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Are ALISON certificates recognised?

FACT: Over 300,000 ALISON certificates have been ordered/downloaded around the world in 2013. ALISON Certificates are becoming well known and trusted by many employers around the world.

ALISON courses use well-known, accepted standards of learning.  The main standards we adhere to in over half of our courses are those instituted by the Microsoft Corporation, (IT Literacy), the British Council (English Learning), and the Australian High School standards (schools curriculum). To keep the courses freely accessible online, we do not issue, and cannot issue, certifications directly from these particular institutions as they would all involve fees which would have to be passed on to the learner. However, we do provide a Certificate of Completion to state that the individual has achieved a particular level of knowledge/skill-set. 

In many cases, ALISON courses match the exact curriculum requirements of well-known certifications. In other cases, the curriculum chosen by ALISON is deemed by experts as the most appropriate for the level of course offered.

As our methods of teaching and testing are non-traditional (because they are online and free to access), they cannot be directly compared with most traditional certifications where providers charge learners substantial fees for both training and testing in traditional test centres.

The ALISON validation process of knowledge and skills is much more powerful than these traditional methods. If you have passed an ALISON assessment and obtained a certificate, potential employers have the opportunity to test your knowledge at anytime, anywhere, by asking you to sit a Flash Test to prove your skills. This type of simple testing is made possible by the free accessibility of the high-quality interactive learning on the ALISON platform. No other method of learning offers such a dynamic validation of competence and knowledge.

ALISON keeps the quality of its learning high and is increasingly attracting well-known brands of learning to the free-learning platform. In summary, the certifications are not just validated by any awarding body, but through Flash Testing, by anyone who has the permission of the learner to set a test. This type of simple testing is made possible by the free accessibility of the high-quality interactive learning on the ALISON platform.

Who issues ALISON certificates? ALISON certificates are issued by Advance Learning, ALISON is an acronym for Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online.

What institution endorses courses available on ALISON? These courses are endorsed by Advance Learning and the  relevant publishing organisations including British Council, Microsoft, Google, the Health and Safety Authority (Ireland) and the Construction Safety Partnership.

Who signs certificates? After verification of the learning activity and scores achieved in assessments, certificates are signed by a Certification Officer of Advance Learning.

What are the new security enhancements on ALISON certificates?



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