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Classification of Laws

Questions & Answers about Civil and criminal law - Classification of Laws

The Question must be about:
- Module: Civil and criminal law
- Topic: Classification of Laws

Latest Questions

  • Abel Duke Nigeria 1.what is civil law 2.what's the difference between civil law and criminal law
    2014-04-19 08:04:38

  • Theophilus Kilby Joe Liberia Generally,classification of laws mostly concentrate on the area of regulation but laws are made to control an entire society why should we attach importance to area and not country or region.
    2014-04-18 23:04:28

  • Saheed Emiola Nigeria HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO DO IT
    2014-04-08 19:04:48

    • philby bombeki Zambia Read the notes and concentrate
      2014-04-10 16:04:44
  • Saheed Emiola Nigeria HOW I AM GOINING TO DO
    2014-04-08 19:04:01

    • philby bombeki Zambia iam saying read the notes
      2014-04-10 16:04:05
  • Jay Cole United States of America Can a person who was convicted of a crime; file a civil suit against the county, and/or law officials for neglect of duties, and professional misconduct? To which, that person believed lead to the wrongful conviction and infringed on his/her rights (right to a fair trial)?
    2014-03-28 15:03:01

    • philby bombeki Zambia Unless he/she saw that his/her conviction was wrongly executed and he/she must appeal for wrong legal misconduct.She/he may like to review his case in a court of law and Judges saw that it is true hse /he was wrongly convicted,she /he will exercises his right to file a civil suit( in America it can work} in other part of the world.
      2014-04-10 17:04:26
  • Robert Makamu South Africa Where do we refer when we say this is a law of torts?
    2014-03-26 08:03:25

    • philby bombeki Zambia may you frame your question well ?
      2014-04-10 17:04:48
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