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Comments about Project management overview - Project Management

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- Module: Project management overview
- Topic: Project Management

Latest Comments

  • Paul Goldstein Beecher Sierra Leone what are the act of doing in project management?
    2014-12-19 18:12:39

  • Mi Lainmar Oo Myanmar This is awesome
    2014-12-19 12:12:34

  • madathil sunil Other I really understood that without learning project Management course no body can deal the project efficiantly.
    2014-12-18 19:12:36

  • Nick Ngatia Kenya Wow, this is pretty awesome!
    2014-12-18 09:12:53

  • Jerry Waziri Other Very interesting i must say.
    2014-12-17 18:12:00

  • Blessing Othusitse Botswana Project Management is so valuable to all national development.
    2014-12-17 13:12:50

  • Blessing Othusitse Botswana Tshegofatso Othusitse Without Project Management most important projects leading to the development of countries will always fail.
    2014-12-17 13:12:11

  • birungi Alfunsi Uganda projects are the most important way our potential can be exercised. Do not wait to try.
    2014-12-16 21:12:40

  • Marino Marin Colombia We can appreciate that projects must be targeted, resources and benefits
    2014-12-16 15:12:59

    • birungi Alfunsi Uganda YES
      2014-12-16 20:12:43
    • birungi Alfunsi Uganda YES ITS TRUE
      2014-12-16 20:12:07
  • Marino Marin Colombia We can appreciate that projects must be targeted, resources and benefits
    2014-12-16 15:12:08

  • Ahlam Alamri Saudi Arabia It is obvious and cover all aspects of project management but it doesn't talk about the environment or the place of the project.
    2014-12-15 17:12:31

  • Muhammad Riyaz Uddin Sajid United Arab Emirates If the Project Manager did not get the resources such manpower and materials in time and the stake holders still insists on to complete the project in time with the least available resources ?
    2014-12-15 08:12:22

  • Muhammad Riyaz Uddin Sajid United Arab Emirates The concept of the Project Management is understood from the above mentioned overview. The objectives to be kept in mind during the Planning stage of the Projects. The Project Managers responsibilities are to achieve the Project objectives.
    2014-12-15 08:12:08

  • Kadhim Altaher Iraq Projects are broken into a set of activities designed to fulfil the stated objectives ( at scheduled time) or in nomonated period.
    2014-12-15 07:12:07

  • Nosiku Kalonga Zambia Just started. Looking forward to learn new technics of project management.
    2014-12-14 21:12:36

  • Amir Ali Qatar Practically possible for implement
    2014-12-14 10:12:15

  • Ikechukwu Onuko Nigeria I believe this course to be a good career boost
    2014-12-13 12:12:03

  • Felix Logo Ghana wow
    2014-12-10 22:12:49

  • Eyole Nganeje Cameroon What about looking at the environmental and social factor when building a project document.
    2014-12-10 17:12:08

  • Eyole Nganeje Cameroon just started and trust this course will develop my skills in project management
    2014-12-10 17:12:31

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