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What our learners in India say about ALISON

As I observed that ALISON online courses are user friendly, and very
easy to learn through their course material. The incorporation of Audio,
Video and graphical representation of course material is very easy to

Harish Chandra Sharma - Learner from India

I found Alison courses very comprehensive, and as they are online,
learning is now very easy. Alison brings the courses in small modules
which makes it easier to learn and grasp. Thank you Alison.

Mohini Puranik - Learner from India

Psychology Course through ALISON has helped me to resolve many
concepts/terms of counseling course which I'm doing. It has proved to be
a helping tool for me to deal with my students.

Sanjay Dutia - Learner - MVD & JHC Trust Schools - India

After extensive searching for free online traing I found ALISON. This is exactly what I have been looking for and love the courses that are available. I am unemployed right now but with the skills I am learning I will feel much more confident and feel more marketable when appling for jobs. Thanks ALISON Chris Poteet Indianapolis,Indiana

Christopher Poteet - Learner - United States of America - indianapolis

a really comendable port where one gets to learn what they DONT ....!!!
everything to gain nothing to loose!!!!

kaushal pandey - Learner - India - delhi

This online course is excellent. I feel that it is very important as it tracks the chronology of events. Being a law student I feel this can be applied in analysing the case studies, events and links which could help in tracking the sufficient information. It is the best online course as per me. Yours, Suneel,

Y. Suneel Kumar - Learner - India - Andhra Pradesh

A great course. Helped me launch viral marketing using Facebook to add members to Sacred Heart College Alumni Association from all over the world. We are using Wikis at "WikiEd Seniors Mentor Juniors" visit:

Sebastian Panakal - Learner - India - Cochin, Kerala

Really very good online course and nice way to learn

Nitin Kumar - Learner - India - Varanasi

This course helped me, especially the hashtags. Thanks

Vicky Caster - Learner - United States of America - Indianapolis

all the alison courses are hugely excellent and helpful for everybody to learn and educate themselves without going to any institution.

SARADA PRASANNA SUTAR - Learner - India - hyderabad

ALISON is the best site in the world in free online learning. Your service is a real source of information and education.

Dhaman Doshti - Learner - Chennai, India

I congratulate ALISON for providing such valuable courses free. It is a great service. Thank you once again.

Kestur Bhimasena - Learner - Bangalore, India

ALISON is the best site in the world in free digital distance

Valliammai Krishnan Parandhaman - Safety Supervisor - India

Happy birthday to ALISON! Thanks a lot for helping.

Rajab Bait Farajallah - Learner - India

I am very happy [with] and enjoy ALISON online lessons. Thank you very much...

David Raju Batchu - Learner - India

[ALISON is a] great tool to learn English and [I'm] very proud for being [a] member.

MuthuNarayanan Velauythapermual - Learner - India

ALISON is really providing a good quality of education that too in interactive mode. It is my pleasure that I am one of the first 10000 members of ALISON and I am also thankful to provide such good...

Dave Raghav – Learner - India

What our learners in India say about our Courses

  • India its nice . 2014-04-18 14:04:07
  • India Awesome !! 2014-04-18 09:04:48
  • India good. 2014-04-17 20:04:43
  • India the course was very enlightning 2014-04-17 19:04:14
  • India it is very useful and we can know how the dealings with banning drugs and everything related. 2014-04-17 19:04:45
  • India It was perfect. 2014-04-17 18:04:57
  • India The course was too simple but i guess its good for beginners to learn, specially those who are intending to start a new journey in terms of professional and personal life. Over all its good :) 2014-04-17 18:04:04
  • India its very good but now I need to learn typing 2014-04-17 11:04:12
  • India i liked the course 2014-04-17 10:04:18
  • India its a good course 2014-04-17 10:04:07

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