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Questions & Answers about Management styles - Generic skill types

The Question must be about:
- Module: Management styles
- Topic: Generic skill types

Latest Questions

  • Franklin Asare-Kumi Ghana What is Deligation
    2014-09-11 11:09:55

  • Franklin Asare-Kumi Ghana What is Visionary skills?
    2014-09-11 11:09:22

  • Zachary Bashore United States of America What are generic skill types?
    2014-09-03 01:09:55

  • Yasmine Kone Cote D'Ivoire What Are Generic Skills? And Why Do We Need Them?
    2014-08-17 22:08:01

    • Ekpenyong Perpetua Nigeria They are skills needed to run the organisation effectively and efficiently
      2014-08-30 10:08:27
    • Mohammed Hussien Yemen alot of skills you have to have and you need them
      2014-08-28 09:08:28
    • Nji Njiremi Cameroon skills acquired on the day to day life without been tough and we need them to communicate in fact they help greatly in organisational growth and stability
      2014-08-25 14:08:28
  • Yasmine Kone Cote D'Ivoire What Are Generic Skills? And Why Do We Need Them?
    2014-08-17 22:08:32

    • Nji Njiremi Cameroon skills acquired on the day to day life without been tough and we need them to communicate in fact they help greatly in organisational growth and stability
      2014-08-25 14:08:46
    • Chinenye Iwundu Nigeria skills acquired without being taught
      2014-08-22 11:08:06
  • OGENMUNGU EDWIN Uganda what is a generic skill type
    2014-08-12 08:08:02

    • Josoa Tolojanahary Madagascar technical, relational and conceptual skills
      2014-08-14 12:08:02
  • Elizabeth Daniels United States of America which one would you use the help your business out
    2014-07-25 20:07:51

    • Nji Njiremi Cameroon all skills are important so long as they to the growth of the company
      2014-08-25 14:08:05
    • Mpanya Dikuyi Zaire all skills
      2014-07-28 12:07:50
  • Anuradha Kushwaha India Why are generic skills important?
    2014-07-25 07:07:10

    • Nji Njiremi Cameroon because they help the man perform his task better without which he is no good manager
      2014-08-25 14:08:12
    • Rosario Garcia Philippines it is important coz a manager should posses all these skills, like be familiarized and updated by these technologies and be able to communicate well to all people involved in the organization and to know what to do how to deal with some situations or issues and able to vision where the organization is heading
      2014-08-02 12:08:55
    • Mpanya Dikuyi Zaire to ensure the basic required skills are met
      2014-07-28 12:07:59
  • Hermina Samuel-Brandis Saint Lucia What is the difference between coaching and mentoring skill types?
    2014-07-23 22:07:11

    • Nji Njiremi Cameroon with coaching the trainee already knows what to do while you simply guide the person grow and know more of what is to be done mentoring you educate the person on what to do in fact what to read in order to pass the exam
      2014-08-25 14:08:45
    • Robert Wanyonyi Tanzania coaching is the training of aperson to acquire certain skills whilie monitoring is the process of waching what the employee is doning.
      2014-07-30 12:07:30
    • Mpanya Dikuyi Zaire coaching is leading by example and mentoring is promoting independent research, decision-making for personal growth
      2014-07-28 12:07:18
    • Mardo Tarr Ngolo Zaire coaching is Orientation and training and mentoring is counseling a person to carry out his assigment correctly.
      2014-07-24 15:07:30
  • Zaheer Abbas Pakistan Without DMC ability a manger can run an organization?
    2014-07-16 12:07:00

    • Mpanya Dikuyi Zaire he will have management deficiencies and many gaps in performing managerial functions
      2014-07-28 12:07:36
  • ARIHO SIMPLISIO Uganda Majorly how many skills should a manager have to survive in this competitive world because you have given out many skills which seems impossible to have all of them
    2014-07-03 16:07:08

    • Adekola Adeyemi Nigeria Certain skills are job specific, and hence it's not necessary/ compulsory to have all the skills. A good manager, though, should be able to learn quickly and know when to utilize certain skills in order to accomplish the goals of the current task/ organization.
      2014-08-14 09:08:04
    • Mpanya Dikuyi Zaire generic skills: • T - technical skills. Those skills specific to the functions, tasks or processes that the manager is carrying out as part of their managerial job description, e.g. accounting, marketing, public relations, machinery use, computer skills. These skills require the manager to apply specialised knowledge and expertise to a specific task area • IPC - inter-personal and communication skills. Those skills which managers need to exercise in order to communicate effectively with other managers, employees, and all other stakeholders of the organisation, and to develop effective relationships between themselves and stakeholders both within and outside the organisation, e.g. verbal and non-verbal communication skills, coaching skills, negotiations • DMC - decision-making and conceptual skills. Those skills associated with being able to see the 'big' picture, and to recognise and understand the many complex issues that need to be dealt with by organisations, together with the ability to make decisions that will lead the organisation down the right path to achieve their stated objectives, e.g. visionary skills, strategic planning skills, analysing skills, interpreting skills, organisational skills and forecasting skills.
      2014-07-28 12:07:40
  • Ferdinand Farmer Barbados Would anyone like to work with me in comparing notes and completing the exercise on this page located in the text document? We can collaborate via Skype, e-mail or I can share a folder on my Google drive. There is also another exercise we can collaborate on in the last lesson "Relationship between management styles and management skills and competencies".
    2014-06-24 15:06:31

    • Nji Njiremi Cameroon skype name remidarems
      2014-08-25 14:08:32
    • Mpanya Dikuyi Zaire later
      2014-07-28 12:07:24
    • Mardo Tarr Ngolo Zaire hi, i would like to be in. i dont know if i am late. my skype name is meskom22.
      2014-07-24 15:07:29
    • Anthony Aureliano Joseph Fernandes India Hi, I would like to work with you for the above exercise, please let me know ! however I have missed the previous one but will catch up on that one too..
      2014-07-17 18:07:58
    • ARIHO SIMPLISIO Uganda Good to hear from you but i don't know how you work with Alison
      2014-07-03 16:07:23
    • Goodness Abubakar Nigeria yea i would like to compare notes with you..or have you found someone already?
      2014-06-30 11:06:36
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