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Comments about Management structures and objectives - Management roles

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- Module: Management structures and objectives
- Topic: Management roles
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Latest Comments

  • Epie Elvis Akwoge Thailand Generic managerial functions(POLC CCM) are all aimed at achieving the objectives of the organisation.therefore a good understanding of the mission/vision statement of the organisation is reguired of managers.
    2015-01-25 10:01:52

  • E MMANUEL OWUSU Ghana Generic management functions are all directed towards the achievement of organizational objectives
    2015-01-24 15:01:08

  • Henry Banda Botswana Its therefore important for manager to know and understand company,s objectives
    2015-01-20 15:01:53

  • Benita Owolabi United States of America No ?
    2015-01-20 07:01:59

  • Benita Owolabi United States of America The corporate culture of an organisation may be defined as 'the system of shared values' that exists within the corporate structure of an organisation. The existence of a corporate culture implies that there is a common set of values and norms that form the basis for all work practices and procedures that are carried out within the organisation.
    2015-01-20 07:01:36

  • Israel Nii Odotei Sowah Ghana Managers model the way to achieve objectives in organizations.
    2015-01-19 17:01:05

  • Sadadul Islam Bangladesh Manager always follow Management roles.
    2015-01-19 09:01:14

  • gregrey jessesen apianpian Nigeria Management roles are the spine of the organisation. in accomplishing the objectives of the organisation
    2015-01-16 22:01:57

  • Peter Ndirangu Muthee Tanzania Structured roles brings predictable results. Unstructured roles results to unpredictable results.
    2015-01-15 14:01:35

    2015-01-14 15:01:53

  • Fatuma Ndope Kenya The position really matters because every manager has a role to play in an organization.
    2015-01-13 13:01:43

  • Stella Okoro Nigeria manager perform vetal roles to see that organisational goals are achieved.
    2015-01-08 19:01:02

  • Terri-Leigh B United Kingdom All organisations hold nanagement roles this will depend on with managerial place each staff member is in. Staff such as mangers and seniors will have much more specific roles than uthers
    2015-01-08 01:01:10

  • malti seta India the basic motto is to avhieve the aim of the prganisation
    2015-01-06 09:01:35

  • Buabeng Godfred Kyei Ghana The principal aim of any manager's role is to achieve the objectives of the organisation. To do this the manager must be able to motivate, communicate and direct his follow well.
    2014-12-31 11:12:32

  • kibet Tonui Kenya Being a front line manager doesn't means you cane make decision alone on matters affecting an organization but you consoult with other managers from other capacities in an organization
    2014-12-30 20:12:17

  • Ernest Chisanga Sichone South Africa Environments within which organisations operate have a major bearing on its culture and as such they must be flexible and able to adapt to these environments
    2014-12-30 09:12:06

  • Almahi Nimir Sudan the principal aim of any manager's role is to achieve the objectives of the organisation.
    2014-12-23 09:12:04

  • Rodrick Simwanza Zambia The generic management roles of allmanagers are Planning,Organising,Leading,Controlling,Communicating,Creating, and Motivating.The principal aim is to achieve the objectives of the organisation.
    2014-12-19 08:12:04

  • RILEAN NGWA United States of America understood
    2014-12-18 15:12:31

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