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Comments about The biological basis for behaviour - Cerebral hemispheres: the functions of the four lobes

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- Module: The biological basis for behaviour
- Topic: Cerebral hemispheres: the functions of the four lobes
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Latest Comments

  • mensah jonas Ghana One of the demonstrations of a frontal lobe damage is the reaction with indifference to events that normally elicit an emotional response.Can this damage make someone into a sociopath?
    2015-03-22 15:03:43

  • Jerry Dabo Nigeria What can cause a damage of the frontal lobe
    2015-03-16 11:03:41

  • George Cristian Constantin Romania What happens when a person conciousness is not awake and all the abilities like planning, changing strategies, self awareness. s.o. are affected ? The enviroment and self esteem are two major points that leave people in ignorance toward the real problems of humanity.
    2015-03-15 07:03:17

    • Virginia Ibarra Y Medina Mexico As i can see it that unconciousness should only ocur when a persona is in an alteren state of mind due to meditación, drogas or alcohol or a vascular accident which Leads to an impossibility to function normally.
      2015-03-19 13:03:46
  • Mike Lees United Kingdom Any damage to frontal lobe affects movement, and seems to affect ability to apply rational/logicalresponses. Damage to brocas area affects speech. When damage occurs to either of these areas does the ability to self repair exist?
    2015-02-24 13:02:37

  • hope mooso United States of America The frontal, parietal occipital and temporal lobes all have distinctive roles and responsibility. This means that, it leads to! Lost of memory to some extent
    2015-01-25 23:01:39

  • Stephen Diya Nigeria is a language area related to grammar and pronunciation
    2015-01-19 15:01:29

  • Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago the functions of the four lobes of the cerebral cortex control motor, somatosensory, visual and auditory processing in humans
    2015-01-19 14:01:44

  • Uwenni Henry Johnbull Nigeria In other words, the frontal lobe is responsible for intelligence.
    2015-01-16 19:01:50

  • OLATUNJI Femi Nigeria Damage to this may also cause slow in response to stimuli
    2015-01-11 12:01:41

  • Nelson Torh United States of America Patients with frontal lobe damaged demonstrate the following 1. Slow of thought and behavior 2.loss of self awareness 3.changes in emotional reaction 4.deficiency in planning 5.loss of sppontaneity
    2015-01-06 22:01:51

  • Mathew Emmanuel Nigeria The cerebral cortex functions of the four lobes is to control motor, somatosensory, visual and auditory processing in human. Frontal lobe is also related to more complex behaviours, broca's area is located just below and ahead of the primary motor cortex
    2014-12-27 14:12:16

  • Ki Ki Pakistan Ohh...eye movements.. right
    2014-12-23 08:12:31

  • Gupta Ashok India Cerebral Cortex main functions are Control Motor, Sensory, Visual and auditory functions. Frontal Lobe behind the Cerebral Cortex controls body muscles. Frontal lobe is responsible for complex behaviour like emotions, self awareness thinking etc.,
    2014-12-22 11:12:56

  • Heather Fenske United States of America The frontal, parietal occipital and temporal lobes all have distinct roles and responsibilities.
    2014-12-21 13:12:40

  • Shamily Joseph India getting 'stuck' on tasks and repeating the same wrong answers over and over they have difficulty changing strategies
    2014-12-16 14:12:07

  • Elizabeth Robillard United Kingdom could overuse of sedatives/tranquillisers also produce the effects of such damage?
    2014-12-10 09:12:19

  • Dominic Musyoka Kenya malaria can cause aphasia? can people with frontal lobe damage get complete cure?
    2014-12-09 09:12:17

  • Dominic Musyoka Kenya so the frontal lobe affects memory and muscles while the brocas area affects both as in eye movement and tongue?
    2014-12-09 08:12:03

  • Emmanuel Omuya Kenya This means that it leads to loose of memory to some extend.
    2014-11-14 12:11:21

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America When the temporal lobe is damaged it affects what?
    2014-10-09 06:10:07

    • Olivia Palmer Ireland Hearing,speech,recognition and sensory defects
      2014-10-22 13:10:45
    • Lukas Alda Uganda language can be affected...because the left lesions affect recognition of words while the right can inhibit speech.
      2014-10-14 15:10:09
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