
    2015-02-21 11:02:31

  • joan brenda Kauma Uganda Thanks ALISON,am beginning to understand the whole concept of project management
    2015-02-21 08:02:54

    • Darshana Dave India really its a useful.
      2015-02-21 11:02:00
    • joan brenda Kauma Uganda what is the most important aspect to put in mind while executing a project?
      2015-02-21 08:02:41
  • Brendah Nanyama Tanzania what i get is that project management cuts into all spheres of our lives. if we breakdown our daily activities we can narrow down to the knowledge that we are managing each of them separately. The difference is seen at the end of the day at the productivity we achieved.For instance before we prepare a meal we have to look at how long it will take- time frame, how much money we have- budget, the means of how we cook -resources available and how many of us are doing the cooking to have it ready on time- human resource. the big picture is without recognizing and this factors, there is bound to be a problem along the life span of the project managed
    2015-02-20 12:02:38

  • Nandudu Unice United States of America which resources does someone need to avail for project management
    2015-02-20 07:02:11

  • Adekunle Nicholas Adefela Nigeria why do project managers always cost exsobitanly
    2015-02-19 14:02:25

  • Adekunle Nicholas Adefela Nigeria project management an effective mode of project execution
    2015-02-19 14:02:13

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