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Specific management functions

Questions & Answers about Managing large scale organisations - Specific management functions

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- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Specific management functions

Latest Questions

  • Motilade Ajayi Nigeria How can we differentiate the functions of human resource manager from that of operations manager?
    2014-04-23 15:04:48

  • Olaoluwa Jamiu Mustapha Nigeria Every manager must carry his or her subordinate along and show them sense of belonging at all time in any organization.
    2014-04-23 15:04:49

  • Temitope Afun-ogidan Nigeria In a situation where the manager are performing double roles in an organisation, how do we differentiate a specific role that manager is doing?
    2014-04-23 15:04:06

    2014-04-23 07:04:37

  • Trust Mapfumo Zimbabwe What are specific management functions a manager should perform in a general organization ?
    2014-04-22 14:04:27

    • Trust Mapfumo Zimbabwe Marketing and public relations, Banking and Finance, General Administration and Distribution. In addition to the above mentioned Implementation and Evaluation -the managers must ensure that the plans have been implemented and some evaluations of the systems or programs have been performed meticulously well.
      2014-04-22 15:04:26
  • patrick Tetteh Ghana under general management is it always the duty of the manager to do the paper work ?
    2014-04-22 00:04:51

    • Johnjohnsen Phiri Malawi No its not only for the boss everyone has a respobility to do the paper work for the sake of cross checking information and proof
      2014-04-22 15:04:25
    • Trust Mapfumo Zimbabwe The manager is suppose to do the paperwork, in the sense that the duty of the manager is to make sure that things are done through the employees. And to safeguard the company documents so it is imperative that the manager works the papers.
      2014-04-22 15:04:53
    • Oscar Mambwe Zambia well i think not always. what about delegating...
      2014-04-22 09:04:16
  • Pavel Zeman Slovakia marketing,bankingand finance ,general administration,distribution
    2014-04-16 18:04:03

    • Nyunt Win Aung .nwa Myanmar You left two :D ... human resource and operations
      2014-04-21 09:04:12
    • Yasmin Hoyle Philippines They have a different responsibility
      2014-04-20 09:04:01
  • T Alsuwaidi Qatar How can the manager manage all that without his team ?
    2014-04-16 07:04:19

    • Olaoluwa Obe United Arab Emirates TO be successful in managing organisation YOu need team members cause no man is island. sharing of knowledge and ideas and division of labours is very important
      2014-04-21 17:04:57
    • Yeno Ansa Ethiopia it's an indication of the manager quality so that, hi has to do a lot. As we read in the Previous he has to communicate within the organisation and improve his managing skill.
      2014-04-16 11:04:22
  • Selesitino Manumanunivalu Fiji Can the owner of the Organisations be the Manager or appointed someone else?
    2014-04-15 03:04:39

    • Olaoluwa Obe United Arab Emirates He can appointed someone as deputy manager to assist
      2014-04-21 18:04:18
    • Emmanuel Dibango Cameroon He has to appoint someone else in case it is a large scale organisation.
      2014-04-15 14:04:43
  • Naay Martins Brazil Pode um gerente de combinar todas as funções específicas de gestão e ainda funcionar bem?
    2014-04-13 02:04:47

  • ambition james Nigeria Can a manager combine all the specific management functions and yet function well?
    2014-04-09 10:04:39

    • Nyunt Win Aung .nwa Myanmar I think a manager can combine all above. But, I dare say it's not a good choice for long term.
      2014-04-21 09:04:43
  • Ogunmola Eniola United Kingdom what if the manager doesn't have fun knowledge of accounting can he or she be fit to the position of manager?
    2014-04-08 12:04:53

    • Mandla Phillip Ndimande South Africa imagine that you know how to do the job but don't know compile your income and expenses.
      2014-04-14 00:04:06
    • Roberta Sumbwe Tanzania Yes
      2014-04-11 18:04:50
  • Eriobu Kanayochukwu Germany can someone be made manager in a field without knowledge about the field
    2014-04-04 03:04:50

    • Mandla Phillip Ndimande South Africa swim in the deep end without knowing how to swim and you'll drawn
      2014-04-14 00:04:20
    • Alan Akehurst China Yes, in certain cases this can happen. If you are already a trained manager in a different field then yes you can become a manager in another field. The company hiring you will accept you based on your managerial experience and train you in the field that they will employ you in. To accept a position that is out of your field of expertise you must also be willing to learn about this field
      2014-04-10 07:04:57
    • Mana Abd Al Aziz Saudi Arabia NO
      2014-04-07 13:04:17
  • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon Can we affirm than mostly specific management functions are deeply influenced by decicion's makers (Owners)?
    2014-04-02 14:04:27

    • Mandla Phillip Ndimande South Africa Owners assume that because they started the business, they must know what their customers want. Wrong!
      2014-04-14 00:04:05
    • Mana Abd Al Aziz Saudi Arabia NO
      2014-04-07 13:04:51
  • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon Is there any interdependance of specific management functions as far as they are concern in inpowering Large scale organizations?
    2014-04-02 14:04:41

  • Thomas Haingura Mburuka Namibia Is there major specific function in management of an organization to mitigate the full objectives of the large scale organisations
    2014-03-29 12:03:37

    • Mana Abd Al Aziz Saudi Arabia YES
      2014-04-07 13:04:17
    • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon I think Human Ressources well managed will help mitigating the full objectives of the large scale organisations
      2014-04-02 14:04:46
  • KEHINDE AHMED ADETONA Gambia Is it possible to motivate employees to achieve organizational objective at the expense of job satisfaction or personal achievement or advancement? Most companies are pre- occupied with meeting the organization objective which most of the time is more and more profit.
    2014-03-28 20:03:44

    • Mana Abd Al Aziz Saudi Arabia YES
      2014-04-07 13:04:29
    • Eriobu Kanayochukwu Germany it is possible to motivate employees to achieve organizational objective. a motivated employee can get more than 100% and it is good for the organization. Any organization occupied with meeting only their objective without motivating their employees are bound to fail.
      2014-04-03 22:04:44
    • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon Personal achievement and advancement of employees is greatter source of motivation to them in improving the organization objectives.
      2014-04-02 14:04:03
  • Tony Wang China Is there any sales managers task there?
    2014-03-26 15:03:53

    • Mana Abd Al Aziz Saudi Arabia NO
      2014-04-07 13:04:53
    • Evelyn Jacobs United States of America the sales managers task would fall under marketing and public relations because they would be ensuring that the right consumer would have the correct services/products at the right time.
      2014-04-04 23:04:41
  • Ogunmola Eniola United Kingdom Can I use the Same characteristics I used for large scale organisation as well on medium scale organisation
    2014-03-25 14:03:45

    • Alan Akehurst China It is possible, as stated in previous answers if the medium company is striving towards becoming a large scale company then yes it is possible, but you must remember these charateristics are a guideline for the way most companies operate. Not all of them follow these rules and you may have to adjust for different organisations weather it be Large, medium or small scale
      2014-04-10 07:04:33
    • Mana Abd Al Aziz Saudi Arabia YES
      2014-04-07 13:04:40
    • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon Possible, at the extend that Medium scale organizations' ambition is to become large scale organizations.
      2014-04-02 14:04:16
    • Maymur Bin Karnain Other I think few things need to be adjusted for medium organization. We all need to customize for our use.
      2014-03-27 06:03:23
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