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Introduction to PHP and MySQL Programming

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Equivalent to FETAC

Level 5

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Level 3






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Learning Outcome

Modules in Introduction to PHP and MySQL Programming

In this module learn more about PHP and MySQL programming.


You msut score 80% or more to pass this assessment.



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Comments & Reviews

  • Yuvarajan Johnpaul India it was very useful for me to understand the basic concepts about php 2014-11-21 12:11:18
  • Keith Banaybanay Philippines Awesome 2014-11-20 13:11:21
  • Logan Young South Africa In some cases, the assessment doesn't allow for a student to answer correctly as it isn't clear whether or not parenthesis are required at the end of function names or what conventions are used in the syntax. Other than that, I'm very impressed with the course. The video format is very engaging (much better than a written format which puts me to sleep) and I feel that the course covered the material very well. Thanks! 2014-11-18 21:11:55
  • Wenielyn Frejoles Philippines It is a nice course to start with so that you can have an overview of PHP and MySQL Programming course before going to the complicated level. Very simple and easy to understand . 2014-11-15 12:11:47
  • Vasco Guedes Netherlands Was really impressive to see Harvard related lectures here on Alison. Well and simply explained, really easy to grasp. I recommend this course as a start to everyone who wants to dive into the wonders of PHP and MySQL. 2014-11-15 11:11:16
  • Jenny Zozobrado Philippines The all question I`d answer was so useful of our course. It is so important to us to understand it. Thanks for this online course. So great!!!! 2014-11-15 06:11:12
  • Daisy Alcansado Philippines I learned a lot about this. Its awesome. 2014-11-15 05:11:59
  • Robert Neary Ireland video lectures could be better however an overall educational experience 2014-11-10 20:11:24
  • John Limuel Zoleta Philippines Good Course I learned a lot! 2014-11-10 17:11:11
  • Dave Jensen Lobrido Philippines its nice to learn php...thanks a lot... 2014-11-07 01:11:14
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Introduction to PHP and MySQL Programming

Learn more about PHP and MySQL programming.

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