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Comments about The Adversary trial system - Weaknesses of the adversary system

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- Module: The Adversary trial system
- Topic: Weaknesses of the adversary system

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  • Charmaine Webber Australia The adversary system is slow which means that too many people are denied justice for too long because the adversary system tends to lengthen the trial process. Justice delayed is justice denied! This system is expensive. The adversary nature of our trial system also requires litigants to have legal representation. The high cost of legal advice and legal representation can seriously hinder those who cannot afford it. High costs may prevent some people from enforcing rights they may have or it may force them to economise on the presentation of their case. As such, the adversary system tends to favour those who can afford better legal representation. Some parties may be disadvantaged by not being able to afford legal representation, or by hiring lawyers with inferior courtroom skills. This may mean that vital evidence which needs to be drawn out by questioning may not be revealed in the trial and as such, the truth may not always emerge.
    2014-12-14 07:12:08

  • Samuel Olorunfemi Obayemi Nigeria Good points
    2014-12-02 12:12:02

  • Sione Siotonu Fakahua Tonga Very little to discover the truth of legal proceedings.Its cost alot the result of necessity of legal representation.
    2014-11-24 09:11:36

  • Nöelle Linehan Ireland Little attempts has been made to discover the truth about trials, high costs may occur for either party for legal representation and delays cases to be heard.
    2014-11-08 21:11:19

  • mohammed alduboni Jordan All types of justice have weaknesses but still it's small to mention and fixable
    2014-10-26 21:10:00

    2014-10-15 14:10:13

  • Tyisha Jiles United States of America How can the weaknesses of the adversary system be improved?
    2014-09-04 02:09:26

  • Zachary Bashore United States of America What are some weaknesses of the adversary system?
    2014-08-20 16:08:33

  • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana How can this limitation be corrected
    2014-08-08 16:08:40

  • Gabriel Nathan Singapore Can the Adversary trial system be conducted in the best interest of both parties ?
    2014-07-25 10:07:20

    • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana It belief system has been designed for that purpose, however the expertise of the representative is critical
      2014-08-08 16:08:05
  • Abraham Marial Awet South Sudan What are the Weaknesses of the Adversary System?
    2014-07-01 14:07:29

    • Abraham Marial Awet South Sudan Excessive length and complexity of adversary trials. Delays in getting matters to court.
      2014-07-01 14:07:20
  • Akech kuol Egypt what are the weakness of the adversary stystem?
    2014-06-16 07:06:38

    • Akech kuol Egypt Weaknesses of the Adversary System Little attempt to discover the truth of legal proceedings. High costs as a result of the necessity of legal representation. Great reliance on oral testimony. Adjudicator is too inactive during trial proceedings. Excessive length and complexity of adversary trials. Delays in getting matters to court.
      2014-06-16 07:06:16
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