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Comments about Enhancing retrieval and memory - Memory: peg word method

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- Module: Enhancing retrieval and memory
- Topic: Memory: peg word method
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Agnieszka Filipkowska Poland Funny, simple, helpful.
    2015-04-13 08:04:03

  • aaa
    Mike Lees United Kingdom Peg method is another method of enhancing recall, I think however we all invent our own individual methods.
    2015-02-24 20:02:31

  • aaa
    Stephen Diya Nigeria Good explanation
    2015-02-17 12:02:52

  • aaa
    Melissa Stephanie Pring United Kingdom The peg method would take a while to learn for myself and I should think that applies to others aswell, it seems as though it could be a terrific method if you could mater it?
    2015-02-01 01:02:05

  • aaa
    Uwenni Henry Johnbull Nigeria Using Reims & imagery for remembrance.
    2015-01-22 16:01:05

  • aaa
    Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago also uses imagery or visualisation to recall information.
    2015-01-19 17:01:58

  • aaa
    OLATUNJI Femi Nigeria Very interesting
    2015-01-13 22:01:44

  • aaa
    Nelson Torh United States of America Peg word method is a way of asociating items or things inorder to have a method pictire of the actual memory.
    2015-01-09 01:01:53

  • aaa
    Mathew Emmanuel Nigeria Pegs words are associated to numerical numbers, imagery or visualisation to recall information
    2014-12-29 09:12:07

  • aaa
    Gupta Ashok India In this process numericals are used by creating peg words and then associating with another imas peg word to associate with another imaginary picture
    2014-12-26 12:12:09

  • aaa
    Diane E Israel really helpful
    2014-12-26 11:12:43

  • aaa
    Heather Fenske United States of America Peg words are an association of a number word with word you are trying to remember
    2014-12-21 15:12:37

  • aaa
    Dominic Musyoka Kenya Either complicated or funy is a bun so not a rat!
    2014-12-11 09:12:32

  • aaa
    Sue Malin United Kingdom Never understood the use of the memory triggers, to me it's seems so much easier to remember the items than setting up a complicated system that means I need to remember so many more things. If I want to get milk I think of milk picturing a bun being dipped into a glass of milk seems more difficult for me than remembering milk.
    2014-12-04 14:12:25

  • aaa
    Emmanuel Omuya Kenya This is the way to identify things inform of images
    2014-12-03 15:12:05

  • aaa
    Diane Nicholson United States of America The number peg rhyme method system, for each if the numbers from 1-10 & up to 20). You associate with each number a word that rhymes with that number.
    2014-10-31 15:10:00

  • aaa
    Shaun Markworth United States of America YEAH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEN
    2014-10-27 18:10:38

  • aaa
    Burgundi Wright United States of America Give a example for the Peg word method?
    2014-07-25 03:07:08

  • aaa
    Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana What is it's significance
    2014-07-18 12:07:50

    • aaa
      Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana Good to know
      2014-07-18 12:07:16
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