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Comments about The biological basis for behaviour - Functions of the spinal cord

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- Module: The biological basis for behaviour
- Topic: Functions of the spinal cord

Latest Comments

  • Shamily Joseph India Connection of brain to the other parts of the body is called the spinal cord. Which also takes aways mesaages???
    2014-12-16 15:12:06

  • Dominic Musyoka Kenya Does it pass any type of information at same speed?
    2014-12-09 11:12:40

  • Dominic Musyoka Kenya the spinal cord is the nervous systems highway
    2014-12-09 11:12:12

  • Shaun Markworth United States of America YOUR CHART NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED
    2014-10-27 17:10:16

    • Emmanuel Omuya Kenya The spinal cord is the central of all the parts that transmit information.
      2014-11-14 12:11:43
  • Bikash Basyal United States of America Aren't sympathetic and parasympathetic systems parts of Autonomic system? Either the chart or my knowledge needs to be corrected.
    2014-10-20 07:10:14

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America There are 31pairs of spinal nerves in the spinal cord.
    2014-10-14 23:10:16

  • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana What is the relationship of the spinal cord and the hemispheres?
    2014-07-16 11:07:54

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America The brain stem connects the brain with the spinal cords, it controls hunger, thirst, temperature, blood pressure, breathing.
      2014-10-14 23:10:30
  • Nathalia Durand Montserrat What exactly is meant by the 'periphery' of the body?
    2014-07-07 14:07:30

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America A part that is away from the central or core region, ex: peripheral nervous system is distinct from the central nervous system.
      2014-10-14 23:10:32
    • Robert Magori Kenya sensory nerves ,relay neurons and motor neurons
      2014-10-01 03:10:26
    • Hanan Parvez India near the skin
      2014-08-31 04:08:25
    • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana It refers to the nerves system
      2014-07-16 11:07:07
  • Grace Chioma Ifeukwu Nigeria Inability of the spinal cord to function well can lead to what in the body?
    2014-06-23 20:06:03

    • Olivia Palmer Ireland Herniated discs and eventual disc prolapse
      2014-10-24 13:10:43
    • Diane Nicholson United States of America Can vary from pain to paralysis to incontinence.
      2014-10-14 23:10:54
    • Gboyega Moses Ademisoye-Oluwa United States of America paralysis
      2014-08-12 03:08:52
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