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Management roles

Questions & Answers about Management structures and objectives - Management roles

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- Module: Management structures and objectives
- Topic: Management roles

Latest Questions

  • Naay Martins Brazil No entanto, o principal objectivo da função de qualquer gestor é para atingir os objetivos da organização, correto e quem deve estar no comando se o CEO organização foi suspensa para a realização de corrupção na organização, se for o caso, que para a a posição do CEO para dirigir a organização durante este tempo?
    2014-04-13 02:04:21

  • Thomas Haingura Mburuka Namibia However, the principal aim of any manager's role is to achieve the objectives of the organization,correct and who should be in charge if the organization CEO has been suspended for performing corruption in the organization if is the case who to be in the position of the CEO to direct the organization during this time?
    2014-04-02 07:04:47

    • Lindo Sithole South Africa An organization has the formal leadership structure in place which is responsible for the success or failure of the organization, if the COE is suspended, there would be one to take up the position until the issue is resolved
      2014-04-04 10:04:35
  • KEHINDE AHMED ADETONA Gambia Is Leading and Directing the same? and if not why is Directing not been treated as a generic management role
    2014-03-29 10:03:54

    • Rachel Spotswoode United Kingdom leading is more about inspiring your workforce, rolemodelling for your staff to follow and seeing the longer term picture. Directing can be more individual - for example delegation. Both leading and directing are part of management roles.
      2014-03-29 16:03:34
  • Celestine Minayo Kenya Is sacking an employee part of management role?
    2014-03-25 15:03:28

    • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon To lead will stand to take the front step and to direct is to conduct.
      2014-04-08 13:04:07
    • KEHINDE AHMED ADETONA Gambia Sacking of employees has more to do with management function and as a disciplinary action it will be part of the policy and culture of the organization
      2014-03-29 11:03:10
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