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Comments about Management structures and objectives - Management roles

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- Module: Management structures and objectives
- Topic: Management roles

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  • Crown-Prince Akinwunmi Nigeria I am a front line manager but my manager most times shutdown my ideas and always wants to use his, most times he is not right, others employees see this too, what do I do right now, how can I partner with my Manager.
    2014-12-16 14:12:58

  • Gregory Oyinloye Nigeria Medical professionals are usually poor managers, what can we do to improve our management skills in the heathcare sector; specific roles of medical professional in healthcare management
    2014-12-13 03:12:28

  • Jermaine Johnson United States of America every manager must know how to plan and perform their organizational goals.
    2014-12-01 13:12:12

  • Fathima Rikaza Sri Lanka Management is a process of achieving organizational goals through engaging in the seven major functions of planning, organizing,leading , controlling ,communicating, creating and motivating.the managers work with superiors,peers,intermediates and work through its subordinates and agents to achieve goals.
    2014-12-01 10:12:46

  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar Whose decision is most and fundamentally important to meet the goals and objectives of the organization's mission statement? Elaborate more about the role the CEO played in an organization?
    2014-11-20 17:11:35

  • Mang Hau Thang Myanmar In distribution of power and authority of managers determined by the CEO is supreme. In addition, the effective assessment of the Divisions and Sections led by each manager in terms of performance should be in regular period as to meet the goals and objectives set out according to the Mission and Vision statement of the organization.
    2014-11-20 17:11:18

  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana What is the principal aim of any managers role?
    2014-11-13 16:11:06

  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana What does POLC CCM means?
    2014-11-13 16:11:59

    • Remmy Ntambi United Kingdom Its planning , organising, leading, controlling, communication, creating and motivation . They are the essential resources needed for any organisation
      2014-12-02 22:12:59
  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana Why do managers perform certain roles in any organization?
    2014-11-13 16:11:17

    • Remmy Ntambi United Kingdom Like which ones Seidu
      2014-12-02 22:12:44
  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana Management roles means responsibilities,accountability and professionalism which makes everyone knows he or she do on a daily basis.
    2014-11-13 16:11:21

  • Tashika Brumfield United States of America Management perform generic roles but it mainly depends on the type of position per your assigned task.
    2014-11-13 14:11:29

  • Cephas Hofe Ghana The priority of any manager of an organization is to work towards the attainment of the organization's goal.
    2014-11-13 11:11:25

  • hassan idriss Kenya manager role in an organization is to acheive the organization goals
    2014-11-08 09:11:15

  • Chukwudi Innocent Nigeria managers most know how to perform 'POLC CCM' functions or roles
    2014-11-06 22:11:11

  • Pradeep Sharma India aimed towards achieving organisational goals
    2014-11-02 16:11:20

  • patrick Tetteh Ghana every managers role in an organization is to achieve the organizational goals.
    2014-11-01 19:11:24

  • Colile Mthethwa Swaziland Managers perform certain roles in any given organisation and the principal aim of any manager is to achieve the objectives of an organisation.
    2014-10-30 09:10:10

  • AJANG EKOTE ETOMES Cameroon who see to it that organizational goals are being achieved?
    2014-10-29 12:10:16

  • AJANG EKOTE ETOMES Cameroon managers do play a generic role in the organization,and the objective of this role is to achieve the company's goal.
    2014-10-29 11:10:25

  • Marvel Michael Nigeria with proper planning, managers could achieve their goals if only they apply either the generic or specified management role to their plan and implementation.
    2014-10-28 09:10:17

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