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Comments about Managing large scale organisations - Characteristics of large scale organisations

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- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Characteristics of large scale organisations

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  • Peta Gay Logan - Gray Jamaica Before a business can be classified as a large scale Enterprise, it has to have certain characteristics , such as; * employees must be in excess of 100. * Company turn over can be in excess of hundreds of thousand or even millions. * The organization can have multiple owners. * The asses Can be as much as the turn over. * there is an obvious distinction in power between the owners and management. These characteristics can varied depending on the business uniqueness
    2014-11-26 04:11:47

  • Priya Dutta India There are a range of circumstances or facts that contribute to the unique nature of large-scale organisations. Among them the generally accepted criteria for classifying an organisation as large are:1.Employee base – it employs more than 100 employees .2.Total assets – it owns substantial assets. 3.Total revenue – it earns substantial gross income or earnings.4.Profits- it has substantial gross profits or net profits after tax. 5.Size of operations – it can operate using single or multiple factories, branches and stores.6.Number of business locations – can be local, regional, state-based, national or global.
    2014-11-25 11:11:44

  • Antwon Jackson United States of America Can a small business be a large scale organization? How can a small business be managed as a large scale organization ?
    2014-11-23 22:11:51

  • Manish Koirala Nepal Simply, managing large scale organisations is completed task. different resources such as human resources, finance, distributing channel , etc have to be utilized properly. depth analysis is notable thing to get success . Importantly, many mega projects are being operated in large scale organisation. Key features of large scale organisations are found out as under: 1. many technical and non technical manpower, consultants. etc. are getting involved. 2. huge capital is needed. 3. large turn over is found out. 4. chances of getting international market shortly. 5. others
    2014-11-23 13:11:56

  • Halimah Sosanya Nigeria The characteristics are not mentioned. Please I would appreciate if the characteristics are mentioned. Thanks SOSANYA HALIMAH. E Nigeria
    2014-11-21 12:11:21

  • Alphonse Sarpong Ghana on on we go okay
    2014-11-21 01:11:18

  • rabia nisar Pakistan I am not clear about the three categories mentioned. What falls into exhaustiveness andeexclusivity?
    2014-11-17 18:11:23

  • SONIA WILLS United States of America What is exhaustiveness and exclusivity in a large scale organization? What are the 3 categories?
    2014-11-17 08:11:17

  • SONIA WILLS United States of America How to manage a large scale organization? What are the characteristics of a large scale organisations
    2014-11-17 08:11:36

    • Oyindamola Omisakin Nigeria The characteristics are the six mentioned in clips above.The first is (1)It has more than 100 employees,(2)The enterprise's assets are of similar vaue to turnover etc.
      2014-11-20 22:11:17
  • SONIA WILLS United States of America Managing large scale organizations Characteristic of large scale organisations
    2014-11-17 08:11:15

  • SONIA WILLS United States of America The management of large scale organization must be able to fit into at least one of 3 categories, small, medium, or large. However, not all large scale organization will nessarily exhibit all of the filling characteristics of a large scale organizations.
    2014-11-17 08:11:04

  • Esam Alshareef Jordan Characteristics of large scale organization: - Great deal of political power - Large and complex structures - Major influence on economy - Multinational - Large amount of taxes paid to Government
    2014-11-15 18:11:57

  • Nawfal AlSawah Iraq what about the companies that have more than 5000 employee and and the turnover/ revenue more than a hundred millions? how we classify it?
    2014-11-13 21:11:57

    • Esam Alshareef Jordan Hello MR Nawfal, i think that organization who emloys 300 or more and earning revenue in the millions and having assets more than $100 million, is considered as a large scale organization.
      2014-11-15 19:11:39
  • Evelyn Mkangi Kenya basic rules of classification: exhaustiveness and exclusivity
    2014-11-13 09:11:52

  • ODUMESO DAMILOLA United Kingdom How does the rules of classification link to the characteristics of large scale organisation in order to manage it.
    2014-11-12 09:11:34

  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana What are the advantages and disadvantages large scale organizations.
    2014-11-11 13:11:21

  • Seidu Iddrisu Ghana Managing large scale organizations has to do with Management functions and contribution to the economy as well as objectives and strategies.
    2014-11-11 13:11:09

  • Bangalie Trawally Liberia What are the basic characteristics of large scare organizations?
    2014-11-11 11:11:32

  • FAKOLADE oluwadamilola Nigeria What are the characteristics to apply to small scale organization
    2014-11-10 09:11:59

  • Dadirayi Precious Chipfunde Zimbabwe What is the difference between large and small organisations
    2014-11-09 17:11:24

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