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Comments about Operant conditioning - Operant conditioning in practice

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- Module: Operant conditioning
- Topic: Operant conditioning in practice

Latest Comments

  • Uwenni Henry Johnbull Nigeria Can token economies be applied to adults?
    2014-09-30 09:09:40

    • Los - Ivans Annan Ghana Yes it can be applied to adults since it is a reward that is given for appropriate behavior
      2014-10-05 17:10:38
    • Olivia Palmer Ireland Of course,look at this with abusive situations,the bad behaviour is regularly treated by a gift/token (tangible or not)afterwards.
      2014-09-30 16:09:29
  • Emmanuel Omuya Kenya Does operant conditioning practice aimed at promote the development of behavoiur in both animals and human?
    2014-09-24 15:09:21

  • Win Hlaing Than Myanmar reinforcements are therapies for behavior modification??
    2014-09-24 06:09:34

  • t. m. United States of America Is spanking a part of behavior modification?
    2014-09-11 00:09:49

    • Uwenni Henry Johnbull Nigeria I guess so...but to an extent.
      2014-09-23 18:09:58
    • Anu Anand India Dnt thnk so
      2014-09-19 09:09:57
  • Diane Nicholson United States of America What is behaviorism?
    2014-09-09 05:09:52

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America What is being associated in operant conditioning?
    2014-09-09 05:09:15

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America Have you experience operant conditioning?
    2014-09-09 05:09:18

  • Diane Nicholson United States of America Define punishment in your own words?
    2014-09-09 05:09:20

    • Robert Magori Kenya is physical ,verbal or withdrawal of some benefits from the punished whose aim is to discourage unethical behaviours
      2014-09-22 19:09:46
  • Diane Nicholson United States of America Why did b.f skinner call the type of learning he studied operant conditioning?
    2014-09-09 05:09:31

  • Lynne Seery Australia Can token economies be used for adults in institutions such as prisons or is behaviour modification a better option?
    2014-09-01 14:09:15

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America I think behavior modification would be better becauseppositive reiinforcement & the withdrawal of reinforcementsis aadministered to eliminate inappropriate behavior & to teach new responses,.
      2014-09-09 05:09:23
  • Adrianna Krajewska Poland What do you think of applying token economies to teach adults? Can marks be tokens?
    2014-08-28 17:08:44

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America I think that's fine but remember token economy is more than just using exchangeable tokens, for a token to work , criteria have tobe specified & cleared. check marks can be used as tokens.
      2014-09-09 06:09:21
  • Keabetswe Mathabathe South Africa Behavior modification works well because one can quickly identify if one needs help or if one can tell the other that is excellent in what they do to help those who can't on their own.
    2014-08-19 22:08:28

  • Vincent Mahony Ireland so conditioning in dogs in practice is dog training and going over commands and teaching right wrong rewards doing it right as with humans
    2014-08-13 19:08:11

  • destinee Burnette United States of America is punishment used in shaping
    2014-08-05 02:08:25

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America Yes, a better way to shape behavior is to offer no response to undesirable behavior & to positively reinforce desirable behaviors.
      2014-09-09 06:09:27
    • Otieno Chrispine Onyango Kenya Its focus seems to shape in the sense that it corrects behaviour that is deemed undesirable.However,if improperly done,it can lead to shaping in the direction undesired..
      2014-08-19 17:08:12
  • Eluk Moses Uganda can token economics be used as aremedy to modify behavior?
    2014-08-01 15:08:30

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America Yes, in applied setting token economies are used with adults.
      2014-09-09 06:09:38
    • Isaac Makanu Kenya I Think it cannot be used because token economics uses rewards to build good behavior, but discriminating behavior reguires punishment
      2014-08-02 12:08:19
  • Rachel Merritt United States of America What is shaping and how is it different from reinforcing?
    2014-07-29 17:07:57

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America Shaping is a technique of reinforcementsused to teach new bbehavior. Reinforce can be used to increase desired behavior first the idea that rate of responding is the only or even the best measure of response strength for any operant behavior.
      2014-09-09 06:09:40
    • Isaac Makanu Kenya shaping is the process involved to rectify bad behavior and building a new one and it can be a permanent activity to the character but reinforcing may be for a short while activity
      2014-08-02 12:08:18
  • Gboyega Moses Ademisoye-Oluwa United States of America Animal training and token economies techniques seems similar, any different?
    2014-07-26 21:07:56

  • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana How many forms of rewards do we have?
    2014-07-14 12:07:41

  • james samuel Nigeria What happen if those conditions are not well set? What could be the possible option?
    2014-07-03 12:07:09

    • Diane Nicholson United States of America Then children would not want to perform at least to the best of their ability. They need to know that there is some kind of reward for their behavior.
      2014-09-09 07:09:28
    • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana Hi James, the possible is that children would feel reluctant to perform the said function is not rewarded, ie. If you don't give me biscuits I will not learn.
      2014-07-14 12:07:03
  • T'auna Brooks United States of America I believe that if we set incentives for people that they would push themselves more. Most people don't have enough self discipline
    2014-06-15 23:06:25

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