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Comments about Human resource management - The role of the human resources manager

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- Module: Human resource management
- Topic: The role of the human resources manager

Latest Comments

  • Ngwa Bankah United States of America what is refer to as external agent
    2014-12-20 20:12:31

  • Ngwa Bankah United States of America the HR manager has a lot of responsibilities as concern this context
    2014-12-20 20:12:13

  • Manish Koirala Nepal Can we say personnel as non profitable assests(NPA) if they do not perform well?
    2014-11-29 13:11:56

  • Manish Koirala Nepal the role of human resource manager is primarily related to selecting staff, allocating job as per qualification and getting performance report in time. the success of an organisation depends upon the selection procedure of staff from HR manager.
    2014-11-29 13:11:29

  • Manish Koirala Nepal human resource manager has prime role for making concrete plans, policies, etc. for utilising manpower effectively for smooth operation of an organisation.
    2014-11-29 13:11:41

  • yussuph mohamedy Tanzania human resources manager responsible to planning,organizing, creation mativation commonication and implementing policies as well as dertmane future activities human resources plan for the implementation of human resources procedure.
    2014-11-25 09:11:08

  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar State the roles of human resource managers in organizations in terms of managing personnel affairs.
    2014-11-24 17:11:42

    • Robert Wanyonyi Tanzania he is responsible for giving out leave for sick, training employees,holiday taken
      2014-12-09 15:12:00
  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar The role of human resource managers is supreme in managing personnel of the organization in all aspects of each employees' employment life cycles. With a view to strengthening the organization, it is compulsory to reinforce and back up with a good human resource policy administered by the HR managers.
    2014-11-24 17:11:19

  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana What is people oriented approach?
    2014-11-17 14:11:32

    • Alice Bisong Sepa Equatorial Guinea People oriented approach may refer to the manner an employee or a manager is being inter viewed to know the level of knowledge and education they have gained in line with their jobs, experience received and their responsibilities towards their jobs.
      2014-12-08 20:12:56
  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana That is where the Human resources manager goes between management and employees relationship good.
    2014-11-17 14:11:00

  • Tashika Brumfield United States of America Competitiveness, edge and control over management and the employees
    2014-11-13 18:11:51

  • AJANG EKOTE ETOMES Cameroon the HRM and the external facilitators an d change agent who i the best to implement change in the org.
    2014-11-12 09:11:10

    • Robert Wanyonyi Tanzania the facilitator
      2014-12-09 15:12:12
  • AJANG EKOTE ETOMES Cameroon the role of the HFM is to carryout PLANNING,CREATING,COMMUNICATING,AND MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES.they are also responsible for the implementation of a change policy in the org.
    2014-11-12 09:11:11

  • Marvel Michael Nigeria The role of HR manager is to ensure that employee carry their function in the workplace by motivating planning organising and leading employee. They also implement policies as tool to enhance employee performance. They also involve in the employment circle.
    2014-11-06 12:11:57

  • Ernest Mensah Ghana please what is the detailed meaning of change agents or facilitators?
    2014-10-21 12:10:31

    • Roger Banda Zambia when an organisation is about to make changes to its management systems and policies,it does select some employees or managers within the organisation to implement change.Usually human resource spear heads this,but sometimes they higher outsiders to do it.They out source change agents from outside the organisation to facilitate change.These are agents or facilitators
      2014-10-28 23:10:23
  • Jotham John Maata Culango Philippines POLC-CCM is the sole responsiblity of an HR Manager.
    2014-10-14 19:10:26

  • MARY RITA JUSTINE Kenya what are the roles of a human resource manager?
    2014-10-14 06:10:30

  • hassan idriss Kenya The human resources manager plays akey role in organization in planning ,creating, motiveting employees,and leading empolyees -human resource manager mainly responsibile to implement change in work place,procedure and ensure that employees are fully informed- role 0f human resoures manager is implemetations 0f policies
    2014-10-13 06:10:10

  • Piotr Falkowski United Kingdom The human resource manager is required in order to plan, organise, lead, control, create, communicate and motivate the employees.
    2014-10-12 11:10:32

  • Adil Nejjar Morocco The of human resource manger plays a key role in organization for creating the asset(i.e. employees) and a fruitful association with them in order to achieve the organization growth.
    2014-10-10 13:10:50

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