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What our learners in Ireland say about ALISON

Good  morning  Support  Team 
Early  this  morning,(at  7am)   away  over  here  in  New  Zealand  ,  I  spoke about  ALISON ,  and  the  inspirational  effects  Tom Kelley  had  on  me  when  covering  the  course  for  Personal  Success.
I spoke   enthusiastically  to  my  Toastmasters  Club,(about  20 members  present)  and  they  were all away  to Google ALISON  ,  at  the  conclusion  of  the  hour-long  meeting  .

Promoting ALISON

As a Director of Studies in the TEFL field I always encourage students
to engage in learner autonomy while they are in Ireland and on return to
their home countries. ALISON has been a godsend as there is a fantastic
selection of educational and self-development courses for everyone. If
you are between jobs then there are many skills which can be added to
your CV  - and they are FREELY accessible. In my own case I am launching
my own business and I have been able to supplement my existing
knowledge with Diplomas in Operations & Project Management.
Education is for LIFE - Thank you ALISON.

Michael Foy - Learner from Ireland

I am astonished to see this web site. I am really overwhelmed and my kids
are prepared to learn more courses from this generous web site. They
will contribute in whatever possible ways in return and I look
forward to more from this site. thank you to the Ireland government and
thanks God.

Hasan Khaleel - Learner from Sri Lanka studying Photoshop

Hello my name is kristian i have completed day one and day two of the course and i am pleased with the material so far. I am looking forward to completing the course and printing of the certificate of completion.

kristian brookes - Learner - Ireland - mullingar

I am loving it so far smile
cant believe I can learn online for free its amazing

Lydia Morgan - Learner - Ireland - Dublin

Alison, you are amazing.. You have made my life so much easier.. With love, until next time - Michelle smile

Michelle Gibbons - Learner - Ireland - Galway

very good but sometimes i skip to the test hehe

ahmed sharif - Learner - Ireland - dublin

Very good online course

anne brosnan - Learner - Ireland - limerick

very helpful, thanks!

Brian Carey - Learner - Ireland - Galway

Hi guys, my name is Robbie. I was never really big into the whole computer thingy until a couple of years ago when I decided to write a book. I found the whole web etc daunting, however this course I find is simpicity in itself that even I understand it. I have always been on the look out for some kind of tuition as all of my experience with computers was trial and error and being so I picked up a lot of bad habits.

ROBERT PRESTON - Learner - Ireland - Dublin

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for all
the help your course on ECDL gave me. I could not have gone from
complete beginner to passing my ECDL exam without your help.

Herbert Arbuthnot - Learner - Ireland

I love the site as it explains everything so much better than any other online training I've done. I'm doing JEB training atm (not online) so ALISON has helped me a lot with that. I've put the URL of the site on a few discussion forums also; and I know a few people have joined it and love it too.

Carmel Hughes - ALISON Donor - Ireland

Alison will benefit our students by supplementing our existing courses by giving our students the opportunity to do some alternative study at home. It has an attractive design with pleasing font, col

Dominic Kirby - Waterford Institute of Technology - Ireland

What our learners in Ireland say about our Courses

  • Ireland I was very good. 2014-04-24 17:04:07
  • Ireland Excellent Course for the Digital Marketing Beginner. Thank You. Along with Recommending this Course to My Friends, I will use the New Skills set Gained from this Course to venture into the field of Digital Marketing as a Career. Ray Crean 2014-04-24 14:04:35
  • Ireland Valuable and interesting. Helped very much in clearing out concepts 2014-04-23 15:04:58
  • Ireland It is really good ye should try it 2014-04-22 22:04:39
  • Ireland great introduction to learning and teaching…highly recommended 2014-04-22 22:04:46
  • Ireland I'm very interested in this in cogvitive psychology and thought the course was presented in a very clear way. I really enjoyed the course. I hope to more of your courses but loved doing this one - i'm very partially sighted so the fact that your course was presented so vividly and clearly was great. thank you. 2014-04-22 19:04:25
  • Ireland very informative and worth while 2014-04-22 17:04:32
  • Ireland I enjoyed all aspects of the course. I found it very interesting. The information was well laid out and the connections between the different aspects were explained well. I found it to be informative and detailed. 2014-04-21 14:04:57
  • Ireland I found it very informative 2014-04-20 17:04:49
  • Ireland Very good,the audio gives a great understanding of how words are pronounced 2014-04-18 15:04:31

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