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Comments about Managing large scale organisations - Characteristics of large scale organisations

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- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Characteristics of large scale organisations

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  • Kareem Kenneth Nigeria The characteristics of a large scale organisation are all encompassing - covering the leadership and managerial facets. Their operations have a great impact on economic transformation vis-a-vis employment creation, revenue generation and fiscal responsibility. As such, detailed attention should be paid to the workability of such ventures across board.
    2014-10-20 15:10:10

  • Charles Sabande Zimbabwe Large-scale organisations make a significant contribution to the economy as a whole and it is for this reason that governments take a special interest in the successful operation of these organisations The main significant contributions that these organisations make include:Employment,Goods and services,Revenue,Competition,Community welfare,Foster international relations
    2014-10-19 15:10:15

  • Mojisola Awojoodu Nigeria Considering the challenges being faced by the large scale organizations,how can these challenges be tackled for effective management of the organization?
    2014-10-17 06:10:55

  • Mojisola Awojoodu Nigeria A large scale organisation has a large number of employees,substantial assets,revenue/earnings,profit after tax,numerous business locations and large market shares.
    2014-10-17 06:10:40

  • Neil Rahman Bangladesh A large scale organisation consists a large capital, skilled labour and workforce. Good Entrepeneurship. Efficiency is priorotized to the maximum. Consisting a research team well invested to carry on researches for further improvements to keep up with the competition with other large scale organisations in the same industry. Consists a large number of satisfied customers worldwide.
    2014-10-16 17:10:42

  • allieu kamara Sierra Leone How can I get my certificate
    2014-10-16 03:10:50

  • Augustine Niadatone Ghana A large scale organisation has a large number of employees. It also involves huge capital investments and serves a large number of customers.
    2014-10-15 17:10:44

  • Melissa Kimble United States of America Difference between the size of organizations and how to classify them.
    2014-10-15 15:10:06

  • Doreen Azumboh United Arab Emirates Characteristics of large scale organisation will have to do with the huge labour force and the revenue's involved in terms of money.
    2014-10-14 17:10:35

  • mark akim mathew South Sudan managing large organisation happens, the firm could have huge capital, manpower mostly skills one and good oganisational frame work.
    2014-10-14 08:10:15

  • Tamika Martin United Kingdom The characteristics of large organisations is dependent on it's huge size, structure, capital, it's competent productivity and turn over. The management of such organisations would be greatly extensive.
    2014-10-14 03:10:12

  • hassan idriss Kenya the characteristics of a large scale organizations has to be the size of the organization and required large numbers of employees to get more productivity
    2014-10-13 13:10:42

  • Dennis Opare South Africa The characteristics of a large scale organizations happens to be the size of the organizations, the huge number of employees, sophisticated structures and networks
    2014-10-13 02:10:11

  • Piotr Falkowski United Kingdom A large scale organisation is required to have more then a 100 employees and have a turnover which is calculated in millions, as well as there is a similarity between the assets they hold and the turnover for the company.
    2014-10-12 09:10:57

  • jacob john Nigeria what is characteristgcs of large scale organisation
    2014-10-11 23:10:11

  • Adil Nejjar Morocco Large scale organisations are the one which produces products at large scale and need more work power and money in order to get more productivity.
    2014-10-10 14:10:35

  • sulaiman yayangida Nigeria What are the characteristics of large scale organisation?
    2014-10-10 12:10:25

  • Justice Aikins Ghana What differentiate large organizations from small ones?
    2014-10-09 11:10:51

  • Justice Aikins Ghana They have large staff base, example from 40 staff upwards, they also have well established organizational structure
    2014-10-09 11:10:59

  • marissa entero Philippines what are the defining factors for such a business?
    2014-10-09 06:10:55

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