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- Topic: Project Management

Latest Comments

  • Abayomi Joshua Ogunleye Nigeria awesome introduction, makes it very appealing and inviting to continue reading and learning
    2014-11-26 12:11:20

  • Eric Simbandumwe Rwanda its good introduction on project management
    2014-11-26 10:11:46

  • Saidi Hussain Fiji Good beginning
    2014-11-25 22:11:33

  • Edward Ngesa Other why are projects refered to us none routine?
    2014-11-25 18:11:57

  • Edward Ngesa Other great
    2014-11-25 18:11:57

  • Diya olawumy Germany So exciting for this great leading course for the leaders
    2014-11-25 07:11:08

  • Diya olawumy Germany So exciting for having this opportunity
    2014-11-25 07:11:53

  • Hamdi Saleh Sudan I do not know how to express my feeling but I am very excited.
    2014-11-24 06:11:19

  • Mohamed Sinera United Kingdom I have only just started this course and I am very much excited. The comments below I find very interesting and supplementary. I hope during the course I will be able to bring something positive to the course and to the group. I hold a degree in accounting and looking to enhance my career prospects. I have also only just completed my ACCA qualification. ACCA ( Association of Certified Chattered Accountant) is the world leading professional body in the world with highly respectable accreditation. I believe project management is crucial for the survival as well as the growth of almost all organisation and hence a stand alone function within most large organisation. The world we live in is ever changing and fast paced with techonogical advancement at the forefront. For organisation to continue doing well, it will be necessary to scan the environment continuously to ensure the organisation is fit for purpose. Project management is different from program management in that a program requires less resources and requires far less time than project management. It is crucial therefore to make such comparison as not every activity an organisation involves is class as a project.
    2014-11-23 20:11:43

  • Nathan Idowu Ireland During the planning stage - when planning a project their are certain important factors that needs to be considered 1, Purpose and aim of the project 2, Availability of resources both human and material 3, Costing, human and time constraints 4, The task itself, including the procedures or activities required to complete the project.
    2014-11-23 16:11:58

  • jabulani biyeni Botswana you should be very careful of the following objectives when undertaking a project.......time, costs of the material and manpower to execute the given task
    2014-11-22 22:11:50

  • Trains View Academy Kenya Projects are singular, but non-routine, events with precise objectives which must be achieved within a set timeframe. Projects are broken into a set of activities designed to fulfil the stated objectives
    2014-11-19 11:11:08

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria we learned that project management are singular but not question is this-can't a project manager use the same method in executing different projects
    2014-11-18 16:11:07

  • Samson Tolu Nigeria we have considered the key factors to put into place when one want to plan a meaniful project- 1.the real purpose and aim of the project2.the resources on ground both human and material. 3.costing and time constraint and also 4.the activities require to complete the task.
    2014-11-18 16:11:35

  • Kester Saturday Nigeria Incredibly Project Management ensures accurate and timely execution/completion of objective or Task.
    2014-11-18 16:11:25

  • Nagat Arish United Kingdom for planning a project we ve 2 cosider : - aim of the project - Resources available ( human and material ) - Costing - The tasks, procedures or activities required to complete the project
    2014-11-18 10:11:57

    • Ashraf Hamdy Egypt hello
      2014-11-18 13:11:17
  • ESSOTOLOME BODJO China Project Management requires the organization of people, equipment and procedures in an appropriate way to get a project completed within a set timeframe and budget. A Project Manager is responsible for the coordination of all these resources in order to achieve the project objectives
    2014-11-18 02:11:58

  • Larry Covington United States of America Interesting
    2014-11-17 12:11:33

  • Terry Enigbonjaiye United Kingdom Projects need to be done within a time frame. It require the organisation of people materials and procedure to achieve the objectives of the project
    2014-11-17 01:11:39

  • Mohammed Hersi Hassan Somalia what are project management requires
    2014-11-12 18:11:12

    • Sylvare Henry Netherlands Antilles project management requirements is understanding what the project is, having a budget, a good workforce, deadline for completion
      2014-11-13 21:11:43
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