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Comments about Managing large scale organisations - Specific management functions

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- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Specific management functions
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Jole freza Gale Uganda managers have specific roles to play in a business to ensure its success
    2015-04-21 13:04:36

  • aaa
    Elvis Asiedu Colombia Notwithstanding the functions mentioned earlier in our studies, there other functions that we can also take notes of. These functions of the manager is Luther Gulick & Lyndall Urwick referred to as POSDCORB. The seven management functions according to POSDCORB model are: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Co-ordinating, Reporting and Budgeting.
    2015-04-17 22:04:41

  • aaa
    Linda Daway Dominica A manager must ensure that he/she has the skills and knowledge to run the organization effeciently. These daily tasks are very useful.
    2015-04-17 01:04:33

  • aaa
    Esther Temitope Omoboriowo Nigeria As a manager of an organization, these specific areas are useful for our daily task.
    2015-04-16 15:04:55

  • aaa
    Khin Mie Mie Zaw Myanmar All skills are quite useful for our managers daily life.
    2015-04-16 08:04:55

  • aaa
    Khin Mie Mie Zaw Myanmar Varities or managerial skills are quite useful for all positions.
    2015-04-16 08:04:08

  • aaa
    Gutema Adem Ethiopia specific managment functions
    2015-04-14 12:04:02

  • aaa
    Emmason Osuagwu Nigeria specific managerial functions differs, based on organisations product and services
    2015-04-14 11:04:38

  • aaa
    Mervyn Viano Zimbabwe Specific managerial task are determined by the organizational structure and the incumbent's filed of skills specialization.
    2015-04-11 15:04:48

  • aaa
    Maikaelelo Chepete Botswana The specific management functions a manager will perform are determined by the structure of the organisation and by the area of expertise that the manager specialises in within the organisation, period.
    2015-04-11 10:04:08

  • aaa
    Win Aye Myanmar Do we definitely need to study these courses before we start our job?
    2015-04-10 18:04:01

  • aaa
    Win Aye Myanmar Module - overall approach is good for learners. Topic- Can be clearly understandable.
    2015-04-10 17:04:57

  • aaa
    Uduak Okon Nigeria Does this go for small businesses?
    2015-04-09 14:04:04

  • aaa
    phelix mwaanga [[]] I am finding dificult studing online, may you please help me by some Modules all of them in my inbox. Thank you (( Diplom_BME
    2015-04-08 00:04:43

    • aaa
      phelix mwaanga [[]] I am repuesting for modules through my inbox am finding it challenging to study online I am doing diploma in Business management and Entrepreneurship
      2015-04-08 00:04:06
  • aaa
    John Ikwe Nigeria A well define function or responsibilities for managers base on organisational structure for effective purpose and to achieve goal and objectives.
    2015-04-07 23:04:49

  • aaa
    Dharono Trisawego Indonesia clear function for a manager
    2015-04-07 11:04:43

  • aaa
    Simbarashe Vengai Zimbabwe The specific management function a manager is to perform depends on the structure of the organisation.
    2015-04-04 16:04:41

  • aaa
    Marika Pancho Philippines managing all areas of business is we can called teamwork.
    2015-04-04 16:04:06

  • aaa
    Jayalakshmi Jayakumar United States of America A manager wears many hats. Not only is a manager a team leader, but he or she is also a planner, organizer, cheerleader, coach, problem solver, and decision maker — all rolled into one. And these are just a few of a manager's roles. In addition, managers' schedules are usually jam‐packed. Whether they're busy with employee meetings, unexpected problems, or strategy sessions, managers often find little spare time on their calendars. (And that doesn't even include responding to e‐mail!) In his classic book, The Nature of Managerial Work, Henry Mintzberg describes a set of ten roles that a manager fills. These roles fall into three categories: Interpersonal: This role involves human interaction. Informational: This role involves the sharing and analyzing of information. Decisional: This role involves decision making.
    2015-04-02 03:04:19

  • aaa
    Jonathan Nyangweso Kenya Specific functions of a manager are dependent on the organization structure in consists with the area of expertise. For example we have got marketing and public relation manager whose work is to make sure services and products produced are of the right style and for the right consumer and satisfy consumers complaints. Also general administrative manager whose work is to make sure all paper work data and analysis are completed in the right time efficiently. We have HR department whose work is to motivate employees to achieve organization objective. We have operations manager whose work is to meet customers demand and organization objective.
    2015-03-30 14:03:09

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