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Comments about Civil and criminal law - Classification of Laws

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- Module: Civil and criminal law
- Topic: Classification of Laws

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  • Rebecca Hudson Australia It's good to finally learn and work out the difference from Criminal and civil laws.
    2014-10-30 04:10:03

  • Jonathan Alemu Ethiopia it is a good topic, need some more infos about waht is in z civil laws
    2014-10-25 06:10:57

  • Dilip Kumar Payyapilli Raveendran United Kingdom Differentiate between law of tor and law of contract?
    2014-10-22 15:10:44

    • Jonathan Alemu Ethiopia law of tort in extra-contractual case types, that is when a person is liable from a non contractual agreement, but the case of contarcts the liablites arise from the agreement of the contracing party, duty is arised from the contractual agreement while i case of tort no agreement but a aprty will be liable, eg. car accident, the faulty party will be liable to compensate the damage, no prior agreement but duty will arise from non contractual agreement.
      2014-10-25 06:10:33
    • mohammed alduboni Jordan Yes, there is many differents between them . You can google for the definition. I recomand Wikipedia
      2014-10-24 19:10:10
  • Dilip Kumar Payyapilli Raveendran United Kingdom Law may be mainly classified into two. Civil and Criminal Law. Civil law deal with relationship between individual and groups and the remedy of civil law is always compensation. The purpose of civil law is to obtain a remedy through compensation from the wrong doer and give to the aggrieved party who sustain injury. Civil is law further classified into law of tors, law of contract, family law, consumer law, property law, company law, administrative law and discrimination law. Criminal law on the other hand is a law dealing with offences against the State. It involves offences such as murder, kidnapping, conspiracy etc. Criminal law can be further classified into indictable offence and summary offence. Indictable offences are serious offences which are tried in higher courts and summery offences are less serious offence such as traffic offence like speeding, which are tried in lower court like magistrate court.
    2014-10-22 15:10:12

  • Allen Los Papua New Guinea What is law of torts and how does it function? What classification does maritime law comes under?
    2014-10-07 01:10:04

  • Amusa Pecos Zambia It is gratifying to know the difference between the sets of law because in Zambia, the Police tend to charge ignorant citizen who have simply committed a civil offence for criminal offences.
    2014-10-06 10:10:42

  • SAMORA PROCTOR United States of America Explain Administrative Law ?
    2014-09-30 01:09:09

  • Samuel Sankpo Ghana explain law of torts?
    2014-09-11 13:09:01

  • Cary Cooper Trinidad and Tobago why is law classified the way that it is
    2014-09-05 17:09:50

  • Tyisha Jiles United States of America What is the difference between criminal & civil law?
    2014-09-04 01:09:19

    • Claire Evans United Kingdom A criminal offence constitutes of murder, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, rape, torture etc, where as civil law comprises of human rights, family matters, discirmination etc,
      2014-10-07 13:10:51
    • Michael Cleary Ireland Criminal Law is the breaking of state law.Civil law deals with disputes between people in society.
      2014-09-28 11:09:17
    • Cary Cooper Trinidad and Tobago The distinct differences between criminal law and civil law are in the type of action against the defendant and the type of remedy sought. A civil case involves individuals in a dispute and generally ends in monetary reward. Criminal cases are considered crimes against society and usually end in jail or prison time.
      2014-09-05 17:09:49
  • Zachary Bashore United States of America What are classification of laws?
    2014-08-20 15:08:34

    • Hasan Parvez United Kingdom Its already mentioned. There are two kind of law civil law amd criminal law. However some issue of civil law are co related with criminal law such as child abuse, domestic violence etc
      2014-08-31 06:08:30
  • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji do crime will end in future
    2014-08-18 13:08:22

    • Michael Cleary Ireland Where there are people there will be crime to a greater or lesser degree.This depending on the effectiveness of the law.
      2014-09-28 11:09:28
    • Zinnan Akhtar Bangladesh It can decrease but not end
      2014-08-18 17:08:40
    • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji no it will increasa
      2014-08-18 13:08:44
    • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji through prevention
      2014-08-18 13:08:06
  • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji why crimes changes each in economy
    2014-08-18 13:08:34

    • Michael Cleary Ireland In economic depressions ,as can can be seen in the great american depression, lawlessness is brought about by the struggle to survive.
      2014-09-28 11:09:16
    • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji due to increase in criminals
      2014-08-18 13:08:02
  • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji what are benefits on criminal law on suspect
    2014-08-18 13:08:45

  • John Obot Nigeria How is the law classified?
    2014-08-17 19:08:14

    • Cary Cooper Trinidad and Tobago Law can be classified into may areas, the major ones being civil, criminal, or constitutional. In addition, these categores can further be classifed into laws which are statutory, or written, or part of the common law, consisting of case precedent and traditions in the law
      2014-09-05 17:09:16
    • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji rules of conutry to follow
      2014-08-18 13:08:40
  • Lucy Fellows United Kingdom How does administrative law function?
    2014-08-08 13:08:06

  • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana What is the difference civil law and criminal law
    2014-08-02 10:08:12

    • Brooke Carpino Canada Criminal law, one of two broad categories of law, deals with acts of intentional harm to individuals but which, in a larger sense, are offences against us all and Civil law deals with disputes between private parties, or negligent acts that cause harm to others.
      2014-08-07 04:08:55
  • Bakari Sheumbe Kenya what is crime
    2014-07-27 11:07:08

    • Michael Cleary Ireland The breaking of any law of the country
      2014-09-28 11:09:55
    • Cary Cooper Trinidad and Tobago an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law.
      2014-09-05 17:09:29
    • Zinnan Akhtar Bangladesh Crime is a offense against the rules and regulation
      2014-08-18 17:08:57
    • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji actual crime where crime committed
      2014-08-18 13:08:13
    • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana Crime is simply an action or inaction which is offensive to a person or persons and is punishable by law
      2014-08-02 10:08:46
  • Bakari Sheumbe Kenya what is the differences between crime nad offence
    2014-07-27 11:07:38

    • Michael Cleary Ireland No difference. My opinion and open to contridiction
      2014-09-28 11:09:15
    • Rajnesh Prasad Fiji crime is phisycal element and offence fault element
      2014-08-18 13:08:02
  • Gabriel Nathan Singapore Can a civil law case turned into a criminal case and if so what are the procedures that follow ?
    2014-07-25 05:07:53

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