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Comments about Operations management - Characteristics of operations managers

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- Module: Operations management
- Topic: Characteristics of operations managers
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Latest Comments

  • Franklin Buhian United Arab Emirates OPERATION MANAGERS are have a big role in decision making for establishing a new operation for the organisation from design to layout.
    2015-01-30 18:01:36

  • Sadadul Islam Bangladesh Manager understands the role of Operations might like to obtain a number of advertisements for the position of Operations organization in a large-scale organisations. What do these advertisements say about the job specification and job description of the Operations Managers
    2015-01-22 06:01:34

  • yussuph mohamedy Tanzania if managers have master and practice leading controlling motivation creation organizing they can run organisation smoth.
    2015-01-16 20:01:51

  • Ogunbowale Akin Malaysia characteristics includes: planning, decision-making, the required skills of the employees, remuneration and terms of employment, also managing people to perform various tasks within the organisation so as to achieve organisational goals.
    2015-01-12 07:01:44

    • Isaac Bayiita Kisubi Uganda true
      2015-01-15 10:01:19
  • Vaiolelai Niu New Zealand Invalid course ID is showing on a blank screen on this module.
    2015-01-07 09:01:12

  • Rodrick Simwanza Zambia The roles of operation manager is decision making with long term Mid term and short term consequences.
    2015-01-04 20:01:18

    • Isaac Bayiita Kisubi Uganda true
      2015-01-15 10:01:08
  • Walter Eze United Kingdom Operational Manager is part of the key to success of an organisation as he or she does not source for the business of the organisation but also stand as a middle person between the employees and the employers. it is the responsibility of the operation manager to make sure the right goods are produced at the right time and for the market. In order to achieve the above characteristics the operational manager must be proactive to fore-know what the consumers want. The operational manager must be sure that the right people are employed for the task needed.
    2014-12-11 22:12:42

    • Isaac Bayiita Kisubi Uganda true
      2015-01-15 10:01:36
    • Isaac Bayiita Kisubi Uganda true
      2015-01-15 10:01:21
  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar What is the role played by an operation manager in an organization?
    2014-12-01 18:12:18

    • Isaac Bayiita Kisubi Uganda to ensure decision making with long term Mid term and short term consequences.
      2015-01-15 10:01:30
    • Walter Eze United Kingdom Operational Managers bear's the responsibility of making sure that the right products or services are achieved as at when needed. It is also his or her responsibility to make sure that the finished goods reached the consumers on agreed terms and condition. We know that quality managers have some high level of involvement to the above statement but operational managers have greater involvements
      2014-12-15 07:12:14
  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar Operation Managers are the keys who play crucial roles in the process of production levels of both service and manufacturing organizations.
    2014-12-01 18:12:34

  • PEGUY DJONTU DIFFO Cameroon for me management can define as utlisation good sense for the resolution of the problem of society.take two mimutes and use your good sense before doing everything.
    2014-11-22 03:11:10

  • Eleni Tegelidou Greece Where we could be focus in job specification
    2014-11-21 00:11:28

  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana What does the role of Operations Manager involves?
    2014-11-19 17:11:11

    • Isaac Bayiita Kisubi Uganda it involves decision making with long term Mid term and short term consequences.
      2015-01-15 10:01:25
  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana The task ahead for an will be heavy and knowledge and hard work is needed.
    2014-11-19 17:11:18

  • Tashika Brumfield United States of America Characteristics of an operations manager are head strong, leadership skills, diverty and an unbiased opinion, my opinion only.
    2014-11-18 17:11:24

  • Marvel Michael Nigeria The role of an operations manager is decision making in respect to certain factors such as Design of product and services Equipment and asset required Employee skill needed Employee pay Location of operation and others
    2014-11-12 19:11:41

  • Sachin Dolare India what are the KPI's of operations manager ?
    2014-10-13 06:10:47

    • Roger Banda Zambia consistence in strategic decisions made by the OM to meet the organisation's goals and objectives in line with management expectations.
      2014-11-15 03:11:53
  • Piotr Falkowski United Kingdom The role of the operations manager involves, amongst other roles, decision-making with long, mid and short-term consequences.
    2014-10-12 11:10:44

  • Adil Nejjar Morocco What are some characteristics of operations managers?
    2014-10-10 14:10:52

  • Zachary Bashore United States of America What are some characteristics of operations managers?
    2014-09-10 16:09:43

  • Zachary Bashore United States of America What are characte/ristics ofoperation managers?
    2014-09-10 05:09:32

    • Isaac Bayiita Kisubi Uganda making decisions and watch it being implemented.
      2015-01-15 10:01:00
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