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Characteristics of large scale organisations

Questions & Answers about Managing large scale organisations - Characteristics of large scale organisations

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- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Characteristics of large scale organisations

Latest Questions

  • Candano Lawrence Uganda what is the relationship do large scale organization and small scale have
    2014-04-18 08:04:33

  • T Alsuwaidi Qatar How can Managing large scale organisations in simple way?
    2014-04-16 06:04:46

  • Sania Dewi Indonesia What would I do to be entrepeneur?
    2014-04-15 02:04:06

    • Yahwin Aguh Nigeria You need to plan towards it. Have a business idea and how to manage such business. One important aspect in being an entrepreneur is after youi have an idea of a business and how strategically plan and management that business, you finance to set up the business. When the finance is there, then you think of employees. if it is a large scale business you want to go into, proper planning on how to setup and run the business is required.
      2014-04-17 02:04:22
  • Adomako Daniel Ghana so if an organisation fails one of these basic characteristics can it still be classified under large scale organisation?
    2014-04-14 14:04:23

  • Naay Martins Brazil As características básicas da organização em grande escala deve ser exaustividade e exclusividade em suas categorias
    2014-04-13 02:04:36

  • Aman Jeet India How to manage large scale organisation
    2014-04-12 12:04:18

  • Christopher Rhoden Jamaica what are the charcteristics of large scale organization?
    2014-04-10 15:04:52

    • Aman Jeet India It is very good in management
      2014-04-12 12:04:38
  • Annet Nsubuga Uganda how does exclusivity relate to large scale organistions
    2014-04-10 12:04:30

  • Annet Nsubuga Uganda What are the characteristics of large scale organisations?
    2014-04-10 11:04:13

  • Matt Green United Kingdom What is the typical hierarchy of command in a large organisation?
    2014-04-10 07:04:48

  • Ciiru Shee Bahrain How to manage large scale organisations and characteristics of large scale organisations?
    2014-04-08 10:04:07

  • moneke sandra Nigeria The basic characteristics of large scale organisation should be exhaustiveness and exclusivity in their categories
    2014-04-08 06:04:59

  • Neha Agarwal India from where the enterprise operates?
    2014-04-05 11:04:48

    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other it operates in a targeted market
      2014-04-07 15:04:27
  • Evelyn Jacobs United States of America can it be said that an small scale organization can be effectively successful if there is a great amount of experience involved?
    2014-04-04 00:04:03

    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other experience and commitment of the experienced can make any organisation successfull
      2014-04-07 14:04:06
    • Obase Clement Musango Other experience matters in running and enterprise but thre must be enough expertise for it to function well and efficiently.
      2014-04-06 21:04:11
  • Eriobu Kanayochukwu Germany is large scale organization determined by number of employees
    2014-04-03 21:04:41

    • sipho sibanda Other partly yes, but thats not the determining factor
      2014-04-13 13:04:18
    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other i believe that its determined by capital employed by an institution
      2014-04-07 14:04:34
  • MIRAJ PESSA Tanzania is it possible for an enterprises to be called large scale enterprise as it lack some of the criteria or characteristics for example its operation is only intrastate and not involve with other state or operating overseas?
    2014-04-03 20:04:31

    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other it is possible. its only determined by the capital employed in that particular region in which the enterprise is located
      2014-04-07 14:04:50
  • Abiodun Oshukunuofa kolawole Nigeria what are the other characteristics of large scale organisations?
    2014-04-02 18:04:18

    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other Capital employed
      2014-04-07 14:04:50
    • Maria Ekpo-otu Nigeria Some other Includes: substantial assets and revenue,a large market share and also serving a large customer.
      2014-04-03 15:04:49
  • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon Is managing large scale organisations based on all the characteristics or on some principal one?
    2014-04-02 12:04:44

    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other it is based on principal
      2014-04-07 14:04:05
  • KAMEDJE Hugues Marthial Cameroon Are there similar characteristics between large scale, medium scale and small scale organisations?
    2014-04-02 12:04:28

    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other they are similar characteristics though they differ in size and quantity for example all they employ capital though it differs in the amount of capital employed
      2014-04-07 14:04:03
  • Jude Lubwama Uganda what are the characteristics of large scale organizations,as compared to medium or small scale?
    2014-04-02 08:04:47

    • sipho sibanda Other there's a clear distinction in separtion of powers, between the owners and the management team
      2014-04-13 14:04:32
    • Tatenda Nyamavanga Other large scale organisations have the financial muscles to employ highly qualified employees than medium and small organisations
      2014-04-07 15:04:06
    • MIRAJ PESSA Tanzania i think the characteristic of having distinction and separation of power between owners and managers might be one of the comparison to medium and small scale
      2014-04-03 20:04:51
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