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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management

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Latest Comments

  • Nancy Nenji Nigeria This course helps a manager to apply strategies in meeting up targets on time and effeciently.
    2015-03-27 19:03:30

  • Farhan Aslam Pakistan Flow of information and domain of record maintenance is missing.
    2015-03-27 17:03:30

  • Farhan Aslam Pakistan The course has ample importance for project manager. It helps to frame and perform activities in set time
    2015-03-27 17:03:37

  • Sin Uthi Korea; Republic of It's the plan of one thing that we must to responsible with the achieved including the framework. It's very great course online ....:)
    2015-03-26 11:03:49

  • Christopher Osarenmwinda Nigeria Based on the overview, it is clear that the determined factor of the vision of any establishment is the strength of its project management.
    2015-03-26 02:03:49

  • Kuchal Dismas Esinyen United Kingdom it improves creativity.
    2015-03-25 12:03:53

  • Simon Mwanza Zimbabwe I am still grappling with getting to start my reading. However, this is a key training in development of communities.
    2015-03-24 15:03:39

  • THEMBO YOWERI SALIMU Uganda I have opened my account and wanted to offer project managment , the modules can't load and open. why ?
    2015-03-24 11:03:19

  • Shielda Kaba Netherlands From what I just read, management is all about organizing and coordinating. I love this course
    2015-03-23 16:03:41

  • Petuel Ericin Haiti What it is important is that project management requires organisation of people , equipment and procedures in a appropriate way to get a project completed in a time frame and costing. Very informative !
    2015-03-23 14:03:33

  • Lebogang Lauren Ncwang South Africa easy to follow
    2015-03-23 12:03:14

  • Ernest Muhirwa [[]] When the part of M&E comes in the project management?
    2015-03-23 06:03:03

  • Abimbola Adebanjo Nigeria Project management really cuts across all fields
    2015-03-21 21:03:05

  • Krishnan Ramachandran India Certain vital events that are inevitable in one's life!! Be it personal or even professional. Very interesting!!!!
    2015-03-21 08:03:27

  • Abdoul Aziz Issaka Niger how can identify the progress of project amenagement process?
    2015-03-20 13:03:01

    • Matt Gioia United States of America Through a process called RACI, I'm sure will be covered in upcoming modules
      2015-03-22 14:03:51
  • Abdoul Aziz Issaka Niger I am glad i started this course now; project management is very important nowadays it help the scope of projects while considering the ressource both human and material that are available to achieve its ambition
    2015-03-20 13:03:51

  • Alan Dunlay United Kingdom A good overview giving me an outline understanding of project management and its use.
    2015-03-20 12:03:13

  • Singo Okumu Kenya How can receive or get my certificate?
    2015-03-20 05:03:30

  • Singo Okumu Kenya this course is interested,and it also helps those who can't afford going to regular classes
    2015-03-20 05:03:18

  • Maslah Abdinasir Mohamed Somalia Hi all of you, i am really very sorry that i am late for this course, really i like this course
    2015-03-19 17:03:36

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