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Questions & Answers about Managing large scale organisations - Characteristics of large scale organisations

The Question must be about:
- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Characteristics of large scale organisations

Latest Questions

  • Maria Mitchell - Cooper Trinidad and Tobago What is the basic rules of classification
    2014-10-01 18:10:32

  • Maria Mitchell - Cooper Trinidad and Tobago How do you manage a large scale organization
    2014-10-01 18:10:31

  • Lameck Yengayenga, S. Tanzania what about the characteristics of large scale organisations.
    2014-10-01 13:10:57

  • Lameck Yengayenga, S. Tanzania what is managing scale organisations.
    2014-10-01 13:10:20

  • bernadith onipa Malaysia What is the three categories of organisation?
    2014-10-01 07:10:01

    • maricar pia Philippines small,medium and large scale
      2014-10-01 13:10:01
    • George Mwale Zambia MEDIUM,SMALL AND LARGE
      2014-10-01 11:10:37
  • Sheila Prew United States of America What is the difference in large scale, medium scale and small scale managing organizations?
    2014-10-01 06:10:01

    • maricar pia Philippines in the module that i read there are no explanation for that.For me the small scale is the main starting point of the organization,the medium scale is the core or the med of the organization and the large scale this is the most or the highest organization of the company.
      2014-10-01 13:10:37
  • Bedzina Confidence Dominc Ghana does it mean any organization which has more than 100 employees can be classify as large irrespective of other essential factors.
    2014-09-30 22:09:15

  • Bol Baraham Chol South Sudan what are the characteristic of large scale organisation?
    2014-09-30 13:09:31

    • George Mwale Zambia IT must have more than 100 employees,the turn over must be equivelent to assets,
      2014-10-01 11:10:21
  • Cephas Amesawu South Africa How does the management of large scale organisation different from others?
    2014-09-30 10:09:40

  • Cephas Amesawu South Africa What is the benefits of large scale organisation?
    2014-09-30 10:09:04

  • Sylvester Kalongo Zambia am asking for modules
    2014-09-30 10:09:35

  • Jerome Cannon Australia how does a company go about generating enough base revenue to become a large scale organisation, i know angel investors are a large part of it, but how does a company DIRECTLY become stable in it's own right.
    2014-09-30 05:09:54

  • jontavis Smith United States of America How do I get to manage a large business trade store
    2014-09-29 13:09:02

  • rhyse terence Papua New Guinea How do I get to manage a small buisness e.g a trade store
    2014-09-29 03:09:37

  • ahmed mohamed ali Egypt 1-how many employees 2-turnover and revenue 3-the value of assets 4-how many partners 5- how many places thee company operated 6-the relation between owners and management of company
    2014-09-28 04:09:45

    2014-09-27 14:09:08

  • Wael ali India What I have to do if I want to be successful manager??
    2014-09-26 13:09:37

  • VIVIEN ALBERT Nigeria Can an organisation with 2 intrastate locations seen as a large scale organisation ?
    2014-09-26 10:09:26

  • Ugo Ani [[-]] Can a large scale business be classified also base on their cash flow
    2014-09-25 00:09:45

  • Eugenia Danchie Ghana How does the relationship between owners and management of an enterprise become a characteristics of a large scale enterprise?
    2014-09-23 12:09:07

    • Tanedjeu Kemgang Cameroon I think the relationship should be clearly defined, they both should know the limit of their power in a large scale enterprise.
      2014-09-29 08:09:24
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