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Questions & Answers about Project management overview - Project Management

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- Module: Project management overview
- Topic: Project Management

Latest Questions

  • Ahmad Alahmad Iraq Can project manager run a project remotely or should be onsite to do so.
    2014-09-18 08:09:34

  • Margaret Waitherero Kenya What level of project management do we use a project charter?
    2014-09-18 08:09:02

  • shahid jutt Pakistan plzz use in urdu language
    2014-09-17 17:09:55

  • ANNETTE ROBINSON United States of America Can any function that has a beginning to an end be a project?
    2014-09-09 00:09:39

    • Mutea Al Nuzely United States of America Yes as long as it is not a routine
      2014-09-17 23:09:03
    • Artee Cewantee Ramkissoon Mauritius Projects are singular, but non-routine, events with precise objectives which must be achieved within a set timeframe.
      2014-09-13 15:09:53
    • Ahmed Salah Egypt no
      2014-09-13 11:09:40
    • Mutea Al Nuzely United States of America Project management is non-routine events with precise objectives Which must be met within a set timeframe.
      2014-09-12 11:09:40
    • Blaston Kapsata Malawi No, not every function can be considered a project. some are just activities and not projec
      2014-09-09 06:09:32
  • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire what are the requirement of a projet management?
    2014-09-08 23:09:33

    • Ahmed Salah Egypt leading,directing,controling
      2014-09-13 11:09:53
    • Gnamini N'guessan Gilbert Cote D'Ivoire A projet management requires an objective organisation of people and equipement and the planning a good procedure to complete the projet in a specific timeframe and budget.
      2014-09-08 23:09:50
  • Hayder Gaza Other Hi everybody how to complete the module and how long to get the certificate
    2014-09-08 22:09:31

  • Martin Bwalya Zambia do I have a minimum or maximum time frame in which to complete the course for me to be awarded a diploma in P.M?
    2014-09-08 15:09:45

  • Stan Black United States of America How do you complete the module?
    2014-09-08 14:09:07

  • Alhaji umaru mohamed tejan Kallon Sierra Leone what is rung with the next key, it does not respond quckly
    2014-09-08 04:09:00

  • Florin Popescu Slovakia Hello everybody, after I click NEXT it does not change from RED to GREEN and the progress shows 0%. Am I doing anything wrong here? Is there anything else other than reading required to complete? Thanks.
    2014-09-06 23:09:46

    • Alhaji umaru mohamed tejan Kallon Sierra Leone NO there is a change in he percentage, but it will not automatically change from red to green until you complete the module
      2014-09-08 04:09:05
  • Florin Popescu Slovakia ?
    2014-09-06 22:09:50

  • Châu Trịnh Vietnam What is the best tools or models for managing a Project ?
    2014-09-06 03:09:46

    • Mick Furby United Kingdom The best tool to use is a qualified project manager who has experiance and can utilise a process to document objectives, risks, issues and progress.(Time Cost Quality) MS project, gantt charts on thier own will not do the job for you !!!!!
      2014-09-17 15:09:06
    • Frank Alessio United States of America Common Sense
      2014-09-06 09:09:55
  • Chavon Blount United States of America What are some industries that utilize project managers?
    2014-09-05 22:09:55

  • Anton Kamerika Namibia Are the modules for PM different from certain institutions ?
    2014-09-05 16:09:43

    • Alhaji umaru mohamed tejan Kallon Sierra Leone Yes my dear,there are change several institutional P.M are different
      2014-09-08 04:09:24
  • Asela Lauzon Philippines What is the role of the project management for a certain project?
    2014-09-05 14:09:29

  • daniel amasah kotey Ghana Can project management principles be applied in all business disciplines?
    2014-09-05 13:09:02

  • Aeshah Fallatah United Kingdom Are the project Management Techniques can be applied on any type of company the same way?
    2014-09-05 13:09:17

  • myatsoe kyaw Myanmar Which factors that we must consider when planning a project?
    2014-09-05 10:09:17

  • myatsoe kyaw Myanmar What are the triple constraint of a project? How much is it important?
    2014-09-05 04:09:11

  • shady Maher Saudi Arabia What project management need to be considered when planning a project?
    2014-09-04 22:09:52

    • myatsoe kyaw Myanmar We need to be consider when planning a project are: - aim and purpose of project - avaliability of both human and materials - cost, time, and human constraints - works, procedure or activities that need to complete the project
      2014-09-05 11:09:18
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