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Operant conditioning in practice

Questions & Answers about Operant conditioning - Operant conditioning in practice

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- Module: Operant conditioning
- Topic: Operant conditioning in practice

Latest Questions

  • محمد سيسي Saudi Arabia بما يكون التعزيزالايجابي .؟؟ وماهي المدة الزمنية المتوقعة لقبول التعزيز..
    2014-04-17 06:04:13

  • pinkie ramosabego Botswana positive reinforcement may be done and no positive changes will be seen ,what is the cause of that?
    2014-04-14 12:04:39

  • Jessica Jenkins United Kingdom positive reinforcement can help modify behavior, but what if it doesn't, how do you be a positive re enforcer whilst using discipline?
    2014-04-12 00:04:53

  • Esther Rop Other well , i have not understood about the token economies.Can it really change behavior?
    2014-03-25 18:03:09

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