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Comments about States of consciousness - Purpose of sleep

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- Module: States of consciousness
- Topic: Purpose of sleep

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  • Mohammed Musa Nigeria does the rat and other animals become vulnerable by deprived from sleep?
    2014-11-06 06:11:27

  • Emmanuel Omuya Kenya Sleeping is a necessary for growth and well-being.
    2014-10-29 14:10:50

  • Shaun Markworth United States of America RIGHT ON AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU
    2014-10-27 16:10:59

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America The record for longest person going with out sleep is 18 days, the record holder reported hallucinations, paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech & memory & concentration lapse.
    2014-10-08 04:10:58

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America Elephant sleep stand in up during nonREM sleep, but while laying down for REM sleep.
    2014-10-08 03:10:34

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America If your not sleeping in less than 5minutes does that mean your sleep deprived?
    2014-10-08 03:10:57

  • Craig Chappell United Kingdom In terms of the survival theory, I was wondering if the process of sleep might also serve as a natural defensive function, so to prevent our bodies from system overload, in terms of carrying out too much physical activity and taking in too much information. i.e. there's only so much physical and mental activity that our bodies can cope with before we are liable to put our health at risk.
    2014-10-04 23:10:32

  • Vincent Mahony Ireland so is no sleep no energy or no healing all time alert to nothing in the rat experiment result
    2014-08-13 21:08:56

  • Trudie Burns Australia So if both theories are just that, theories, then what is the purpose for sleep and what did they prove with the rat experiment?
    2014-08-05 03:08:01

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America The purpose of sleep is to recharge, & as far as the lab rats they survived five weeks when deprived of rem sleep & only 3 weeks when completly sleep deprived.
      2014-10-08 03:10:16
  • Gboyega Moses Ademisoye-Oluwa United States of America Do sleeplessness affect our physical and mental state?
    2014-07-28 01:07:44

  • Malia Aukusitino Australia Why do we sleep if the survival theory of sleep makes us vulnerable?
    2014-07-23 01:07:49

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America 8t allows damage cell tl repair,
      2014-10-04 09:10:09
    • Greg Tallent United Kingdom Sleep is a requirement of the body, it gives the brain a chance to remove any toxicants as well as organise memory, during this process dreams are a by product. Although sleep makes us vunerable, we are not totally exposed; you wake up if you hear a loud noise. Studies have also shown that the human Brain can detect when the body is being watched...
      2014-08-04 12:08:17
  • Malia Aukusitino Australia If we are all programmed to sleep then why do some people suffer from insomnia?
    2014-07-21 04:07:44

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America Stress, depression, anxiety, medical conditions, change in work or environment, poor sleep habit, medication, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, eating too much too late in the evening.
      2014-10-08 03:10:14
    • Greg Tallent United Kingdom If we are all programmed to walk, why do some people suffer disabilities? It's just where the system/s aren't working perfectly.
      2014-08-04 12:08:11
  • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana This lecture is instructive
    2014-07-15 12:07:55

    • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana Can an individual do without sleep?
      2014-07-15 12:07:44
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