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Free Courses in Pakistan - Page 9

What our learners in Pakistan say about ALISON

I would like ALISON courses to be free forever because they are a great resource. Accreditation is by no means the yardstick of ability. It's the person himself who matters. Lastly, I would like to appreciate ALISON's endeavors for making education free and accessible.

Jahanzeb Tareen - Learner from Pakistan

i just say one word thats "Thanks Alison"

Muhammad Sajid - Learner - Pakistan - Rawalpindi

Excellent effort by Alison to promote management skills among those who find it hard to afford such courses. Highly appreciated.

Muhammad Tarique - Learner - Pakistan - Shahdadpur

I am having a lot of experience in HSE but no formal education, but with
the help of ALISON online Diploma in Workplace Health & Safety now I
am professional in HSE.

Wilayat Ali Qadri Sahiwal - Pakistan


anu shah - Learner - Pakistan - karachi

Excellent site for learning. If someone is intersted in learning he/she should have a look to this site.

Tahira Zulfiqar - Learner - Pakistan - attock

after completing this course can i get a certificate plz telll me urjently?

Muhammad Waqas - Learner - Pakistan - Rawalpindi

I like this type of online cources

ABDUL SALAM - Learner - Pakistan - ABBOTTABAD

iam very glad to see alison. it is a best site i have ever watched for free training coursessmile

hassan tariq - Learner - Pakistan - hyderabad

Organisation: Dr. Arooj Academy

This course is excellent & I must have to congratulate ALISON

Muneer Ahmed - Learner - Pakistan - Karachi

Organisation: Haq Nawaz

I am happy your best efforts for my education.


Haq Nawaz - Learner - Pakistan

I really appreciate your services and for sure I will tell my all
friends about the wonderful programs you offer free to help people like
me to explore the wide world of the Internet and the computer world in

Shakil Sabir - Learner - Pakistan

I have been learning with ALISON and found [it] very useful because it
is very easy to learn and interactive. I must congratulate ALISON for
providing wonderful training. I wish them more success in [the] future.

Muneer Ahmed - Learner - Pakistan

I feel very good about using ALISON. Now I am learning Microsoft Excel and feel very comfortable. I never saw as easy a way of learning information technology before ALISON!

Zakir Hashmi - Learner - Pakistan

" ... great work produced by [a] great team. Their way of teaching is fantastic and unique. Anybody can learn at their own pace without difficulties. Thanks ALISON team!"

Muhammad Moosa - Learner - Lodhran, Pakistan

Greetings! from Pakistan. Yes indeed the the site is very useful and good to update my knowledge.

Arif Anwar - Learner - Pakistan

What our learners in Pakistan say about our Courses

  • Pakistan Its really fantastic and wonderful programme, I would like to thank for this programme to all who lounge it 2014-03-26 22:03:12
  • Pakistan This comprehensive course helps me a lot in gaining complete insight of Excel. 2014-03-26 20:03:54
  • Pakistan good experience 2014-03-26 18:03:46
  • Pakistan I LOVE THIS 2014-03-26 17:03:50
  • Pakistan good 2014-03-26 17:03:31
  • Pakistan Course Module: Week 1: Introduction to Web sites Course Topic: Day 1 Education, understanding and implementation Comment: really excited about the course 2014-03-25 21:03:35
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 3: Using autoresponders to build a list Course Topic: Day 12 Using autoresponders Comment: already on day 12 , and the course is so informative , great job , very very helpful and detailed 2014-03-24 17:03:54
  • Pakistan Course Module: Project management overview Course Topic: Interviews with Project Managers Comment: i am getting registered one day earlier but i really appreciate Alison's effort for providing such amazing opportunity ........ 2014-03-24 03:03:46
  • Pakistan Course Module: English - Writing Course Topic: Writing and the writer Comment: i really enjoy and read this ...good job... 2014-03-23 20:03:00
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 2: Pronunciation Course Topic: Pronunciation Homophones Comment: I AM REALLY ASTONISHED,. THESE LESSONS ARE REALLY HIGHLY HELPFUL IN LEARNING. MANY MANY THANKS. I AM KAIFI FROM PAKISTAN. 2014-03-23 16:03:58
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 4: Parts of Speech Course Topic: Pronouns 1 Comment: Thanks you ALISON the mode of your teaching is encouraging.. 2014-03-22 17:03:56
  • Pakistan Course Module: ABC IT-1: Basic Concepts Course Topic: Types of Memory Comment: anyone who want to learn about basics of computer can with help of alison i love the peoples who want spread the knowledge of any kind in the world without any price because most population of world can,t bear the cost of studies. Thanks the mind of alison. 2014-03-22 05:03:25
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 1: Introduction to Android Development Course Topic: Application Lifestyle Comment: nice lot of learning 2014-03-21 17:03:06
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 1: Improving Your Social English Language Skills Course Topic: Greetings Comment: Nice course indeed! very helpful for beginners to learn by practice. 2014-03-15 16:03:58
  • Pakistan Course Module: Week 1: Introduction to Web sites Course Topic: Day 2 Image and file sizes explained Comment: Hi all, Thanks you very much for the level of motivation. 2014-03-15 09:03:59
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 1: Human Resources Management Course Topic: Human Resources Management Comment: Nice work alison keep it up 2014-03-11 19:03:36
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 1: Introduction to Personal Hygiene and Water Quality Course Topic: Personal Hygiene - Part 2 Comment: i am chef and this info already very helpful for me in future and my daily activities during food preparation. 2014-03-10 20:03:46
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 1: Meeting People Course Topic: People Profiles Comment: its really good to learn english step by step 2014-03-10 12:03:40
  • Pakistan Course Module: Safety and Health in the Science Laboratory for Teachers Course Topic: Lesson 2: Controlling Risk Comment: Nice way to teach. Thanks ALISON! 2014-03-08 04:03:29
  • Pakistan Course Module: Module 4: Diploma in Accounting - Core Practices and Theory First Assessment Course Topic: Diploma in Accounting - Core Practices and Theory First Assessment Comment: This is very good site for learning about any type of education. i am doing diploma in accounting. the material provided by ALISON is best for my learning. 2014-02-20 12:02:43

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