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Comments about Management styles - Generic skill types

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- Module: Management styles
- Topic: Generic skill types

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  • Rodrick Simwanza South Africa These skills are Technical skills like accounting,marketing and public relations.Inter personal and communication skillsfor example verbal and non-verbal communication skills.Decision making and conceptual like visionary skills and strategic planning skills.
    2014-12-20 14:12:52

  • Ngwa Bankah United States of America on the topic, Generic Skill, it really just give out the functions of a real manager in person
    2014-12-18 22:12:21

  • Ashley Probert South Africa All skill types are needed, however some are used more often than others depending on the type of environment you are in.
    2014-12-08 17:12:05

  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar What are the key elements of managers in terms of exercising skills in exercising his management styles.
    2014-11-23 13:11:30

  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar The general skills types are compulsory for the managers and should be able to exercise these skills within the framework of the organization. Manual for managers must be in conformity with the skills set.
    2014-11-23 13:11:07

  • Cephas Hofe Ghana Managers must posses and exhibit those 3 generic skills.
    2014-11-19 17:11:44

  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana Name one generic skill that a manager is expected to display.
    2014-11-17 10:11:00

    • Ekpenyong Perpetua Nigeria Decision making and conceptual skills has to be displayed all the time
      2014-11-23 15:11:53
  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana The three generic skills are very important for a manager to know and not just the basic skills but well in advance through reading and studying at all times.
    2014-11-17 10:11:39

  • Tashika Brumfield United States of America When a manager can't manage to compartmentalize and function with the 3 generic skill types, there's no way a business will operate smoothly.
    2014-11-13 15:11:21

  • Chukwudi Innocent Nigeria T. technical skills.
    2014-11-12 21:11:22

  • Marvel Michael Nigeria the DMC decision making and conceptual skill is mostly essential for managers to adopt
    2014-11-03 13:11:24

  • AJANG EKOTE ETOMES Cameroon who adopt the three skill type to be use by managers
    2014-11-03 12:11:24

    • Ngwa Bankah United States of America all managers do in their various office weather top, mid, bottom
      2014-12-18 22:12:44
  • AJANG EKOTE ETOMES Cameroon generic skill types together with democratic style marches to be a good managing style as a hold
    2014-11-03 12:11:01

  • patrick Tetteh Ghana when a manager fails to put these three generic skills into play what happens
    2014-11-02 14:11:28

  • yussuph mohamedy Tanzania personal communication skills concerptual skills and technical skils
    2014-10-29 21:10:37

  • Doreen Azumboh United Arab Emirates Managers need to exercise inter-personal and communication skills to be able to communicate effectively with other Managers,employees and stakeholders.
    2014-10-27 16:10:41

  • Roger Banda Zambia Anybody to exchange notes with.My e-mail address is
    2014-10-13 12:10:27

  • Piotr Falkowski United Kingdom The generic skill types are: 'T' for technical skills, 'IPC' for inter-personal and communication skills, 'DMC' for decision-making and conceptual skills.
    2014-10-12 09:10:51

  • Adil Nejjar Morocco What is genetic skills
    2014-10-10 13:10:37

    • Roger Banda Zambia technical skills,interpersonal and communication skills,and decision making and concerptual skillz
      2014-10-13 11:10:32
  • Ibrahim Rufai Ghana What is genetic skills?
    2014-10-02 12:10:42

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