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Comments about The biological basis for behaviour - Cerebral hemispheres: the functions of the four lobes

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- Module: The biological basis for behaviour
- Topic: Cerebral hemispheres: the functions of the four lobes

Latest Comments

  • Shamily Joseph India getting 'stuck' on tasks and repeating the same wrong answers over and over they have difficulty changing strategies
    2014-12-16 14:12:07

  • Elizabeth Robillard United Kingdom could overuse of sedatives/tranquillisers also produce the effects of such damage?
    2014-12-10 09:12:19

  • Dominic Musyoka Kenya malaria can cause aphasia? can people with frontal lobe damage get complete cure?
    2014-12-09 09:12:17

  • Dominic Musyoka Kenya so the frontal lobe affects memory and muscles while the brocas area affects both as in eye movement and tongue?
    2014-12-09 08:12:03

  • Emmanuel Omuya Kenya This means that it leads to loose of memory to some extend.
    2014-11-14 12:11:21

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America When the temporal lobe is damaged it affects what?
    2014-10-09 06:10:07

    • Olivia Palmer Ireland Hearing,speech,recognition and sensory defects
      2014-10-22 13:10:45
    • Lukas Alda Uganda language can be affected...because the left lesions affect recognition of words while the right can inhibit speech.
      2014-10-14 15:10:09
  • Diane Nicholson United States of America Where is the parietal lobe located?
    2014-10-09 05:10:38

    • Lukas Alda Uganda the parietal lobe is located in the midbrain after the frontal lobe
      2014-10-14 15:10:32
  • Gboyega Moses Ademisoye-Oluwa United States of America what is somatosensory
    2014-07-28 03:07:38

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America Is an area in the brain that processes input from various systems in the body that are sensitive to the touch . A sensation such as pressure , pain, or warmth that can occur anywhere in the body.
      2014-10-09 06:10:23
    • Ruth Jasmin Weickert Ireland Somatosensory: When you touch something you feel several kinds of sensoric sensations , like temperature , pressure , pain, and even more so the somatosensory system is quite complex . So somatic senses would mean all of these , which together explain the sensoric sensations of "touch".
      2014-08-08 06:08:29
  • Malia Aukusitino Australia What is somatosensory?
    2014-07-26 12:07:59

  • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana Broca's area is serves as a medium for speech production.
    2014-07-15 18:07:54

  • Grace Chioma Ifeukwu Nigeria Broca's area is essential for production of speech;grammar and pronounciation.Damage results in aphasia.
    2014-06-16 15:06:14

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