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Personal Health and Fitness

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Comments & Reviews

  • Rebecca Lauder United States of America Great course in such a short time. I'm impressed. I learned a lot! 2014-05-28 00:05:16
  • Giselle Emmanuel Saint Lucia I really enjoyed this course. it was informative and easy to follow. I especially appreciated the link to mental health as this is my area of interest aside my personal health. 2014-05-25 03:05:25
  • James Liggatt United Kingdom Very good course for people wanting to learn more about health and fitness across a broad range of subjects. Very informative and learned in-depth information considering the small size of the course. 2014-05-14 18:05:57
  • Adam Burton United States of America A very interesting course 2014-04-02 00:04:26
  • Angela Williams United Kingdom Course Module: Module 1: Health is Everywhere Course Topic: Health is Everywhere Comment: I believe our health is in our hands to treat yourself with respect and kind by generally taking good care of yourself to live a healthy fulfilling life. It is our responsibility to take our health seriously. Why would you not want to, unfortunately so many people persist with self sabotage. I do believe people are capable of change and can do it. People are more informend nowadays on lifestyle and health choices there's really no excuse not to take your health seriously. Excersise and nutrition is key. What a great course to get u started 2014-01-13 19:01:46
  • Mdashraful Alam Other Course Module: Module 1: Health is Everywhere Course Topic: Health is Everywhere Comment: Module 1 of the course is very interesting. Because, it is telling of the reality of encountering many health issues in our everyday activity, but usually we are not aware of this! 2013-08-13 12:08:25
  • Analese Tawera Australia Course Module: Module 1: Health is Everywhere Course Topic: Health is Everywhere Comment: Good course and its free . Been taking notes in a book and can't wait to keep reading and learning :D 2013-07-12 12:07:36
  • Shai Lea Australia Course Module: Module 1: Health is Everywhere Course Topic: Health is Everywhere Comment: I'm a mother and I always see health news everyday. From on tv, Facebook or when we are up town. Can't miss it anyway. There's so many different opinions on what is healthy and what is not. That is why I am doing this course and others to widen my knowledge in this area. 2013-06-02 06:06:25
  • Erik Bryan United States of America Course Module: Module 1: Health is EverywhereCourse Topic: Accounting for HealthComment: I really found out some helpful information throughout this lesson, that I didn't know myself. Good module. 2013-05-25 09:05:44
  • Nicola Whittle United Kingdom module one health is everywhere chose to do this on a day off (sunday) the first thing I do when I wake up is put the kettle on for my first coffee off the day tried to give up drinking caffine but seems to be a weakness of mine along with the terrible habbit of smoking just cant seem to kick these habbits of mine. since having children a have always tried to influence healthy living, eating,drinking and plenty of exercise as a young mum I wanna be fit and healthy. we start the day with breakfast which normally consist of cereal and a piece of fruit as this is a bright sunny sunday morning a play around in the park seems appropriate then back for lunch, I have two energetic young boys so its important for then to eat right and a healthy balance of exercise in the media today is children who like to stay indoors and play computer games rather then expore the outdoors and get any of the recommended exercise which is important especially in young boys as they get to a certain age (terrible teens) they get lazy moody and don't wanna do anything all they need is slight encouragement from the parents and influence, as a family we have a healthy balance and the good stuff and bad lunch will consist of sandwich,salad yoghurt and piece of fruit followed by afternoon snack then healthy balanced evening meal. 2013-04-14 17:04:24
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Personal Health and Fitness

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